It’s NOT Your Fault: 7 Signs That You Might Be “Wired To Binge”


If you’ve ever woken up the day after an overeating frenzy, you know the feeling.

You feel bloated, exhausted, and out of control. And you’re convinced that your suffering is all your fault.

After all, you didn’t have the willpower to say NO, right? It’s like you ended up overeating because you weren’t strong enough to stop.

But is it just a lack of self-control that causes overeating?

Maybe you believe that you just need the right diet plan. And when you find it, you’ll never binge again.

Maybe a therapist told you that your overeating is purely emotional. And that you have to heal all your traumas before the binging can stop.

No matter what the case is for you, the message you send yourself is the same…

If you’re binge eating, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Well, I’m here to tell you straight up that this is NOT true.

The truth is that binge and emotional eating is not your fault. It doesn’t happen because you’re broken, cursed, or hopeless. Really.

I’ve been in the clutches of binge and emotional eating before, so I know the drill. I used to beat myself up for being weak, broken, and undisciplined. As though the binging, restricting, and repeating happened because I just wasn’t good enough.

Funny thing, but that approach only lead to more self-loathing (and more binging).

But I wasn’t broken, flawed, or weak. I just needed an adjustment in my internal “wiring.” Turns out that I had an hidden inclination to binge that was running the show.

It’s a phenomenon that I call “wired to binge.” And when I discovered what it meant, I was able to end the battle of the binge once and for all.

Are you wired to binge, and is it wreaking havoc in your life behind your back?

This week I’m sharing the top seven signs that you might have an underlying predisposition to overeating. And I’ll also share what you can do to stop blaming yourself, break the patterns, and take back your power with food!

Ready to get to the bottom of binge eating and empower yourself, once and for all? Let’s get into it below!

First, let’s define “wired to binge.”

Let’s say that your brain is a computer. The “wiring” would be like the programming. That means things like apps and programs that run all the time without prompting.

So your “wiring” would be the thoughts you have and the actions you take on autopilot.

Suppose, for example, that you’ve had a chaotic day at work. You get into your car to drive home. And then before you know it, you pull into your driveway.

You’re home again, but you have no idea how you got there. You knew the way without any conscious thought.

In this case, you drove home unconsciously because it was a well-ingrained behavior. You’ve repeated the steps so often that they’ve become automatic. That’s what “wiring” means.

Any behavior can become unconscious if it’s repeated often enough. That includes fixations on food and urges to binge.

If you’re wired to binge, you have food-fixated thoughts and behaviors running on autopilot. And more than likely, they’ve been there for a long time–and without your knowledge.

That’s the bad news. But the good news is WAY better!

If self-destructive patterns can become wired in your brain, they can be UN-wired! And they can be replaced by patterns that honor and support you instead of trap and torture you. That’s the empowering part!

But first, you need to determine if you’ve got that predisposition to binge. And from there, you need to know how to reprogram yourself for freedom and ease.

That’s what we’re going to talk about right now!

I’ve made a list of the seven most common signs that you’re wired to binge. Your job is to determine which signs, if any,  ring a bell for you.

If three or more of them resonate with you, there’s a good chance that your internal programming is behind the binging. So that’s what we’ll be looking to discover.

Now, if you find you are indeed wired to binge, don’t worry. In fact, take comfort. Because identifying these behaviors can actually be liberating!

After all, when you know the score, you can make a change. You can go from wired to binge to wired for freedom instead.

Doesn’t that sound like a more empowering way to live?

So grab a pen and keep a tally as we go along, and see how many signs of binge-wiring ring true for you.

Sign #1: Constant food-focused thoughts. Thoughts about food–what you’re going to eat, what you can and can’t eat, and what you’ve already eaten–take up a lot of mental bandwidth. And they make you obsess about your body and your weight in the process.

Sign #2: Eating excessively without feeling satisfied. You tend to eat vast quantities of food but never feel satiated. No amount of food seems to feel like enough, whether its carrots or cake.

Sign #3: Desiring large quantities of food (and for no apparent reason). Not only do you eat large quantities of food, but you also seek them out. For example, I used to go after big bags of Smart Pop popcorn. And it wasn’t because I was hungry, but because I felt the need to eat as much as I possibly could.

Sign #4: Doing things out of character for the sake of getting food. Back in the day, I would often hit a drive-thru on the way home from a dinner out. I would sneak back to the appetizer tray at parties and grab bites when nobody was looking. I did things that made me feel dishonest, sneaky, and all-around weird. And just for the sake of getting more food.

Sign #5: Urges to binge overpower you. Those pings to eat come from out of nowhere. Before you know it, you’re elbow deep in a bag of chips. The urges come from nowhere and feel like they have a mind of their own.

Sign #6: Those urges feel impossible to resist. Even when you’re at your most aware, you can’t say NO. Those urges to binge take over, and they trigger you to eat. No matter what your higher self might say.

Sign #7: Eating goes on autopilot. You might’ve gotten to the bottom of a bag of chips without knowing how you even started. It’s like you’re eating on autopilot, with no idea how it started (or when it’ll end).

If three or more of these ring a bell, your physiology is likely pointing you to eat. And all the diets, well-meaning therapists, and fitness professionals aren’t likely to be much help. Not until you address the the wiring, that is…

But I have something for you that actually get to the heart of the matter, and make real and lasting change!

The first step is knowing that you’re wired to binge. The second is having a step-by-step system to help you break free.

I have a system that works with your physiology, your brain, your mindset, and your emotions. Something that addresses your internal programming instead of just counting on diet and exercise to save the day.  

Imagine walking into a party without fear of raiding the appetizer tray. Or spending quality time with loved ones without worrying about what you ate today (or what you’re going to eat later). Imagine being free of the urge to binge, and for good this time.

My free gift will help you do just that!

You can make an easy relationship with food just as automatic as a painful and stressful one.

All you need is the steps to get there!

Click on the link below and let me show you the steps TODAY!

Remember–being wired to binge is not your fault. You can upgrade your programming at any time, and I’m here to help you make that happen!

Did any of the wired to binge signs resonate with you? Leave me a comment and let me know which ones struck a chord, and tell me how I can support you in rewiring yourself for Food Freedom Forever!

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