3 Reasons Why Change Is Hard, And How To Blast Through Resistance To Create The Life You Desire


Getting motivated at the beginning of a journey is easy. The hard part is staying with it when the middle gets messy, and typically…shit hits the fan right before the big breakthrough. 

That goes for all kinds of change, including your body-food relationship.

The truth is that at some level, we all technically know at least a few steps of what it might take to change our lives.

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All The Feels: How Emotions Make You Hold Onto Weight (The Weight Loss Struggle That NO Diet Can Touch)


Back in the day, I thought that beating weight and binge eating struggles meant straight-up diet and nutrition. So I followed every diet guru and bought everything they were selling.

But sooner or later, every diet just flat-out stopped working.

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Why Your Diet Isn’t Really “Working,” (Even If You’ve Lost Weight) and What To Do Instead (That WILL Work!)


Since I started working in the world of health coaching, I’ve helped thousands of women break free from food and body struggles. And I’ve seen a lot.

One thing that continually blows my mind, though, is how so many clients come to us believing that their diets are “working” or have worked in the past.

Here’s how it usually goes…

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4 Reasons Why The Keto Diet Fails–The Ugly Truth about Low-Carb Diets and Their Long-Term Fails


If you’re Keto diet devotee, brace yourself. You might not like what I’m going to say.

But after helping thousands of women free themselves from food struggles, I believe it’s time to get real about this trendy eating plan.

The Keto Diet is everywhere, and there’s a good reason for why it sells so well.

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Eating At Parties and Restaurants Made Easy: 5 Ways To Eat Guilt Free AND Not Lose Control on Food


Most of us live for the end of the workday on a Friday night. But I remember a time when nothing freaked me out quite like my weekend plans.

Especially if those plans included social gatherings at which there’d be food. Food that would either ruin a “good” diet week or turn a “bad” diet week into an overeating train wreck.

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4 Nasty Things Appetite Suppressants Do To Your Body (A PSA for Health Care Practitioners and Patients)


I have to admit, I’m a little nervous to talk about this, but it’s been on my heart.

It’s about a widely used treatment for binge eating, and it comes in those little amber bottles from the pharmacy.

Today I’m sharing an important Public Service Announcement. It’s for healthcare professionals who prescribe appetite suppressants to patients who struggle with binge eating.

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Do Binge Eating Experts Lie? 4 Tall Tales That Diet Gurus Tell (And When NOT To Take Their Advice)


Every diet guru claims that they have the fix for weight gain and binge eating. If you’re anything like me, at some point, you’ve tried them ALL.

I mean listening to every trick that every expert and Instagram model is selling. Praying that the next thing you try will pull you out of the binge eating, food-body funk for good.

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4 Reasons You’re Triggered To Binge (And How To Take Your Power Back)


Let me let you in on a few truths about binge eating.

It doesn’t happen because you lack willpower. You aren’t lazy or undisciplined. You’re not addicted to food, and you don’t need the “right diet” to stop.

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Why “All-Or-Nothing” Eating Is Making You Binge (And How To STOP It For Good)


It’s a familiar diet story.

You save your calories all week, desperate to stick to the miracle diet of the moment. Then the weekend comes and all bets are off.

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Why You Can’t Stop Binging, Why It’s Not Your Fault, And How To Use Your Brain To Change The Game


Everyone thinks it’s a willpower thing. All you need is the strength to say NO to that cupcake, pizza, or candy–and then follow that diet plan.

When the issue is binge eating, the answer is usually to find the right diet, and use that willpower to stick to it. Easy-peasy, right?

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The Secret Force That Makes You Hate Your Body (and how to shut it down)


We all know that the body positivity movement has helped millions of people feel more empowered in their skin. That’s a great thing!

But let’s be real. Healing from a lifetime of body image issues isn’t necessarily as easy as just following a hashtag or saying a few positive affirmations.

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3 Ways To Stop Stressing Over Food (And Take Back Your Life!)


Sometimes the harder you try to make something stop, the more it takes over your life. That’s unquestionably true when it comes to food. Or more specifically, anxiety about every bite of food that you eat.

Seems like the more you think about food, the more anxious and frenzied food makes you feel.

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REVEALED: 3 Truths Behind The “Perfect” Lives of Influencers


It’s one of the ultimate 21st-century problems.

You’re putting off a boring task (like folding the laundry). Against your better judgment, you plop down on the sofa, pick up the phone, and partake of that great American pastime…

Scrolling on Instagram.

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How to Eat at Restaurants Without Guilt, Shame, or Food-Based Fear


For years I was in a constant battle with my body. That meant I was in an all-out war with food.

I tried every diet known to man. I stressed over everything I ate, everything I didn’t eat, and everything I thought about eating.

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Why Your Intense Workout Might Be Stopping Your Weight Loss (And What To Do About It)


Everyone technically knows how to lose weight, right? Diet and exercise. At least that’s what the conventional wisdom says…

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6 Things To Do When You Can’t Stop Thinking About Food (And How To Stop Food Fixation For Good!)


I bet you have things in your life that really matter to you. Things like pursuing your passions, learning new things, seeing the world, spending time with those you love. So do I. Everybody wants to live their best life now, right?

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Is It Safe To Keep Trigger Foods In Your Home? How To Keep Treats Around And Still Feel In Control


There was a time when I couldn’t keep a piece of candy or a box of cookies in my pantry without it burning a hole in my mind. And taking over my life.

I could’ve been rocking my career, enjoying happy relationships, or working on passion projects. I could’ve had everything going for me and plenty of positive things to think about.

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To Clean Or Not To Clean (Your Plate)? How To Ditch The Hacks And End Mealtime Stress For Good


I bet that at some point when you were a kid, some well-meaning adult insisted that you “clean your plate.” (More than likely with the threat of no dessert if you didn’t, right?)

Cleaning your plate might’ve felt like a punishment when you were eight (especially if there were vegetables involved!) But as an adult, it can take on a whole new meaning.

It can turn from a bargaining chip for after-dinner treats to a big-time guilt fest, especially if food and body struggles have ever haunted you.

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Fitting Room Phobia: How To Shop For Clothes When You’re Feeling Bad About Your Body


So you have a job interview, a wedding, or another big-time event on the calendar, but you’re dreading it worse than the Monday morning alarm clock. Why?

Because it means one thing–you need a new outfit. And yes, that means–UGH!–clothes shopping.

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How To Let Go of The Fear of Weight Gain So Weight Loss Can Actually Happen (and last)


There was a time in which the food on my plate and the scale in my bathroom pretty much ruled my life by the way of fear.

I went through my day not focusing on the things that I loved, but immersed in the fear that no matter what I did, I’d gain weight. Or not be able to lose weight.

I yo-yo’ed up and down 40 pounds, and the longer that went on, the more fear-based and painful my world became.

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