Dreading The Post-Holiday Weight Loss Battle? How To Lose The Weight (Without The Fight)


The holidays are drawing to a close. And just like going home from a vacation, a party, or any celebration, there’s always a transition.

It’s time to get back to reality. And of course, most people feel it’s time to pay for the “fun” of the last couple of months.

That means resorting to drastic measures like crash diets. Compensation workouts. Getting “serious” about getting back in shape. Setting the resolutions. Starting the plan.

The post-holiday weight loss battle commences. And sometimes, that battle gets downright ugly.

Most think weight loss is hard. That it takes willpower. It takes motivation. And that you’ve got to bring it or you’ll never be the size you want to be.

And this oftentimes turns into a year-long war against your body and food. No fun.

Today it’s time to get real.

2019 is here and you have a choice on how you’re going to do things this time around!

Let’s look at the evidence…

When was the last time that diets, workouts, or resolutions delivered on their promises (in a way that lasts that doesn’t involve “starting over”)?

For me, I made the same resolutions every year for years on end. And I ended up in an unending battle with my body and my food.

But there was a moment when life threw something in my path. And it translated into an unexpected wake-up call that totally changed the way I related to my body, food, and weight.

It shocked me into realizing that my body and food obsession had gone too far. And that I’d better do something about it before it took over my life for good.

What unexpected setback turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and how did it change the way I felt about my body and my food?

Watch the video below for a personal story of redemption at rock bottom. And how to release weight from what a freak accident taught me!

When I was in my early 20s, my life revolved around food. But not for the sheer enjoyment of it. It couldn’t stop thinking about food, it was my biggest enemy alongside my body.

All I thought about was controlling every bite I ate and getting the weight off my body. I had a one-track mind with room for little else.

Eventually, food always won the battle of wills. I would try to stick to a diet. Then give up and binge. Then I’d punish myself for falling off the wagon and starve myself again.

Pretty soon, this overeat-restrict-repeat cycle became a way of life.

Sure, there was a time when I contained overeating to the weekends. But then the weekend eating sessions turned into week-long affairs. Eventually, overeating became a daily habit.

And let me tell you, my day-to-day reality wasn’t pretty…

Most days I would wake up in a post-binge fog. I felt bloated, exhausted, and most of all, ashamed.  So I responded the only way I knew how.

I hit the gym. I starved myself to make up for the night before. I’d go for the fat-burning supplements, the juice cleanses, the 24-hour diets. Whatever magic bullet I thought would work.

But by the end of the day, once again I’d find myself raiding the refrigerator and scouring the cabinets. And eating vast amounts of God knows what.

Then every morning I’d hit the “reset” button and do it all again.

And here’s the kicker–every time I gave in to overeating, I’d up the ante in making up for it.

I’d fight harder. I’d restrict my food even further and double my gym time.

Only I didn’t seem to notice that the harder I fought, the harder I fell.

One weekend, I was in Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding. And I was spending the downtime indulging in a passion of mine, four-wheeling (riding ATVs).

I didn’t know the area and as usual, I was driving super fast (hello adrenaline) and as I rounding a curve I realized I was headed straight for a cliff.

I had two choices. It was either run the four-wheeler off the cliff or veer the ATV away from the road. And flip it in the process.

I chose to flip. And the ATV flipped over right on top of me. Handlebars right into my side. Ouch.

Now, just after it happened, I thought that I’d gotten away with a miracle. After all, I was still alive. And I wasn’t in that much pain. Yet.

But when I woke up the next morning, I could barely breathe. My body was in searing pain. I was for all intents and purposes immobile.

And yet, my most consuming thought was not about getting enough oxygen to go on living. I didn’t care about excruciating agony. And I wasn’t concerned about when I’d walk again.

My only thought was that I couldn’t work out. That I’d eat too much during my recovery. That I was going to get fat. And look terrible.

Never mind that I walked away from a potentially fatal accident. Forget that I could barely walk. Or breathe.

I didn’t think about enjoying my cousins wedding. All I cared about was that I’d pack on the pounds.

Embarrassing to say the least – but this was my reality at the time.

Now, before this wreck, I was doing high-intensity interval training nearly every day. Add to that boxing, weightlifting, and plyometrics. 2+ hours at the gym 6-7 days a week.

Then just like that, life tossed me an unexpected curveball.

It was painful to sneeze or laugh. I could barely walk. Working out was definitely not an option.

All I could do was get real about what happened. And to accept that I’d be in recovery for quite awhile.

I realized that there was nothing left to do but take care of myself. And heal.

Turns out that “healing” meant more than repairing my broken ribs.

During the next several weeks, I slowed down. I rested. I listened to my body, and I honored it’s wishes.

Even more remarkable, for the first time in years, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. And without fear of overeating.

Slowly but surely, I started feeling more mobile again. So I started going outside, taking walks, and connecting with nature.

It was nowhere near the arduous physical activity I was used to. But was what my body called me to do. So I followed it without question.

What happened after a few weeks of this new normal?

My cravings disappeared. The inflammation in my body melted away. I started shedding water weight and bloatedness went down. My face looked thinner. My muscles were more defined.

Even more exciting, I felt energized. My mental clarity returned. And my confidence in myself began to soar.

Without strict diets and torturous workouts, my body started to recalibrate. I felt aligned. And I realized something that I never had before.

The battle to keep myself fit was doing more harm than good.

I thought that it would help me lose weight, look amazing, and feel empowered. Turns out that it did exactly the opposite.

This led me to a profound discovery.

I realized that the harder I pushed my body to lose weight, the more my body held onto that weight.

In short, everything I was doing to end my body-food struggle was making the struggle real because of the stress and survival response it was illiciting.

The take-home message?

You don’t have to control every bite. You don’t have to beat yourself up at the gym. In fact, these strategies will turn the body battle into a full-scale war.

The key is to stop, take an honest look at what you’re doing, and ask yourself if it’s creating the results you genuinely want.

Because let’s be real–if it is making you miserable and it’s not working anyway, it’s time for a new game plan!

Now, I’m not saying to quit the gym. I’m not telling you not to challenge yourself. And I’m not saying to rebel from diet rules with a food free-for-all.

But do check in with yourself. Connect with your body. And get real about what is and is not making you happy. And then, adjust accordingly.

This year might be your year do to something different!

What would I suggest?

Move, exercise, take care of yourself. Push yourself if that feels aligned with your goals. But don’t punish yourself.

And definitely stop doing the things that aren’t working!

After all, if you’ve been doing the same thing year after year with no results, a change is in order.

For me, it was learning how to let go of the fight. My life changed forever, and I never looked back.

So if you want more than to “resolve” to drop weight at any cost, you’re in the right place!

With our work here, we’ve helped thousands of women break free from their struggles with food. We’ve helped them heal their relationship with food and feel free in their bodies.

And the best part–there’s no dieting, restrictions, or insane workouts. We stick to one main guideline–that the key to winning is dropping the fight.

Doesn’t that sound better than the usual punishing New Year’s Resolution?

If you want to start 2019 with freedom, ease, and peace with your body and your food, my free training is for you!

Click the link below and learn how to finally love your body, love your food, and love your life–no struggle required!

How does this sit with you? Have you ever been let down by your New Year’s weight loss resolutions,  and are you ready for something NEW?

Let’s start 2019 with peace, ease, and success! Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re ready to stop the body war and claim Food Freedom Forever!

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