Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Be a Losing Battle – It Can Be a Byproduct of This…


Let me ask you a question. If you’re looking to lose weight, what’s your motivation?

Is it because you love your body and you want the best for it, or because you look in the mirror and you hate the reflection?

Believe me, if you’re more driven by a desire to look different than a wish for better health, I get it. No judgment whatsoever.

Because let’s be real–it’s easy to look at your body, decide what you DON’T like about it, and let that be the reason to get fired up for change. And change at ALL costs.

And before you know it, that motivation for change turns into an all-out war on yourself.

You feel like you can’t relax until you’re the right size. You fight your body until the scale tells you that you’re “OK.”  You keep pushing and forcing until the mirror gives you the reflection you think you should have.

But I’m curious–how is that strategy working out for you so far?

If you’re anything like I was, the struggle to lose weight is more than real. It can take over your entire life.

For almost 12 years, I was in a hellish cycle with my body and my food. I’m talking about binging nearly every day. Gaining and losing the same 40 pounds repeatedly.

But at the time, I was determined to change. And if I didn’t set the bar high and beat myself up to be better, how could I ever expect results?

That strategy sounded reasonable enough. But the results turned out to be anything but pretty.

Even though I was doing all the things to lose weight, I still woke up every day hating what I saw in the mirror. (And believe it or not, I felt that way no matter what size I was at the time!)

What was I doing wrong, and why did the yo-yo dieting cycle rage on, both physically and emotionally?

I’m grateful to say my life doesn’t look like that anymore. I’m no longer locked in a struggle against myself. I can confidently say that I will never binge again. Freedom with my body and my food has never been easier.

But I didn’t get here because I learned to control my cravings. I didn’t find lasting change via the ideal diet or workout plan.

I got there because I learned to love and appreciate myself, and work WITH my body.

I hated my body from my teens through my late 20s. Now I see and treat myself with respect and care.

But it wasn’t because I forced myself to repeat body love affirmations that I didn’t believe yet. It was because I discovered a radical truth that led me to genuine self-appreciation.

And from there, I found my way to food freedom forever!

Let me show you why fighting to change your body keeps you stuck with what you don’t want. And how a simple perspective shift will change not only how you feel about your body, but also deliver that “side effect” of lasting weight loss!

Watch the Video Below to End Your Battle With Weight Loss and Declare Peace and Success for Yourself Once and For All

It might sound crazy ironic or counterintuitive. But the truth is that pushing your body to change will only keep it the same.

So what’s the deal, and why is this happening?

When I was beginning my journey, I was in a 24/7 panic state. I believed that I had to lose weight, or else.

Then I finally decided to answer the question, “Or else what?”

As it happens, I realized that my obsessive lead to be thin was actually game of self-rejection. I believed that somehow, I wouldn’t be good enough to receive love, attention, and connection unless I was the right size.

And I believed that if I just lost weight and, everything would be OK.

What happened next? I fought hard to change my body. My need for validation was driving me more than the weight loss itself. And I took extreme measures to get what I thought I needed to be a legit human being.

I obsessed over how far I had to go to meet my goals. I focused my energy on all of my “faults.” I let my lack of success drive me into action.

Long story short, I was motivated by lack instead of love. And it was a costly pathway.

When you’re stuck in scarcity mode, no matter what you think you’re missing, it steals your joy. It takes your power. You lose sight of what lights you up.

And all you do is feel frustrated by what you don’t have yet.

Energetically speaking, you’re operating from fear, abuse, and self-rejection. Not the best foundation for sustainable change, is it?

If you’ve studied physics at all, this is quite logical. Because it’s all about energy. And where your energy goes, you go.

Or as they say with the Law Of Attraction, “What you focus on expands.”

Whether you come from the scientific or the “woo-woo” side, the results are the same. The more you fight your current reality, the more you perpetuate it.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Fighting, forcing, and shaming can’t help but kick out massive amounts of stress. And stress is like poison to weight loss.

If your body is stressed, fat burning stops. Muscle mass starts breaking down. Digestion and metabolism both hit a wall.

And your body clings to all that extra weight, just hoping to survive.

Now, here’s another truth about your body. In proper conditions, it functions beautifully. It thrives effortlessly.

All you need is to align with it instead of fight against it.

How do you make that happen? You drop the struggle. You focus on what you want rather than obsessing over what you don’t have. You see yourself through loving rather than critical eyes.

Now, I’m not saying you have to suddenly shout, “I love my cellulite thighs!” It’s not about forcing yourself to say things you’re not ready to believe yet. (Because let’s be real–that’s just more forcing, right?)

If you’re not ready to jump on the body-love train right now, don’t worry. You don’t have to change your attitude in one day to see any benefits.

Instead of going crazy with body love affirmations, show your body a little love by taking loving action first.

What is loving action, exactly? It’s caring for your body. It’s things like getting enough rest, water, and nourishing food. It means showing up for yourself, taking simple actions to show your body that you’re there for her.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s intensely powerful. Because the more you show up for yourself, the stronger your partnership with your body becomes. And sooner or later, that elusive “body love” state of mind becomes second nature.

Best of all, you’re acting from a place of love instead of force. And that is what ultimately leads you to the weight loss results that you desire!

Does this still sound like a lot to ask of yourself, and will something that simple change your weight loss life?

Try thinking about it this way.

When the special people in your life disappoint you, do you stop caring for them? Do you stop showing up for them? Of course not.

You love your friends, family, children, and even pets unconditionally. You help them live their best lives, no matter what.

If you can show up for others with unconditional love, why not extend that same courtesy to yourself?

The pathway to true body love is starting begins with loving action. And you don’t have to fall in love with how you look to take a loving action step right now.

Loving action is a cumulative thing. The more that you treat yourself well, the more you settle into who you are. You become more centered and peaceful.

And then, your stress response goes down. Your body relaxes. And eventually, you start releasing weight with ease.

Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight!

Learning to treat myself with loving action was a tall order for me. I understand the struggle of letting go of the struggle quite well!

But once I mastered the art of self-care, I discovered lasting peace, freedom, and ease with my body. Oh, and that bonus of sustainable weight loss, too!

If you’d like a little help putting these ideas into action, I’ve got a gift for you!

I’ve created a training that will set you up for less struggle and more freedom with food. You’ll learn ways to take loving action to support your body rather than putting rigid demands on it to change.

Want to stop the losing weight loss battle for good, and take loving action for big-time results? Grab that training right here!

Now, I want to hear from you! Have you hit a wall with weight loss, and wondering if the struggle is indeed the cause? Let me know in the comments below how I can support you in putting these game-changing ideas into action!

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