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Mary struggled with chronic dieting, yo yo weight loss and gain, night time binge and emotional eating, and letting how she felt about her body and weight dictate how much she did or didn’t enjoy life for nearly 31 years prior to the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint…NOT anymore. Play the video below to her insightful and inspirational story!

Elizabeth left the frustrations of fighting her body and food behind and experienced MASSIVE shifts in EVERY area of her life through the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint program! Play the video below to learn what allowed her to break free from binge and emotional eating and live a life fueled by freedom and ease:

Binge and Emotional Eating Recovery Testimonials 

“Brittany has truly found the key to freedom and finding happiness and self love again. I started the program when I hit my ultimate low in my binge eating and luckily came across Brittany’s Instagram. I made the leap of faith, and this is the best decision and investment I have made!!
This program is unlike any other and will change your lives. I can’t believe I have truly come this far. I have not had the urge to binge in what feels like forever. It’s not even an option, not even a part of me. The old me feels like a blurry dream that never happened that diminished my amazing personality, friendships, relationships, mentality, positivity, self love and worth. I’m proud to say I have my self worth and love back now, only thanks to this program.
Believe me, another diet plan, detox, new fresh check list of goals, blog etc will NOT work until you have reached within, found peace, and rewired your brain like Brittany has taught us to do. I am so excited to have my life back and to continue bettering myself and loving myself as I deserve! You CAN and WILL find freedom!”
– Maggie B.

“I have completed all 8 modules and had my graduation call with Stella today. I look back to my first call with Stella and how desperate and broken I was to find any kind of peace with food and my body. My tears just kept streaming from my eyes and it was hard to stop the flow. I wanted and was so desperate for restoration. I was scared to start this process but I also knew that I had nothing to lose because I knew what I had been trying for so long wasn’t working.

I didn’t ever think in my wildest dreams that in 8 short weeks that I could be in the the place that I am today. Brittany said I could do it…she said that if you trust the process it will click and you will be restored. I am there! I am so there and I am in love with me! That may sound selfish, but it’s not because it’s in finding me that I can then support my boys, my husband, my friends and other loved ones.

I want to just encourage those who are beginning or in the middle of this process that it will work! It will so work for you, no matter where you are, if you allow it to. If you trust fully it will eventually come full circle and click for you. It’s slow sometimes and it works just piece by piece (win by win) but it happens. When it does happen you will know it because life will be beautiful, life will be full again and you know will see a new light in you that you never knew before. Thank you Brittany and Stella! I can’t thank you two enough for all that you do and it’s with your big hearts that myself and many others are working towards and have found their light at the end of a very dark dark tunnel. I hope you reach many more and I will openly share my experience with others and will send them your direction. Bless you both!

-Jill H.


“I would like to thank everyone for their support during the program and especially Brittany, Stella, and Britt – you are truly beams of light!

It has taken me a few days to process my experiences and journey and just wanted to share some things that stood out along the way.

This program has completely changed my life, I was not living before, I was trapped in fear and disbelief in myself, society and the whole world. Now I am feeling freedom most moments of the day, sometimes there may be thoughts, but they mean nothing me now. I have energy for life, my personality has come back and the dark shell has broken off, I smile and laugh daily. Not only has this journey given me tools to overcome a disordered relationship with food, but has restored one with my soul and fueled my ambition and dreams. Trusting and surrendering to the process even when things seem confusing, a struggle and uncomfortable was the most valuable tool and believing it will all be okay. I really think the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Support Group is such a strong net and it has been amazing.”

– Somer

“Hi Brittany! I just wanted to let you know that your program has changed my life! Before starting your program I felt very lost and felt like I was all alone with my binge eating. Your program and the support group helped me realize that I wasn’t alone anymore and that I had the power to break free from the binge eating. I also have a much more healthy and loving relationship with my body. I also loved the meditations and will continue to review what I have learned from the modules. I know that I will have days where I might struggle a bit but I am so much better than I used to be! I thank God that he allowed me to find your program. I hope your realize how much of a difference you have and will continue to make in so many people’s lives! You are truly a blessing and an amazing woman! Thank you so much!!

Also the link you shared brought tears to my eyes! Thank you again!”

(Link she’s referencing in her message:

 – Love, Lauri N.

“The BBE program is a life changing investment in your future. Brittany has put together a step by step guide to transform chronic dieters by breaking down the barriers to change from the outside in and back out again. Her carefully crafted program takes into account years of trial and error and herself and her clients. For me, the program was able to transform my relationship with food and my body. For years, I spent countless amounts of energy on finding the perfect program to “fix” the parts of me I didn’t like. Turns out, the only fix I needed was to change my mind, literally. Brittany’s program gives the all the tools for change. The freedom I have now in my life is beyond measurable. Thanks Brittany!”
– Shawna F.
“I reached out to Brittany when I was feeling completely out of control with bingeing. I felt desperate to stop. I immediately felt hopeful during my first call with Brittany. Within a few weeks of starting the program, I started to get my power back and the momentum has carried me to a place I never imagined I would be. The magical thing was that it had nothing to do with will power, so it was much easier than I thought.
Brittany gives you the education you need to understand what is happening in an easy manner and breaks down the actions to take in a simple format that works. The support from her and the group is what sets this a part from trying to do this on your own. It was great working with Brittany because she has been there and completely understands. Working with Brittany was on of the best things I’ve done for myself.”
– Michele F.

“I enrolled in the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint program last May. It was work that I was ready for, but it was HARD. I met resistance at every step. I thought I would be the exception and that this program wouldn’t work for me. I felt like I was going crazy at times. For 6 months ate everything I had restricted for so long and I was so afraid I’d never stop. I gained about 10 pounds during that time and felt lethargic and bloated and not great about what was happening to my body. I started to believe that I would always want to eat “junk food” and that I would never be able to eat intuitively without continuing to gain weight. Yet even in the midst of this struggle, I felt more LOVE for this body I live in than I have ever felt in my entire life. I didn’t know what I’d get out of the program but I decided that if this love was all that I got that it had been worth the time and financial investment. I accepted that this was what my body looked like now and I cleared my closet of all the clothes that no longer fit me. Cleaning out my closet cleared space in my mind and it gave me peace.

Then something happened. My mental image shifted. My attitude about my life shifted. Everything shifted. I rejoined my favorite yoga studio in November and started classes just because it felt SO DAMN GOOD to move my body and center my mind. I started craving nutrient dense foods. I stopped overeating. I instinctually started journaling my feelings instead of eating them. Everything changed. I learned to trust myself. I learned to trust my appetite. I learned to trust my intuition.

To reflect this internal change, my body is also starting changing. I’ve lost 17 pounds, seemingly effortlessly, yet I love my body just the same now as I did when it was 17 pounds heavier. The key is that this change is fueled by LOVE. Love for my body. Love for my life. Love for my soul connection. Love for this very world I live in.

For those of you struggling I would like to say trust in your journey. I struggled with body imagine issues started at 6 years old and with the binge eating and restriction roller coaster for 17 years. I started recognizing that this is something I could change over 5 years ago but I didn’t yet know how to ask for help. If you’re on the fence about joining Brittany’s program, jump in. Do the work. Confront your fears until they become meaningless. This is your life and you have the power to make it exactly what you want it to be.

Sending love to every one of your out there struggling. You’re stronger than you know.”


“Brittany not only has helped me binge for the longest time I’ve ever gone without bingeing, but she helped resurrect me and showed me a path towards healing like noone else I’ve worked with in conventional therapy has. She helped me trust myself, love myself, and not be so hard on myself.
Words can not express how grateful I am that she has come into my life and helped me become aware of my issues, fears, triggers, and self-doubt. My wedding day would not have been the same if I did not reach out to schedule a call with her.
Working with Brittany has been the most beneficial thing I’ve done for myself in my entire life. She has even shown me a new career path in Eating Psychology Coaching and also how important it is to turn my pain of 15 years into purpose.”
– Stella Q, 32
“The Beating Binge Eating Blueprint is a true lifesaver. I was at a rock bottom moment in my 15+ year struggle with my eating disorder. I found Brittany and felt immediately connected to her story and her philosophy. Enrolling was scary but also incredibly hopeful. I stand now on the other side as a girl I never thought I could be. I’m not obsessing about food every moment of the day. I’m not bingeing. I’m actually living and loving my life and am able to finally experience all the blessings around me. Brittany and her program are truly miraculous! I recommend to anyone who is struggling to take this leap!”
– Sara B

I completed the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Masterclass and I feel like a completely different person. I no longer fear being around food or feel like a food addict. The feeling is so empowering. I was in such a dark place when I stumble into one of Brittany’s videos.  I am so happy I committed and signed up. The program is excellent, the support I  received was incredible. Schedule your call with Brittany and see for yourself! It truly is life changing!!

– Noemy M, 27

Working with Brittany has given me a new optimistic perspective on the one situation that I thought I was doomed for life in. She came into my life at a time I felt hopeless and despair. After a few short weeks of working with her I feel like a new person. Her professional and personable approach to such a sensitive issue has facilitated my recovery. I am forever grateful for choosing to work with Brittany.

-Rachel L, 27

Working with Brittany has completely changed my life!  I called her when I was sick of  being overweight and battling a binge eating disorder.  Her knowledge of food and how what you consume affects your body and mood transformed my way of thinking.  In just a hand full of weeks she made simple changes to my diet.  All of which were extremely easy to implement.  I have been able to maintain those changes for nearly two years, and have continued to drop the weight, sleep better, and have a ton of energy throughout the day.  Not only has she changed the way I look and feel, but she has also transformed me back to the confident, young woman I once was.

-Amy Benner, 29

I had a privilege of co-coaching with Brittany Brown and have seen her take her clients through some of the most difficult and intimate challenges in their lives.  As someone who also dealt with food addiction, I can say that Brittany’s approach is gentle but effective.  Her honesty and compassion shines through and allows clients to really feel safe and taken care of while they are being educated on better choices they can make in their lives.

-Marija Parente, Parente Performance Coaching 

I’ve followed Brittany and her coaching practice online for the last 5 years. I’ve always loved her positive spirit and mindset for health and well-being. For as long as I can remember, I hated my body. I’d binge at the first sign of stress, sadness, loneliness, you name it. It got so bad I didn’t even want to get out of bed or go in public. I was ashamed and mad at myself for not being able to get control of my eating. Brittany’s posts gave me hope, so I finally got the courage to schedule a strategy call with her. Within minutes I felt at peace. She is so knowledgeable, and has a way of removing the guilt because she’s been through the same struggles. I’ve been working with Brittany 4 months and do not want to stop. I’ve lost 24 pounds and my health has improved drastically but beyond that, my urge to binge is gone. I’m learning new ways of coping with things that used to trigger me and falling in love with myself again. Activities that used to scare me are fun now, even dating! If you’re on the fence like I was, schedule a call with Brittany, you will be so happy you did. Working with her has changed my life!  Brittany, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me work through one my biggest struggles and making me feel like a better person because of it!

-Nicole S, 35

Over the years, I’ve received tips and tricks around my health and fitness from Brittany that always seemed to really help but I never fully committed myself to working with her until about a year ago. I came to her for help with my weight fluctuations, chronic dieting, overeating,  chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Before working with Brittany I thought that waking up in pain  and constantly fighting my body to be at the weight I wanted was normal. After working with her I can say that I feel like a new person. I reached a healthy weight in a balanced way and it didn’t even feel like I was dieting, because for the first time, I wasn’t. She helped me figure out what my body needed to feel at its best and eliminated my cravings. She also helped me get to the bottom of my food intolerances. After removing certain foods and adding others nearly all of my pain is gone and I am off the medicine that I was on for 20 years. My mindset around eating and my body has been drastically altered for the better. I can’t imagine ever going back to my old ways of doings things. I have energy and feel fully alive again! Thank you Brittany!

-Mary Brown, 49

Brittany Brown gave me back my life.  I was suffering with binge and emotional eating on and off for the last 15 years. I tried every diet under the sun and my weight would sometimes drop but always come right back again. I felt embarrassed, defeated, and helpless. I noticed how bad it was affecting not only me, but my husband and son. I reached out to Brittany when I just couldn’t take it anymore.  She’s given me a new perspective on taking care of my body. I never once felt like I was dieting on her program but the weight just kept coming off. The best part is it’s staying off! I learned to love myself again, which is allowing me to take care of myself, and give more love to my family. I finally feel empowered and free from my struggle with binge eating and food, for good! Please, do yourself a favor, and work with Brittany at least speak to Brittany about her programs. One conversation could change your life. And Brittany working with you was a privilege, thank you so much for all that you do!

Sara V, 42



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