50 Ways to Practice Self Love (and How to Stop Self Sabotage)


We all know what to do, right…but why don’t we do it? Before we get into practical ways to practice self love, lets dismantle anything that might be standing in the way of you actually applying these practices.

We’ll divide this into 2 sections; limiting beliefs standing in the way of you taking time for yourself and stepping into your power, and the actual practicality of making time for yourself and implementing new practices into your life with grace and ease.

Limiting Beliefs That Stop Self Love

  1. Low Self Efficacy – Lack of belief in yourself to do the actions to get desired result.Internally this sounds like: I won’t follow through so why even start? What’s the point? I’m always going to be here? Nothing is going to change?This shows up like: Stopping before you even start or starting for a few days then going back to old behavior 
  2. Low Self Worth – Believing that you are unworthy of love because of ___ or until you reach ____ (insert weight, goal, level of success, relationship status etc)Internally this can sound like: When I am thinner I will nourish my body but for now I will diet until I get there.When I make the money I’ll do that for myself but I need to isolate and hustle until I get there.

    When I feel better about myself I’ll go on the date.

    This shows up like: Withholding love and respect because you’re not meeting your criteria for feeling worthy or not meeting the unrealistic expectations you place on yourself.

  3. Secondary Gain – Are there any payoffs that you’re getting from not practicing self love? What’s the benefit? Look deep, it’s often unconscious.Example: Being scared you’ll get hurt by putting yourself out there so you engage in activity that is self sabotaging that leads to isolation like binge eating.
  4. Fear of Loss / Fear of Your Own Brilliance – Fear that if you take care of yourself, love yourself, grow etc that you may offend others that you care about or even worse…leave them behind. Fear that in shining your light you could get unwanted attention.

Tips For Implementing Self Love Practices

  1. Break your self-care habits into smaller chunks. Sometimes taking hours each day to yourself can seem like a bit much when you have a lot going on. Pick ONE thing you’re going to implement and stick to that. Once you have momentum and things are getting easier, add another.
  2. Schedule it in. You wouldn’t miss a meeting with your boss would you? Self-care and self-love are even more important so prioritize them as such.

On today’s FACEBOOK LIVE – we’ll be talking all about ways to work through these beliefs, and ways to implement the below. Join the Food Freedom Fighter’s Tribe for free by clicking here so you don’t miss it. 

50 Ways to Practice Self Love Today

  1. Say no to commitments that don’t serve you and YES to anything that’s a “HELL YES!”
  2. Say no to spending time or energy with people that don’t lift you up.
  3. Say yes to activities, people, and events that light to your life – make time for them!
  4. Feel – yes, feelings are ok. Good, sad, and everything in between. Sit with them, acknowledge them, find the gift, send them love and compassion, release them. If you stuff them away with food or some outside source of happiness they’ll quickly resurface.
  5. Listen to your body! Instead of counting calories and stressing about every last bite, check in and see what your body wants and needs. I love this question: How can I nourish myself and my body?
  6. Fuel yourself with high-quality, nutrient dense, and diverse foods. Eating the same thing every day can be convenient, but remember that more diversity means a wider range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  7. Practice eating slowly and mindfully. This activates digestion, allows you to absorb more nutrients, and you’ll not need as much food to fill you up if you’re actually paying attention to what you’re eating.
  8. Put down your fork between bites and take a breathe.
  9. Find a loving mantra and repeat it daily. Example “I love and accept myself just as I am.
  10. Work on being present in the moment. Set affirmation reminders on your phone to help you with this.
  11. Check your intuition instead of stressing yourself out with overanalyzing. Oftentimes when we let go of a little bit of control the answer or direction we need to take naturally comes to us…you always know.
  12. Make time for movement that feels really good! Not every workout has to be hard and intense; do what feels right. Your body will thank you for it!
  13. Stop hitting snooze and create an empowering morning ritual. How you start each day is how you live your life.
  14. Sleep! 7 hours minimum, the goal is 9.
  15. Give yourself a day off to relax if you’re feeling drained.
  16. Do something kind for someone who will never be able to repay you.
  17. Smile and say hello to everyone you see.
  18. Release procrastination and do one small thing that moves you towards a goal.
  19. “Act As If” …how would you act if you were the highest version of you living out all your goals and dreams? Start embodying that today.
  20. Find activities or hobbies you lose yourself in and make time for them. This is called flow and it’s magical!
  21. Reward your body for all the hard work it does for you daily. A massage or relaxing bath is a great place to start.
  22. Return to nature for at least a few minutes a day. A park, an outside walk, playing with your pup outside…it all nourishes you.
  23. Listen to music that energizes you and brightens your day.
  24. Write a gratitude list. As you focus on what you’re grateful of and what works for you you’ll begin to attract more of it into your life.
  25. Get dressed and make yourself presentable each day. It’s a confidence booster and your entire day will change.
  26. We need oxygen, and oftentimes don’t get enough. Stop and take a few deep breathes throughout the day.
  27. Laugh, it’s an instant mood booster!
  28. Speaking of fun – go out and have it!
  29. Read a good book. A little inspiration each day can work wonders.
  30. Decorate your home or room with things that make you feel good. These don’t have to be expensive…even small little trinkets can bring you peace.
  31. Where clothes that embody the true you and allow you to be self expressed.
  32. Take time for prayer or meditation. Connecting to your higher self, or a higher source of energy, on a daily basis is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and those around you.
  33. Volunteer in a cause that is very important to you. Giving back is a great way to give to yourself.
  34. Indulge in buying something nice for yourself; you are worthy.
  35. Enjoy a candle lit dinner you made for yourself.
  36. Treat yourself to flowers. I buy fresh flowers each week and every time I see them, I smile.
  37. Get a manicure, pedicure or facial…or some type of self care. You’re worth it!
  38. Find some DIY self care products that sound appealing and make your own from natural and nourishing ingredients. It’s fun and also feels like you’re doing something good for yourself and the environment.
  39. Have a spa night with girlfriends at your home. Connection and self care…you can’t go wrong!
  40. Take a few minutes to stretch when you wake up while breathing deeply.
  41. Disconnect from electronics for an hour or more. Phone included.
  42. Write a love or acknowledgement letter to yourself.
  43. Journal…This is way to work through the noise and reconnect to your truth.
  44. Try something artistic…Get a coloring book, paint, draw. If you need some creative inspiration, the book Big Magic is one of my favorites!
  45. Dance! Any time I’m down I get up and dance. If you can do it in a class with other women regularly it’s even better! This lets you connect with others and tap into your femininity.
  46. Spend 10 minutes signing your heart out.
  47. Mirror work: Stand in the mirror and look into your own eyes for 5 minutes. Stay engaged. Really look past what you see and focus on the connection with yourself. Keep doing this until it gets easier, it will.
  48. Bonus to the above, add gratitude and affirmations. 5 things you love about your body and 5 things you are grateful for.
  49. Invest in a program or coach that will help you release any struggle and achieve what you want. You’re worth it!
  50. Buy yourself something meaningful for Valentine’s Day even if you have a significant other. You deserve your own love, no matter where you’re at on your journey!

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