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-Create a clear cut plan for you to step off the yo-yo dieting rollercoast of "on track" and "off track" days so you can achieve weight loss or maintenance that lasts-

-Uncover what you need to do to have a normal, easy, and loving relationship with your body and food-

-And decide whether or not we are a good fit to work together to use the effective and proven strategy that myself and hundreds of clients have successfully used to achieve total food and body freedom, and beat binge and emoitonal eating, for good!

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What other Food Freedom Fighters are saying...

"I reached out to Brittany when I was feeling completely out of control with bingeing. I felt desperate to stop. I immediately felt hopeful during my first call with Brittany. Within a few weeks of starting the program, I started to get my power back and the momentum has carried me to a place I never imagined I would be. The magical thing was that it had nothing to do with will power, so it was much easier than I thought.
Brittany gives you the education you need to understand what is happening in an easy manner and breaks down the actions to take in a simple format that works. The support from her and the group is what sets this a part from trying to do this on your own. It was great working with Brittany because she has been there and completely understands. Working with Brittany was on of the best things I've done for myself."

Michele F.

"The Beating Binge Eating Blueprint program is a life changing investment in your future. Brittany has put together a step by step guide to transform chronic dieters by breaking down the barries to change from the outside back in again. Her carefully crafted program takes into account years of trial and error of herself and clients. 
For me, the program was able to transform my relationship with food and my body. For years, I spent countless amounts of energy on finding the perfect program to "fix" the parts of me I didn't like. Turns out, the only fix I needed was to change my mind, literally. Brittany's program gives you all the tools for change. The freedom I have now in my life is beyond measureable. Thanks Brittany!" 

Shawna F.

"Brittany has truly found the key to freedom and finding happiness and self love again. I started the program when I hit my ultimate low in my binge eating and luckily came across Brittany's Instagram. I made the leap of faith, and this is the best decision and investment I have made!! 
This program is unlike any other and will change your lives. I can't beleive I have truly come this far. I have not had the urge to binge in what feels like forever. It's not even an option, not even a part of me. The old me feels like a blurry dream that never happened that diminished my amazing personality, friendships, relationships, mentality, positivity, self love and worth. I'm proud to say I have my self worth and love back now, only thanks to this program. 
Beleive me, another diet plan, detox, new fresh check list of goals, blog etc will NOT work until you have reached within, found peace, and rewired your brain like Brittany has taught us to do. I am so excited to have my life back and to continue bettering myself and loving myself as I deserve! You CAN and WILL find freedom!"

Maggie B. 

I look forward to guiding you to a life filled with fun, fufillment and freedom! Reserve your spot now by clicking the orange button above and then apply (short 5 question survey) to get on a call with myself or a Binge Eating Recovery Expert and receive your personalized Beating Binge Eating

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Health & Love,

Brittany Brown