Is Food Fear Making You Skip The Party? 4 Ways To Stop Food Freakouts And Enjoy Parties Again


Ever have a few days where you’re feeling good with your food, then the weekend hits, a fun party or dinner out with friends is on the agenda, andddd things get hard!

You get to your party, and the food table is calling your name…

You try to stick to celery sticks, but your favorite treats are just too tempting. So you let yourself have one bite. Pretty soon you’re single-handedly eating your way through the appetizer tray.

And maybe even sneaking back into the kitchen when no one is looking instead of focussing on enjoying your time with those you love.

Then again, you might go to a party under similar circumstances and pull my signature move from back in the day…

Moment of shame:

I used to have a bite or two of forbidden food at a party, and get totally embarrassed about eating it.

Then, on the way home when no one was looking, I’d hit a drive-thru and super-size everything I ordered (and eat every bite in secret shame…)

Neither situation is fun. Neither supports your health and well-being. They both steal your joy, your excitement, and your happiness.

It’s easy to let anything outside of your food comfort zone (like parties) become a recipe for total disaster.

But it doesn’t have to be anymore! It’s time to stop letting party food stress spoil your fun!

Watch the full video below where I show you how to go to parties, be out in the world, and have fun, no matter what turns up on the menu or the appetizer tray.

Step 1: Take care of yourself first. Contrary to popular belief, cravings don’t necessarily happen spontaneously.

Sure, sometimes you’re tempted in the moment by a special treat. But most cravings start way before you see your favorite forbidden foods on the menu or an appetizer tray.

Sometimes cravings strike for one simple reason–you’re hungry!

I used to skimp on food during the day if there was a party that night. I thought I was being proactive in “saving calories.”

When I got to the party, I was nothing but reactive. (And by that, I mean that I ate everything in sight!)

So party or not, eat a satisfying meal in the morning and at lunchtime.

And bonus tip: eat a third meal in the afternoon or early evening so you don’t walk into the party ravenous!

Don’t cut calories earlier in the day when there’s a food-fest on your calendar that night.

Make sure that you arrive at the party with a clear head and a full tank. Properly fueling yourself throughout the day is the best way to do that!

Step 2: Get yourself into the party mood. A lot of us deal with social anxiety at parties. Add a ton of food anxiety to that, and you set yourself up for overeating overdrive.

This is where getting yourself into the party state of mind comes in! Only it’s more than just getting pumped up for a wild night out.

It’s about getting yourself grounded and confident. It’s meeting your emotional and spiritual needs, as well as your physical needs. It’s about showing up at the party as the best version of yourself, with as little anxiety as possible.

Now, that might sound like a lot to ask. But trust me, it’s a lot easier than it sounds! All it takes is doing what you need to do to feel grounded, confident, and empowered. That can happen in a few simple steps, too!

It might mean having a morning routine to set a solid foundation for your day.

It could be jamming out to your favorite power song before you go. Maybe it’s sitting peacefully or doing a grounding meditation before you leave the house.

Whatever it takes, get those social jitters out as best as you can before you go. You’ll end up bringing your confidence to the party, and leaving your insecurity at home.

Most of all, you’ll be a lot less likely to reach for food to quell your fears.

Step 3: Drop the all or nothing I better eat this now before it disappears forever attitude! The trouble with forbidden foods is that we think they’re forbidden. What’s worse is what we make “forbidden” mean.

Say you’re going to a party, and you swear up and down you’ll be “good”. But then you let yourself have one bite of a tempting treat.

Then one bite turns into 10 bites. Before you know it, you’re in a feeding frenzy. What happens next?

You figure that you “blew it” anyway, so you might as well keep eating. After all, these treats will only be there tonight, so it’s now or never, right?

But here’s a radical idea. What if you believed that the cookies, candy, or any other forbidden foods weren’t off limited and you could enjoy them when you choose to have them?

This mindset shift can the mystique out of forbidden foods in a matter of moments!

Tell yourself that you can have any food at any time, and it gives you the power of choice. More specifically, the power of present moment choices.

If you’ve hung out with me here before, you know that present moment choices are the key to peace of mind, both with food and in life.

So when you get to the party and you see something you want to try, go for it! But remember to slow down. Enjoy every bite. No sneaking it or shoving it into your mouth when nobody’s looking.

Put what you want on your plate. Remind yourself that it’s not now or never with treats. Then let yourself enjoy them!

Not only does this take away the mystique of forbidden food, but it also reminds your body that it’s OK to eat, and that food is not the enemy.

If you’re worried about blowing your diet, remember this: what you do the majority of the time matters the most.

A little bit of freedom and fun at a party won’t ruin your weight loss plans. In fact, it’ll support your overall health and happiness. Give yourself that gift!

Step 4: Parties are about more than food! Believe it or not, there is more to parties than the food! You’re there to connect with friends and loved ones, and to have a good time. So make this your focus, and make fun a priority.

How do you do that? By turning your attention away from the food table and onto your life.

Be present, deepen your connections with everyone there. Most of all, take the pressure off of yourself to be perfect!

Allow yourself to have fun first, then make food the bonus. It just might change your entire attitude about parties for good!

So at your next social gathering, use these steps…

Take care of your body first, get into an empowered state of mind, and focus on having fun. It’s the best way to ensure that food fear doesn’t rain on your party parade.

Now, I want to hear from you!

Which one of these steps that you’re going to take to empower you at your next social event? Leave a comment below, and let’s get into the party spirit without making food the focus!

P.S. If you’re looking for a more help beyond what I share here, click on the link below and get my free training!

It’ll help you navigate parties, barbecues, and restaurants with ease–not to mention any other situations you might encounter.

Take the first step on the pathway to what we call Food Freedom Forever. Click the link below and start your journey today!

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