Masculine Vs. Feminine Weight Loss: Balancing Both So You Can Radically Shift Your Body


Think about the last diet plan that you tried. I bet it was a clear, structured, step-by-step regimen that promised miraculous results–IF you followed the directions to the letter.

I’m guessing it told you to eat this food and not that one. Follow this exercise plan and don’t miss a day. Track every bite, calorie, and macronutrient, and stay vigilant.

It probably didn’t say much about connecting with your body, getting out of your head, or eating with your intuition.

So what is the most noteworthy difference between those hardcore, controlling, structured plans and what we teach here at Beating Binge Eating?

We make a distinction that most weight loss plans don’t–the difference between masculine and feminine weight loss strategies.

What does THAT mean? Does it mean that “masculine” plans are only for men, and women need to stick to the “feminine” strategies if they want big-time results?

Not at all. It’s not a gender difference I’m talking about here. It’s a question of energy.

From it’s very beginnings, the diet and fitness industry has only legitimized the masculine side of weight loss. And there has been little or no talk about feminine energetic power.

Why does this matter?

Because feminine energy might actually be the missing piece to the weight loss struggle that has been plaguing you. And this might be the first that you’ve heard of it, too.

So if this concept is new to you, you’re in for a game-changing treat!

It’s actually an super-simple principle. And it starts with understanding the yin and yang of weight loss…

Watch the video below where I share how to balance masculine and feminine weight-loss ideas–and how the two working together can shift your weight-loss efforts to your favor!

I’ll share how the diet and fitness world tends to overlook femininity while overselling masculinity. And I’ll show you how to tap into your feminine power to supercharge your weight loss results–and with surprisingly little effort!

Ready to rethink everything you know about weight loss, diet, and exercise?

Let’s get to it!

Now, to begin, let’s define some terms and set the record straight. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy, no matter how they identify themselves. We’re talking about an energetic rather than a sex-based designation.

And energetically speaking, masculinity and femininity operate in decisively different ways.

Masculine energy is linear, focused, and goal-oriented. It’s the strategic, logic-based power that helps you solve puzzles or manipulate your environment. And it’s certainly handy when you’re tackling a well-defined task with an “alpha to omega” plan.

Then there’s the feminine side. Feminine energy is nurturing, mothering, and receptive. It’s about surrender rather than forcing. It’s about going with the flow rather than sticking to a rigid plan.

Feminine strength is intuition-rich. Have you ever had a “gut feeling” or a moment when you “just knew” something? It’s that sixth sense that people often call “woman’s intuition.” That is feminine energy at its finest.

If you look around, you’ll see that society runs on the masculine side. Our corporate structures, leadership roles, business, and industry–all of them thrive on structure, order, and logic.

But that doesn’t mean that masculine drive is more powerful or productive than the feminine vibe. There’s a long-standing misconception that feminine energy is passive and directionless.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, the principles of feminine energy–letting go, surrendering, nourishment, and care –are the key to freedom with your body and your food.

Think of how most diets work. You follow a strict plan, you accomplish a goal. You stick to a logical step-by-step regimen, and maybe, just maybe your body releases weight…

And granted, there’s a lot of evidence to support the cause-and-effect, masculine path to weight loss success.

Then again, there’s the pesky fact that up to 95% of traditional diets fail. And most people wind up gaining back more weight than they initially lost…especially women.

Why do the rigid, controlling, logic-based plans have such disappointing track records? Chalk it up to the unintended consequences of a controlling, mind-based drive.

Rigid regimens trigger food-fixation. They encourage the kind of restrictive eating that nobody can indefinitely keep up. And when you finally give up on an unsustainable plan, you rebound with excessive overeating.

That leaves you right back where you started. (Or even worse off!)  

Now, if you’ve been part of my world for a while, you know that I’m all about freedom. The mantra is peace and contentment with your body and your food.

And if freedom is what you want, it’s going to take a little less force and a lot more ease. It means working with your body instead of engaging in constant warfare.

Sounds like a job for your feminine side, doesn’t it?

Masculine-based weight loss is about pushing and forcing. Feminine-based weight loss thrives on flow. Control and restriction is a page from the masculine energy playbook. But connecting with your body and honoring its cues is quintessentially feminine.

Tapping into feminine power is overlooked in the health and fitness industry, which is unfortunate. But if you balance both energy types, the results are magical.

I’m talking about fewer food-focused thoughts. More peace and ease in your body. All it takes is just a little bit of letting go.

When you forgo control, you let go of the stress. And from there, you release excess weight.

Pretty powerful stuff, this feminine energy, right?  

So how does the power of the feminine make such a difference? By connecting with your mothering, nurturing energy.

We’re talking about the kind of power that loves and supports a child. It’s that mothering nature that ensures a child is loved, nourished, and supported.

And you can use your feminine vibe to give yourself that same kind of love, support, and connection!

Think of it–if you could care for yourself as you do for your loved ones, imagine how you would thrive in ALL areas of your life!

All these ideas are pretty much unheard of in the weight-loss world. We usually opt for the traditional route–restrict your food, force yourself to work out, and eek out results.

But the end of the day, those ideas are rooted in fear–the fear that if you don’t keep absolute control, you’re going to fail. (And if you fail, THEN what?)

However, if you can let go of fear, get out of your head, and choose to trust, it’ll change your life. And in every way imaginable!

Your stress response decreases. Your hormones balance out. Cravings disappear. Restorative sleep happens naturally.

And you release extra weight and realign with your body with ease.

So before you commit to another diet or fitness regimen, consider both sides of the energetic coin before you make a choice.

Connect with your body. Focus on how you want to feel. What kind of food would nourish and support you? What type of movement would light you up and get your energy flowing?

Activate the feminine energy principles of support, connection, and intuition.  And let them work for you!

Of course, you can still honor your masculine-driven, “get-it-done” side. Nothing wrong with a bit of fiery motivation to keep the ball rolling.

Just remember that when you focus solely on control, you miss out on the connection to your body. The connection between your mind, body, and spirit that gives you freedom with your body and your food!

Ready to put these radical ideas into practice, but have no idea where to start? I’ve got you covered!

I’ve got a free training right here that will help you drop the struggle, let go of control, and access your feminine strength. It’ll help you shift from perpetual stress to lasting peace. And while you’re at it, meet your weight-loss ideals with ease!

It’s the missing link to weight loss success that you won’t hear about anywhere else! Grab this free training and start revolutionizing your diet and fitness life–and without a whole lot of stress or effort! You’ll also have a chance to book a call with a Certified Eating Psychology Coach on our team to get your own personalized path to Food Freedom Forever!

So what do you think? Does this make sense, or does it seem a little too out there for you? And have you ever found letting go to be as effective as forging ahead, in weight loss or in life?

Let me know any insights or a-has you’ve had in this area!

And P.S.– I’d love to know how I can support you in moving from stress and chaos to ease and flow with food! Leave me a comment and let me know how I can help you!

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