Weight Loss At A Standstill? How About Having A Little More FUN? (How Feeling Good Sparks Weight Release)


Sometimes weight loss feels like one big battle against your body, your food, and yourself. That’s the way the diet and fitness world wants you to see it, anyway.

People say things like “no pain, no gain,” or “sweat is your fat cells crying.”

The take-home message? If you’re not pushing yourself 24/7, you’ll never win the weight loss war.

In fact, there’s an entire industry built on making weight loss a battle. It’s all about force, restriction, and control, both with diet and exercise.

Makes losing weight feel like punishment instead of self-improvement, doesn’t it?

The crazy part is that weight loss isn’t even about pushing or fighting. Weight loss is actually a release…It’s about letting go.

It’s about laying down the sword and working WITH your body instead of against it.

(Not the message that you get from Instagram influencers or fitness gurus, right?)

But if weight loss is letting go, how do you set yourself up for weight loss success? How do let go instead of clinging to self-defeating strategies that every “expert” sells you?

Here’s a radical idea….

What if you allowed yourself to have more FUN in your life?

Now, you might wonder how having more fun has anything to do with weight loss. Shouldn’t you be pushing harder and getting more serious about change?

Believe it or not, the answer is NO. You’d be amazed by what happens with your mind, spirit, AND body when you trade stress for play!

Sure, that’s the opposite of what the diet world says. But I’m all about keeping it real. And the real path to weight release is simply feeling good.

But seriously, how can having more fun help you lose weight?

Watch the video below and learn how a little more pleasure can lead to a lot more weight release!

Now first, let’s be clear about what “pleasure” means.

I don’t mean the pleasure of eating a whole pizza in one sitting. That’s not the kind of pleasure that lasts, and it’s not the kind of joy I’m talking about.

I mean knowing how you want to feel, and taking action to feel that way. It’s about doing things that bring you joy, freedom, and excitement at a deeper level.

Why is this such a big deal, especially in our 21st-century world?

Most of us are on nonstop overdrive. We’re in go-go-go mode 24/7. Eventually, your default mode becomes stress instead of peace.

I bet you know what happens next.

Stress triggers emotion-based cravings. It also decreases your digestive efficiency, and you don’t get the nutrients you need from your food. That leads to fatigue, which leads to even more cravings.

All of this creates a nasty emotional cycle that eventually becomes your default mode.

The mundane, day-to-day hustle becomes your routine. It leaves you in a constant ball of nerves, and desperate for fun, joy, and pleasure.

Before you know it, food becomes your quick-fix escape.

Trust me, I get it. For years, food was my go-to when the going got tough.

But what if you could bring back fun without relying exclusively on “comfort food?”

The good news is that there are ways to have genuine fun without going overboard with food.

The even cooler part is that joyful experiences don’t have to be big, expensive, or time-consuming to work!

Simple experiences that spark joy will work wonders to combat stress.

You could step away from the screens and take a walk. Call a friend. Have a quiet meditation moment. Listen to a favorite song or have a dance break.

Make little pleasures an everyday thing, and you’ll eventually stop turning to food to fill the void!

Now, how does this ultimately help you release weight?

Sure, there’s the curbing cravings and eating less food part. But there’s even more added benefits that aren’t quite so obvious…

If you feel alive, centered, and joyful, you’ll want to stay that way. So you’ll start making more choices to support those feelings. That includes choices that align with healthy weight loss, whether you mean them to or not!

Bottom line, more stress means more chaos. But more fun creates more happiness. Happiness creates supportive choices, more internal peace, more letting go…and more weight release!

That’s how having a little bit of fun can get you to the body and life that you’ve always wanted.

Now, here’s my question for you…

What is one thing you can do this week to make your life more FUN?

It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Just make it something that you genuinely love!

Maybe it’s a yoga class. A nature walk. A few minutes every day for an all-out dance break, or a playlist of crazy cat videos on YouTube. Whatever lights you up is what you need to do!

So enjoy yourself this week! Choose at least one simple thing that brings you joy, treat yourself to that experience, and watch what happens.

More fun just might translate into more weight release!

What is your fun activity for this week? Leave me a comment and share what you’re going to do to make your day fun again!

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