Why Change is Hard And What To Do About It


You say you want an incredible life…but are you willing to do the work?

You say you want love, joy, and happiness…but are you willing to do the work?

You say you want an easy, normal, and loving relationship with your body and food…but are you willing to do the work?

And no…I’m not talking about work in the gym, or working hard to stick to a certain way of eating. In fact, I’m talking about quite the opposite.

This work is different. It’s the work that leads to lasting change and second nature ease. It’s the work that is worth this…

It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves about not being where we want to be after another year. It takes work to practice compassion and look for the lessons and gifts in every experience or “failure”.

It’s easy to look for what we didn’t do right or what we need to fix about ourselves. It takes work to see what we are doing that’s great, and that we’re capable of remarkable things regardless of our past, and worthy of love regardless of our present.

It’s easy to see the fault in others and in the world. It takes work to see what’s beautiful in each and every human being and to celebrate to good in ourselves and others.

It’s easy to hang out with your friends that you’ve known forever that aren’t really going anywhere and might drag you down. It takes work to form new relationships, find a mentor, hire a coach and put yourself around people that pull you up.

It’s easy to see what our circumstances are lacking. It takes work to practice gratitude for the small and ordinary blessings in our lives daily (please know that if you’re reading this from a screen with working electricity and running water, you have more “ordinary” things to be grateful for than a large part of the world).

It’s easy to play small and in our comfort zone as we wait for a more ideal situation to get out there and fully live and pursue our dreams. It takes work to show up everyday ready to push yourself and grow.

To really change and grow, you must be willing to do the work.

I’m not talking about just the action, although that’s imperative, I’m talking about the deep inner work on your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and internal world that it takes to support your new way of being.

How you think, feel, and act in conjunction will determine your reality. 

You create your reality. I repeat, YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.

How cool is that?

Where you are at right now is a product of internal programming and unconscious beliefs. Kind of like an internal set point…

Until you adjust the set point, the same shit will keep showing up… The same relationships, the same set backs, the same self-sabotage and problems, the same yo-yo weight loss and gain, the same binge and emotional eating, the same roller coaster of your finances… over and over again until you do the work to move through them.

Don’t let this make you feel bad, let this make you feel empowered! You have to power to re-write your story and reset your internal set point, today!

I’ll talk about how and why this is true later in the post, but first we need to look at one VERY important aspect of this process of change and transformation…


Are you committed to what’s easy? Or are you committed to living the most fulfilled life imaginable?

Are you committed to playing it safe in your comfort or are you committed to freedom?

You have to get real with yourself here…

A committed person says, “I want this and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.” NOT “I want this but __insert excuse, fear, or uncertainty here__.

Be careful, lack of commitment hides itself in excuses and justification…

You don’t have time for self care? No, you’re just not committed to it.

You can’t have a relationship right now because you have too much on your plate. No, you’re just not committed to having one.

You would love do hire a coach or do that program to better your life but you’d never be able to afford it? No, you’re just not committed to creating the resources to make it happen.

You must ask yourself…

Are you REALLY committed to transforming your struggle with your body and food into freedom by working through your fears and beliefs that are holding you back or is it just something that sounds good?

(Disclaimer: Commitment doesn’t mean not making mistakes and never failing, in fact there may be a lot of that along the way, commitment in this case means not stopping and a relentless dedication to a new way of being.)

People that are interested in change do not get results. A 9 out of 10 on the scale of commitment is just a 1 in disguise.

Change takes commitment.

You don’t even have to believe in yourself fully in the beginning, you just have to be committed to learning to believe in yourself.

You can reprogram any belief or perspective with commitment and consistency (I’ll get to that soon, promise).

What about when it gets hard and you want to quit?

Change and transformation aren’t easy. You don’t just set a few goals, say affirmations then sit and wait for your life to change.

It takes it all. Work and surrender. Hustle and heart. Planning and trust. Will and grace. Emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental perseverance.

and I’ll say it again…relentless commitment.

It doesn’t just take commitment, it takes a why that’s way bigger than yourself.

Your why will serve as your motivation. It must hit you deep. You must feel it at your core. It must fuel you to keep going in the hardest moments, when you’re ready to quit, and when the fear is almost unbearable.

..and there will be those moments on the journey through transformation where you want to give up, trust me…
That internal set point I mentioned above is not just a made up thing. It’s rooted in science.
Our brains have a vested interest in keeping us safe and in our comfort zones. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is perceived as danger by the brain. The fear circuit gets triggered and it comes with a ton of negative self talk and emotions that can be paralyzing at times.
Every time you do something that’s out of your comfort zone or pushes you to grow you will experience fear. If you were looking at a brain scan, the fear circuit would light up when triggered, there’s no way around it.
Fear is inevitable. You can (if committed and attached to a why big enough to keep you going) turn your fear into fuel. Every time!
Along with fear, it requires a lot of energy to create the new neural pathways that must be formed as you’re changing. Your brain has a lot of work to do, it doesn’t want to work harder. To combat this, the brain uses defense mechanisms as an effort to preserve energy, and keep you always returning back to your comfort zone.
They look like a lot of uncomfortable internal self talk like…
Should I really be doing this? I don’t have the resources? I’m not smart enough? Is this program for me? I’m not worthy of this? What are they going to think? Am I going to lose them? I wish I would’ve done this sooner? Am I going to mess this up again, I always do…
No, not this time. This time you are committed, remember. You know the science now. You know now that if you’re attached to your why, and you’re committed…not just to the goal, but to doing the reprogramming of your emotions, beliefs and behaviors, that real change is possible.
The times when you quiet the internal noise, and keep going in spite of all that’s telling you to stop, are the times that will be your greatest moments of accomplishment and change.
What’s amazing is it won’t always be so much work! After a while with commitment and consistency the new behaviors becomes automatic.
It’s called automaticity if you want me to go all brain science on you again, and automaticity =s ease and freedom!
It’s that second nature stuff. It’s where you start seeing the world in a different way. It’s where things get easy. Where you naturally gravitate towards foods that make you feel good. Where you can eat a cookie without wanting to eat the whole bag. It’s where there is freedom.
It’s possible, and it feels incredible!
So now I have another question…Are you ready?
If you are a 10 of of 10 committed to transforming your struggle with your body and food and ready for the best year of your life, then it would be my honor to partner up with you and guide you to freedom!
I can promise you with every ounce of my being: I am committed to my freedom and yours. I live and breathe my why. I am ready.
I can also promise you that if you meet my criteria above (committed, willing to tap into your why, and ready), then we will make a great team.
 If you’re ready, schedule a complimentary Food Freedom Forever Strategy Call to get  a personalized blueprint to beat binge and emotional eating, for good! 
Let’s do this!



Health & Love,

Brittany Brown

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