Confessions Of A Self-Sabotaging Ex-Dieter: How I Got Out Of My Own Way And (Finally) Lost Weight For Good


Let’s talk about what my life used to look like.

Back in the day, I was all about the perfect meal plan. The right exercise routine. The least amount of carbs. The most effective weight loss method.

I was on a never-ending search for this mysterious “perfect” weight loss system that I thought would be the answer to all my problems.

I thought once I found it And then, the weight would come off. I’d be free of my food struggles. I’d feel comfortable in my body. And I would finally love myself and enjoy my life.

That’s a lot of conditions to put on self-love, isn’t it?

Ironically, the harder I tried to force myself to change so that I could “love myself and live my life”, the more I rejected who I was. I believed that I had to change on the outside before self-love and confidence was even possible.

I thought that the answer was rejecting who I was until I became who I thought I had to be.

So I lived by extreme diet rules, which created insane emotional states. I constantly shamed myself for not being “there” yet. I lived in perpetual anxiety over every bite of food and every showdown with the bathroom scale.

(And of course, all along I disguised my shame-based methods as “healthy living.”)

Worst of all, I was trapped by debilitating fear.

Fear that I couldn’t lose weight. Fear that I’d gain it back even if I did lose it. Fear of what people would think of me, one way or the other.

Flash forward several years to the present day.

Now, I’m free of food-focused thoughts. Food fuels my life but it doesn’t rule my life. I honor my body, and I give her what she needs. And without a single fear-based thought! I don’t even weigh myself anymore, because I just don’t feel the need.

Best of all, I’ve kept the weight off for over five years!

So what brought on this surge of empowerment, and how have I kept it going for so long?

Turns out that the harder I tried to stick to anybody’s diet, the more I pushed away success. In fact, I repeatedly lost and gained the same 40 pounds. For nearly 15 years.

Then I discovered the self-sabotaging behaviors that kept me stuck on the diet roller coaster. And from there, I learned the real trick to lasting weight loss success.

Turns out that true change comes from within–including changes with your body!

Watch the video below and find out how I caught myself in the act of self-sabotage, and how I got out of my own way, and how I found what we now call Food Freedom Forever.

When change is the goal, self-awareness is key. And in my quest for truth, I realized that two self-sabotaging behaviors were keeping me stuck.

One was a belief. The other was an action.

For years I believed that I had to listen to that drill sergeant in my head. The inner critic that criticized, forced and blamed me into changing. I thought that if I wasn’t mercilessly pushing myself 24/7 to get results, I’d never get them.

My self-sabotaging action, then, was trying every restrictive diet plan that came down the pike. The belief was that I needed those diets to succeed. And without them, I would stay stuck forever.

When I put this together, I worked on two things: dropping the diet, and dropping the belief that I needed the diet in the first place.

Now, before you freak out about letting go of diet plans, let me tell you that I know exactly how you feel!

After all, if you don’t diet, seriously, how are you going to drop any weight? Doesn’t letting go of control with food equal losing control with food?

And what about those “healthy” diets that really have worked in the past? What about those diets that did help you drop 20 pounds by cutting this food or that food?

Here’s what I have to say about that…

If you lost weight on a diet, but at some point, you gained it back, that diet didn’t work.

If you went off that diet and then lost all control with food, that diet failed. Simple as that.

Maybe an eating plan worked for a few months. Or even a year. But just because it helped you shed a few pounds for a while doesn’t mean that it caused any fundamental change where it really matters–on the inside.

In fact, if going off the diet made you rebound by losing all control with food, it ultimately did more harm than good.  

Trust me when I say that I’m not trying to rain on your parade. But I know this result all too well, both personally and professionally.

I tried every single fad diet there was during my fitness competition days. And they all ended the same way.

Sure, the trendy diet of the moment might’ve gotten me ready to strut on the fitness stage. But the minute I stopped following the strict rules of that diet to the letter, all hell broke loose.

I fell to debilitating binge eating every time. And I ended up feeling (and looking) worse than I did when I started.

Did that diet “work?” Sure, for a while. But it turned out to be a band-aid for a bullet wound.

Turns out that for lasting change on the outside, you have to start on the inside first. And for me, that meant learning to honor my body.

Now, you might be thinking that “honoring my body,” means intuitive eating. But that’s not quite what I’m saying here. While intuitive eating can be a useful tool, if you’re not careful, it can turn into just another diet.

What I mean is letting go of ALL the cookie cutter methods. And fundamentally shifting the way you relate to your food, your body, and yourself.

So put down the diet book, stop following that Instagram model who’s selling that $72 meal plan (that she probably doesn’t even follow), and get back in touch with YOU.

That starts by learning how to work with your body instead of fighting against it.

Here’s what I mean by that…

All the self-rejection I was putting myself through kept me disconnected from my inner voice. And it built a wall between me and the version of myself. The one who knew just what to do to help me achieve anything I wanted.

We’re talking about an invisible wall, the bricks of which are fears, restrictions, and old thoughts and beliefs.

Things like the need for strict diets. Ideas about self-image from your parents, friends, or the media. Self-criticism and shaming. Each of which represents a brick that builds the wall that stands between you and your power.  

So what happens when you add more rules, restrictions, and self-rejection in the form of crazy diets? The wall grows bigger and stronger. And over time, it gets a lot more challenging to knock down.

But there is good news!

No matter how long you’ve been building this barrier between yourself and your power, it’s never too late to tear that wall down.

The answer is knocking the bricks down, one at a time. And you do that with self-love.

It’s relating to yourself in a way that is joyful and loving way rather than critical and forceful.  

It’s changing the way you relate to your body and your food. And allowing yourself to letting go of what doesn’t serve you. Including extra weight.

In your natural state, your body doesn’t hold onto what isn’t meant to stay. And if extra weight has accumulated on your body because of misaligned actions like binge or emotional eating, your body will want to let it go.

When you realign with your true self, your body will release that weight naturally. Without forcing, shaming, or dieting madness.

Of course, I know that this might sound like a daunting task. Maybe even impossible, especially if your body and food struggle has felt real for a long time.

Trust me, I tried it all. Diets. Hypnosis. Overeaters Anonymous. Doctors and therapists.

I even had a therapist tell me once that I was addicted to food, and that I was broken beyond repair. (You can imagine how much that helped me!)

But there was something that did work.

I traded self-loathing for self-love. I made a lasting shift at my core, and I got to the other side of all the madness.

That’s where I discovered Food Freedom Forever.

Food Freedom Forever means living your life and focusing on what matters to you. It means being present in your life without worrying about losing control at your next meal. I’m talking about freeing yourself from food-based fear, once and for all.

And trust me–you CAN do it!

To help you get started, I have both a special gift and AND a big announcement for you!

At the link below, you’ll find access to a free training to help you get your journey started–AND an opportunity to take that journey to the next level!

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After years of helping women stop the battle with food–and overcoming the struggle myself–I’ve seen about every roadblock possible.

My team and I have combined our years of experience and track record of success to create the ultimate flagship program. It will free women just like you from body and food struggles once and for all.

It’s my life’s work, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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In the meantime, I want to hear from you! Can you relate to the self-sabotaging stories I shared? Let me know if you relate, and please share any insights or a-has you might have discovered!

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