There is a huge connection between a woman’s (yes, I coach men too but most of my clients are women) emotions, metabolism, fun, intimacy, vulnerability, sex, pleasure, desire, weight and food that no one seems to teach us about. This program will teach you everything you need to know to have a healthy relationship with your body and food, boost your metabolic power to it’s highest potential and will leave you feeling sexy, confident and at your very best – for life.


Is Coaching for You?

This program is for you if ANY one of the below apply….

You struggle with being consistent around your eating

You’re tired of riding the dieting roller coaster, gaining and losing the same weight over and over again

You’re trying to lose weight

You don’t feel confident or comfortable with your body

You over-eat, binge eat, or emotionally eat or have any unwanted eating habits

You eat compulsively then restrict or workout to make up for your overeating

You battle with how you look or can’t seem to ever be satisfied with your body

You just don’t feel “right” or at home in your body, and your energy and mood feel off balance

You’re food and weight obsession influences your daily life or interferes with everyday activities

Once you start eating foods you have labeled as “bad” you can’t seem to stop, or feel like you lose control

You lack confidence and your weight determines how you feel in a certain day

You just want to feel good and beautiful in your body, and be able to make healthy food choices effortlessly

What You Can Expect From Coaching

I am 100% committed to helping you reach your goals and when we work together we will be a team. I ask that you are just as committed as I am to the process. I only take on a limited number of clients to ensure that you have the undivided attention that you need.

Throughout our coaching experience you will receive insight, tools, and practices that are designed specifically for you, your mind’s and your body’s fundamental needs…and even your soul’s if you dare to go there with me 🙂 You can expect a lot from this experience if you give a lot to the process.

Your coaching program will have a profound impact on your mindset, your body, your relationship with food, your metabolic potential and most importantly – your life. Craving freedom? Perfect…it can be yours.

The changes we make and processes we implement will be layered one by one so you have time to implement them into your life and adapt to the new way of doing things.

This ensures results that last. I will take a gentle yet effective and efficient approach with you. Remember, I have been there too and I can relate to the ins and outs of every step of the journey.

I Will Help You

Replace your limiting beliefs and fears so healthy choices become second nature for you.

Train your mind to not fall victim to urges that cause you to binge and recondition you to use more supportive outlets besides food ( it’s brain science, baby!).

Eliminate overwhelm and stream-line your healing journey…yep, that’s right! You’ll never have to google another not-so-fun diet plan to “start tomorrow” again.

Discover new ways of working through your emotions so you don’t have to reach for food for comfort.

Reach your perfect weight without restriction or deprivation and feel incredible in the process.

Restore your metabolism so weight loss does not have to be so hard and the weight you release stays off for good.

Say good bye to dieting forever. This is not a diet program; this is a step by step program that will transform your relationship with food and your body so the weight you release in the process will stay off, for good.

Balance your body nutritionally to stop cravings, optimize your health, balance your hormones and increase your energy so life becomes fun and exciting again.

Fill your life with so much energy, fun, purpose and pleasure that your focus naturally switches from food to the things in your life that truly matter and make you happy.

Boost your confidence so you feel beautiful from the inside out, fall in love with yourself and your body, and live a blissful life fueled by freedom instead of weight and food obsession.


With a personalized and guided “Beating Binge Eating Blueprint” to take you from where you are, to exactly where you want to be. You’ll get…

Online VIP Private Community: Be a part of an inspiring community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey as you. I interact daily with posts, comments, and guidance.

Group Coaching and Q & A Calls: It’s all about community support! Join in on our Group Q & A Coaching Call. All questions are fair game. Hear other’s struggles, questions, breakthroughs and victories and also get the chance to share your own in a safe, judgement free zone.

Monthly Coaching / Skype Calls (for one-on-one coaching clients only – only 2 spots left): Here we get you unstuck. I am going to personally guide you every step of the way to the body and life you want. On the calls we’ll discuss your goals, struggles, breakthroughs, and challenges. You’ll leave each call cleared of any blocks that are holding you back and with action items to work on between calls that will consist of nutritional changes, lifestyle changes and assignments to shift your mindset and let go of any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Supportive Materials: This looks different for each individual as my programs are extremely tailored to what you need and that can change often. This includes call recap notes, handouts, assignments and exercises to work on between each session. Accountability check-ins included.

Unlimited Email Access: 24/7 email access with a 48-hour turnaround, oftentimes sooner. Email me with questions, challenges, breakthroughs and celebrations and I will guide you through and support you in whatever you need. We are in this together.


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