Eating At Parties and Restaurants Made Easy: 5 Ways To Eat Guilt Free AND Not Lose Control on Food


Most of us live for the end of the workday on a Friday night. But I remember a time when nothing freaked me out quite like my weekend plans.

Especially if those plans included social gatherings at which there’d be food. Food that would either ruin a “good” diet week or turn a “bad” diet week into an overeating train wreck.

Either way, my pre-party anxiety used to make get-togethers more stressful than fun.

I would check the menu at the restaurants we’d be going to to make sure it was “clean.” I would barely eat before a party to “save calories” in case I ended up raiding the appetizer tray.

All that anxiety turned something that was supposed to be fun into something I dreaded. And it was all because of one thing–the food.

Sound familiar? Read on!

No more missing out on restaurants, barbecues, and special events because you’re afraid you’ll lose control in the buffet line.

It’s time to stop the fear that the appetizer tray is staring at you, begging you to eat it all.

I’ll help you move through all of these situations with ease, and make food fear a non-event at your next event.

Watch the video below and learn how to have fun instead of drown in fear at parties, restaurants, and special events!

Step #1: Don’t Go In With A Negative Balance. What’s the best way to preempt overeating? Take care of yourself first. Be proactive now so that you aren’t triggered into a reaction later.

Here’s a quick analogy…

If your bank account was at zero, would you continue trying to take out money? Not likely. You’d have a negative bank balance before long (and the bank eventually tell you NO…)

So what happens when you go to a party with an empty stomach?

You’re ravenous, and you try to fill the void as fast as possible. Unfortunately, at this point, catching up on calories usually turns into eating overdrive.

Even more unfortunate, consuming large quantities of rebound food doesn’t really fill you up. It may feel like it’s a physical deposit, but it’s also a withdrawal.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Spending every moment at the party filling up on food withdraws the energy and the fun from the event.

It takes you out of the moment and gets you up in your head. It leaves you fixating on food instead of connecting with others, being in the moment, and enjoying the experience.

Don’t save calories all day and hit a party with an empty stomach. Make sure you’re adequately fueled before you go.

I’m not saying to induce a pre-party food coma to avoid raiding the appetizer tray. I mean caring for your needs in every moment, party day or not.

If you’re hungry, eat. Take care of your needs all day so that you walk into a party feeling satisfied. That way you can enjoy the party, not worry about losing control, and (believe it or not) partake of the treats with confidence!

Step #2: Take Care of Yourself (not only with food)! A lot of us feel stressed in social situations. Social anxiety is a thing that many of us experience, myself included.

But sometimes social anxiety does more than make you nervous at parties. It can lead to eating more than you bargained for at that party, too.

You show up at a party feeling frazzled because you aren’t quite sure how to start mingling. What’s the quickest strategy to dodge awkward encounters?

By making a beeline for the food table, and starting to nibble away at everything on the appetizer tray. Before you know it, nibbles turn into platefuls.

How would it be if you could side-step that anxiety and show up at the party with confidence?

Give this a try before your next social shindig…

Do something to ground your spirit and nourish your soul before you go. Choose something that makes you feel confident and empowered, so that you don’t have to hide at the food table to avoid that awkward feeling.

What makes you feel centered, grounded, and empowered?

Maybe it’s a moment of quiet meditation. It could be listening to your power song to rev up your mojo. It might be choosing an party outfit that brings out your inner awesomeness, too.

Do what makes you feel the most like you. Let go of that anxious, frazzled, ravenous person and let the real you shine through.

You’ll be less likely to use food to squelch the awkwardness (and you’ll have a lot more fun, too)!

Step #3: When you get to the party, BE at the party. Being present in your body is key in every moment, and parties are no exception. So make presence a priority at your event.

Then from that place of presence, choose the experience that you want to have rather than letting food fear choose it for you.

The experience you want might vary from event to event, too! Here’s what I mean by that…

When I arrive at a party or a dinner, first I get into the present moment, then look at the big picture.

Sometimes, I might have a big project, meeting, or video shoot the day after a party. Feeling my best the next morning is my priority, so I focus on foods that I know will energize me.

Other times, I’d rather enjoy party food and connect with friends. That means allowing a few special treats instead of straight-up seeking out the carrots and celery.

In either case, I decide how I want to feel. I choose the experience based on my priorities, and I take action to create it.

But it all starts with being present and connected, and knowing what you want out of the experience. Go into it knowing this, and you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

Step #4: Make practical present moment choices. How do you make these “present moment choices” I talk about so much? If you’re wondering what they look like in the real world, here’s a practical example.

Maybe you want to sample a few tasty treats, but you don’t want to feel focused and energized.

Do you just go for a salad and deny yourself the foods you love, or do you go all-out with appetizers just because they’re there?

Why not combine a few fun foods that give you the party experience, then add in a side of greens or veggies?

You end up enjoying yourself and keeping your body in balance at the same time.

Remember–parties, restaurant outings, and special occasions aren’t a one-shot deal. There will be many opportunities to enjoy special foods, so don’t feel obligated to indulge just because something is there!

The key is to slow down. Be present. Don’t rush through the party experience, and don’t judge yourself for what you truly want.

Step #5: Connect with others and have fun! The first priority is slowing down and enjoying the experience. The next step is remembering to connect with others.

After all, it’s a party, right?

Once you’re feeling grounded and present, engage with others. Talk to people, make connections, and share the love. Play, sing, dance, and connect–whatever feels right!

Focus less on yourself and less on food, and more on friends, family, and fun.

Life is short. You deserve to live your life and without food-focused thoughts stealing your joy. Don’t let food struggles and body battles keep you from good times.

Does this sound easy, or is the food fear keeping you at home on a Saturday night? Believe me, I get it. That’s why I made this free training for you!

Click below and get instant access to my free masterclass! It’ll show you a step-by-step method to drop food struggles, end cravings, and feel empowered with food in ANY situation.

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Once you’ve gotten your free training, share this post with someone who you know would love it! And Leave me a comment below letting me know what step above you’ll be implementing next time you go out!

Empower yourself to love your body, honor your food, and live your best life in every moment.

Start doing that TODAY!

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