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Welcome to! I’m Brittany Brown.

My goal is to transform the health and happiness of the world, starting with you. You were not put on this earth to struggle. I’m here to show you how to finally feel alive in your body and end your struggle with food and your body for good.

This mission was born out of my own passion-driven breakdown. Here’s my story…

Enter 14 year old me, along with hormones, weight gain, and societal pressure.

I believe Atkins diet was the first attempt. Can you believe we were actually told that unlimited cheese, meat, and ranch dressing were the way to optimal health?

Try living on that diet as a growing young woman, soccer and track athlete, national horseback riding competitor, and boxing and gym lover. Not good.

From that fad diet or quick fix to the next; I lived on nearly every diet or fad you’ve ever heard of from the ages of 14 – 23. Diet pills, water pills, caffeine pills, numerous doctor visits, oral steroids, endless work outs, excessive sauna use, starving, bingeing, hiding my eating habits, cleanses, detoxes, and any other extreme measure I could get my hands on. Controlling my weight and body was the only thing that felt normal during this time.

The deprivation of eating “perfect” then downward spiraling into a binge and “getting back on track tomorrow”, almost every single tomorrow, was my regular.

There were times where my body looked great, and times where my body was a swollen inflamed mess. I could gain or lose 10-15 pounds, in 2 days.

By 16 I started working in the fitness with some of the industries top coaches, trainers and athletes. I was like a sponge, soaking in everything I could about fitness and nutrition… good, bad, and in between.

By 17 I went to the next level and started competing in fitness and figure competitions. I thought this was the safest and healthiest way to do things since I’d be working with a professional but I was wrong. After more extreme measures and an incessant amount of working out and supplements, I may have won all my shows, but my health and mindset around food were completely shot.

By 18 I developed serious thyroid, hormonal, and adrenal issues, as well as severe food intolerances.

By 19 I had acute renal (kidney) failure.

My body was so exhausted and out of whack from all the health issues that I couldn’t even get through the day without an incessant amount of caffeine or I’d collapse.

My adrenals and hormones were so crazy that it could be 20 degrees out and I’d break out in hot flashes and a crazy sweat, and then be freezing with chills one minute later.

I’d eat one thing that didn’t agree with me, or have one sip of alcohol, and my hands and feet would swell twice their size in minutes.

My body was screaming at me for help.

The cycle went on. Nothing was fun because I’d always either feel bad or be extremely anxious about how I looked or how something I’d consume would make me feel. On bad days I would be so ashamed I didn’t want to even want to leave the house, and oftentimes did not.

I looked like I had it all together but I was falling apart inside.

My health and how I felt about my body in any given moment completely dictated how I lived my life and how much I did or didn’t enjoy it. It weighed on me constantly, and also my relationships.

Guilt, embarrassment, shame, sadness, hopelessness were not foreign to me during that time. Yes I had many very happy moments, and have always been a positive loving and upbeat person, but I had this hidden problem underneath it all.

I tried everything to fix what I thought was the problem (which ended up not being the problem at all). My body was giving out, it had enough and so did I.

Enter a frustrated 20 year old, whose health, mind, and everything I found comfort in was shattered. I knew I didn’t want to leave the health and wellness industry completely, but saw nearly everyone was doing it dangerously wrong.

I was over band-aiding problems. I saw friends, family and extremely successful people who had it all together in most areas but couldn’t seem to stay in a healthy space with their wellness. I saw people I loved hating their bodies and feeling so confused and lost at what to do about it.

Despite the cyclical breakdown, I knew inside there was a better way and I wanted to figure it out so I could heal and make it easier for others to do the same.

The more I looked into it, the more I saw I was not alone. There are SO MANY PEOPLE struggling with the same or similar things and thinking it’s entirely their fault.

(Side Note: If you’ve dealt with the same struggles that I describe here, I want you to know that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! I’m not telling you to not be responsible for your actions; but what I am saying is that you and I have not been set up to succeed. In fact, I believe that we have been conditioned to fail. I get more in depth on this subject and can help set you up for lasting success in my coaching programs.)

So with a fire lit up inside me, and a craving for freedom for myself and others, I took off. After a serious crash course over the years in self-love, self-care, research, books, courses, seminars, certifications, schooling, meditation, different exercise, different nutritional approaches, mentors, 10 years of coaching others, being coached myself, trying, failing, trying again, and thousands of hours of dedication and crazy devotion…

I figured it out.

Little did I know, food and weight weren’t the problem at all.

These external aspects of my condition were merely symptoms of something greater.

It was my body, mind, and soul’s cry for help and by attempting to control and fix the symptoms I was only making the condition worse.

I learned that there is a gift in every one of my compulsions. My compulsions and perceived flaws have shown me, and now show me what needed to be healed so I can be the best version of myself. They allow me to  work through my fears to bring this bliss, happiness, and freedom to the world.

I learned that focusing on health was more important than forcing my body into submission to lose weight, and that when I switched my focus to living a fulfilling life, loving myself and giving my body what it needed to heal, the weight came off without strict dieting.

I learned to embrace all of myself and celebrate the parts that I tried hiding for so long with food or self-sabotage. This allows me to work through underlying subconscious commitments that hold me back from success.

I learned how to be vulnerable and how to let myself feel fully (this was a HUGE one for me). This guides me to witness certain unpleasant feelings and get to the root of them instead of running from them and using food as an escape.

My struggle taught me how to heal, and how to guide others to do the same. I’m so grateful for my continuing journey because now I get to fulfill on my life’s mission.

Throughout this journey, I’ve helped 100s of people heal health conditions, lose weight and keep it off, stop binge and emotional eating, feel at home in their body, fall in love with themselves, and live a life they love. I’ve lead seminars, managed the Health Division of an International Coaching Company, designed and developed corporate wellness programs as well as nutrition programs for Physicians to use with their patients. I’ve worked with some amazing coaches, nutritional experts, doctors and mentors, and continue to do so to add to my knowledge of human psychology daily.

Now my focus is working to create such a powerful movement of healing, bliss, happiness, beauty, love and freedom that the whole world shifts.

I may have taken the long and difficult route, but there’s definitely is an easier way.

The good news is that I’ve simplified the path to freedom for you in my coaching, blog posts, and programs so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

I will hold your hand and guide you through this simplified process every step of the way.

What’s this mean for you?

It means you actually feel normal around food.

It means you recognize your beauty, and your confidence is through the roof.

It means you feel at home in your body and know exactly what it needs to thrive.

It means that you love your body at any weight, and your body naturally goes to the perfect size because you are giving your mind, body and soul what it needs to be in perfect balance.

It means that you eat a peace of pizza because you feel like it and don’t eat the whole box just because you had one slice.

It means that you can take or leave the pizza without much thought because you feel so damn good that healthy choices become second nature.

It means that you maintain a healthy weight and physique without struggling to keep it.

It means that your life is easy because food and your weight are no longer at the center of your universe.

It means you can live life on your terms and enjoy the moments that matter most without fear, shame, guilt, or your weight holding you back.

It means you are free. It means you are love. It means you are…

In love with yourself.

In love with your body.

In love with your life.

Imagine being so filled and complete, that you can freely pursue your passions and give this love to others.

Do you see the ripple effect?

That’s my mission; I hope you join me.

Love and Gratitude,







University of South Florida, 2005 – 2009: Bachelors in Communication and Psychology

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2009 – 2011: Certified Holistic Health Coach 

American Association of Drugless Practitioners: Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America: Certified Piloxing and Group Fitness Instructor 

Institute for the Psychology of Eating (in progress): Certified Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach



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Welcome to! I’m Brittany Brown.

My goal is to transform the health and happiness of the world, starting with you. You were not put on this earth to struggle. I’m here to show you how to finally feel at home in your body and end your struggle with food and your body for good. This mission was born out of my own passion-driven breakdown. Here’s my story...

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