Is Freedom and Ease With Your Food Really Worth This? Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Success Story


I’m bringing you something really special today…

After hosting this interview with Caitlin, one of our graduates who finished our program about a year ago, who also has a VERY unique perspective on what gave her freedom (different than any of our other interviews) I was feeling so lit up and inspired…

She says something incredible about the worth of what she went through, and I don’t want to spoil it…just watch it below.

I hope this lesson she shares will touch you like it did me! In Caitlin’s interview she also shares…

  • The spiritual component to having freedom and ease with your food
  • A 4 letter word that you MUST implement to truly have what you want with food, your body, and your life,
  • How she was able to stay vegan and still stop binge eating
  • A really unique perspective on why the tools that she shares with you really worked for her and how they can work for you too
  • How she was able to follow her dreams and start her own conscious jewelry business and healing practice because food is no longer holding her back

Watch Caitlin’s interview below to learn how she went from struggling with control, restriction, binge, and overeating to living a life where she’s not only in her power with food but feeling confident in her life to pursue her dreams!

Now it’s your turn! Caitlin found freedom after struggling with her body and food for nearly her entire adult life with our Beating Binge Eating Blueprint program.

If you’re ready to leave your struggle with your body and food behind and live a life fueled by freedom like Caitlin, then here’s what you should do next:

  1. Click the image below
  2. Watch the free video training where the blueprint to beat binge and emotional eating is revealed
  3. Schedule a call to speak with a Certified Eating Psychology Coach on my team and get a personalized step-by-step blueprint to beat binge eating of your own (it’s free)

Caitlin, if you’re reading this – please know how proud of and inspired I am by you! I honor you, your mission, and the beautiful work you’re able to do in the world with your new found freedom!

Cheers to food freedom forever and you stepping into all you are meant to be!

All the love,


PS: Don’t have time to watch the full interview? Then let these screenshots of our Food Freedom Fighter’s WINS in our Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Program inspire you and show you what’s possible:

Ready for this type of freedom? Book your Beating Binge Eating Breakthrough Call here and get personalized path to living a life you love in a body you love! 

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