Why You Can’t Stop Binging, Why It’s Not Your Fault, And How To Use Your Brain To Change The Game


Everyone thinks it’s a willpower thing. All you need is the strength to say NO to that cupcake, pizza, or candy–and then follow that diet plan.

When the issue is binge eating, the answer is usually to find the right diet, and use that willpower to stick to it. Easy-peasy, right?

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The Secret Force That Makes You Hate Your Body (and how to shut it down)


We all know that the body positivity movement has helped millions of people feel more empowered in their skin. That’s a great thing!

But let’s be real. Healing from a lifetime of body image issues isn’t necessarily as easy as just following a hashtag or saying a few positive affirmations.

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3 Ways To Stop Stressing Over Food (And Take Back Your Life!)


Sometimes the harder you try to make something stop, the more it takes over your life. That’s unquestionably true when it comes to food. Or more specifically, anxiety about every bite of food that you eat.

Seems like the more you think about food, the more anxious and frenzied food makes you feel.

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REVEALED: 3 Truths Behind The “Perfect” Lives of Influencers


It’s one of the ultimate 21st-century problems.

You’re putting off a boring task (like folding the laundry). Against your better judgment, you plop down on the sofa, pick up the phone, and partake of that great American pastime…

Scrolling on Instagram.

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How to Eat at Restaurants Without Guilt, Shame, or Food-Based Fear


For years I was in a constant battle with my body. That meant I was in an all-out war with food.

I tried every diet known to man. I stressed over everything I ate, everything I didn’t eat, and everything I thought about eating.

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Why Your Intense Workout Might Be Stopping Your Weight Loss (And What To Do About It)


Everyone technically knows how to lose weight, right? Diet and exercise. At least that’s what the conventional wisdom says…

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6 Things To Do When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Food (And How To Stop Food Fixation For Good!)


I bet you have things in your life that really matter to you. Things like pursuing your passions, learning new things, seeing the world, spending time with those you love. So do I. Everybody wants to live their best life now, right?

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Is It Safe To Keep Trigger Foods In Your Home? How To Keep Treats Around And Still Feel In Control


There was a time when I couldn’t keep a piece of candy or a box of cookies in my pantry without it burning a hole in my mind. And taking over my life.

I could’ve been rocking my career, enjoying happy relationships, or working on passion projects. I could’ve had everything going for me and plenty of positive things to think about.

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To Clean Or Not To Clean (Your Plate)? How To Ditch The Hacks And End Mealtime Stress For Good


I bet that at some point when you were a kid, some well-meaning adult insisted that you “clean your plate.” (More than likely with the threat of no dessert if you didn’t, right?)

Cleaning your plate might’ve felt like a punishment when you were eight (especially if there were vegetables involved!) But as an adult, it can take on a whole new meaning.

It can turn from a bargaining chip for after-dinner treats to a big-time guilt fest, especially if food and body struggles have ever haunted you.

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Fitting Room Phobia: How To Shop For Clothes When You’re Feeling Bad About Your Body


So you have a job interview, a wedding, or another big-time event on the calendar, but you’re dreading it worse than the Monday morning alarm clock. Why?

Because it means one thing–you need a new outfit. And yes, that means–UGH!–clothes shopping.

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How To Let Go of The Fear of Weight Gain So Weight Loss Can Actually Happen (and last)


There was a time in which the food on my plate and the scale in my bathroom pretty much ruled my life by the way of fear.

I went through my day not focusing on the things that I loved, but immersed in the fear that no matter what I did, I’d gain weight. Or not be able to lose weight.

I yo-yo’ed up and down 40 pounds, and the longer that went on, the more fear-based and painful my world became.

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You Know How To Lose Weight–Why Isn’t It Happening? The REAL Reason You Can’t Change (And How To Change That!)


You have all the tips, tricks, and tools from all the weight loss gurus. You’re inspired, you’re motivated, and you’re raring to go. THIS time, you’re going to lose weight. For real.

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Is Food Freedom Forever Too Good To Be True? How To Stop Doubting, Stop Dieting, and Start LIVING.


Last week, I shared a concept that has completely changed my life. It’s a philosophy and a practice that took me from serial dieting to lasting weight loss. And peace with my body and my food.

For real.

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Confessions Of A Self-Sabotaging Ex-Dieter: How I Got Out Of My Own Way And (Finally) Lost Weight For Good


Let’s talk about what my life used to look like.

Back in the day, I was all about the perfect meal plan. The right exercise routine. The least amount of carbs.

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Is Your Relationship With Food Stopping Your Weight Loss? Why New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Help (And What WILL)


January is back again. And if you’ve been watching TV, going online, or even just had contact with other humans, you know that New Year’s resolution marketing is everywhere, with the number one resolution being the desire to lose weight…

That usually entails a parade of ads for the latest fat-burning supplements, miracle diets, and insane workouts. All on a 24-hour loop everywhere you look.

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Dreading The Post-Holiday Weight Loss Battle? How To Lose The Weight (Without The Fight)


The holidays are drawing to a close. And just like going home from a vacation, a party, or any celebration, there’s always a transition.

It’s time to get back to reality. And of course, most people feel it’s time to pay for the “fun” of the last couple of months.

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What’s Stopping Your Weight Loss? You MUST Consider this before Starting ANY Weight Loss Plan


For over a decade, food ruled my life. And I was miserable in my own body.

I was binging like there was no tomorrow one day, and then starving myself the next. We’re talking about a 15-year gut-wrenching, confidence-crushing war.

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Is It Wrong To Want To Lose Weight? 3 Ways To Honor Your Weight-Loss Wishes (And Keep The Body Positivity!)


Body positivity is everywhere these days. And overall, that’s a beautiful thing. What could be better than loving yourself and honoring your body unconditionally?

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The Truth About Self Care — And How It Can Revive Your Life In Just Minutes A Day


I bet you see it in your social media feeds every day. People sharing pictures of their yoga classes, essential oil collections, and nature walks. All under the heading (and the hashtag) “self-care.”

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When Body Shaming Bullies Attack: 5 Ways Deal with Body Shaming And Feel Good About YOU Again


So you’re having a day where you feel good, and then it happens…

Somebody–a family member, a friend, or even a stranger–makes a comment about the way you look. Only it feels more like a stinging judgment than just offhand words.

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