Bring Back The Carbs! Why You Don’t Have To Eliminate Carbs To Lose Weight


In case you didn’t know, carbohydrates are an explosive topic in the world of diet and exercise.

In weight loss world, carbs have become public enemy number one. If you don’t think so, tell someone that you “struggle with your weight.”

I bet that no matter who you ask, from the million-dollar guru to Susie and Sara at the gym, the answer will be “cut your carbs.”

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb and say something here. And Keto nation is NOT going to like it. But here goes…

Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Yes, you read that correctly. “Evil carbohydrates” aren’t the reason that you lose control with food.

I’ve helped thousands of women break free from binge and emotional eating, and I’ve also healed my own struggle. Through it all I’ve discovered that that no single macronutrient is responsible for weight loss failure (or success).

Not even the much-feared carbohydrates!

The truth is that you need a balance of all macronutrients to thrive, including carbs.

I eat carbs at every meal without fear. I give my body the nourishment, support, and love that it needs every day – carbs included.

My weight has been stabilized for years.

I don’t have intense cravings. I feel satiated. Food is easy.

And you know what’s crazy, all those years of fighting carbs thinking they were the enemy – adding them in brought more balance.

Watch the video below to get the real scoop on carbs and learn how they work with your weight loss…

If you’re here right now, you’ve probably tried all the things to lose weight. And if you’re anything like I was back in the day, that includes just about every diet known to mankind.  

But that inconvenient truth of weight loss always showed up at the end of the day…

Diets don’t work. And counting on an eating plan alone to get results will leave you doubly disappointed.

Focusing only on what you eat and hoping to get to your ideal weight doesn’t address the heart of the problem. In fact, it adds fuel to the fire.  

Diets of all kinds tend to trigger what I call “survival mode.” And it’s the quickest way to shut down even the best efforts to release weight.

What is survival mode, exactly? It’s a by-product of the cornerstone of all diets and eating plans: restriction.

Any kind of dietary restriction, be it mental or emotional, can trigger your brain and your body into a state of deprivation. The more you restrict what you eat, the more you end up fixating on the food you’re not allowing yourself to eat. (And eventually eating said food, and often in large quantities…)

That’s what happens when you restrict a food group. ANY food group. And yet the single most common weight loss solution these days is cutting carbs.

Where did all this carbohydrate obsession come from (when just a few decades ago, fat was the ultimate weight-loss enemy)?

A lot of the anti-carb attitude comes from the Atkins diet, the hallmark high-fat, high-protein, low-carb eating plan. Then there’s the Keto diet rage of the last few years.

But let’s be real–do these diets really work long-term? Are they good for your mind, body, and spirit combined?

I’m going to bust a few dietary myths and make case for why carbs aren’t as evil as the world seems to think. I’ll also show you how to add carbs into your life without triggering weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and all the things that you don’t want!

Now, let’s talk about how the carb-cutting myth became the Holy Grail of weight loss in the first place.

First off, let’s talk about what happens in your body when you eat carbohydrates.

When your body digests carbohydrates, it requires a fair amount of water to assist in the process. That means that when you ingest high-carb foods–especially if you have been off them for awhile–your body will retain that extra water, at least for a short time.  

The number on the scale goes up. You feel bloated. And right away, you blame the change on the pasta and the potatoes.

That’s what is know as “water weight gain.”

On the flip side, if you eliminate all carbohydrates, the opposite happens: you flush out a large amount of water quickly. And you see a fast drop on the scale.

So you cut out the carbs, the scale says you’ve lost 10 pounds, and victory is yours. Low-carb diets must be magical, right?

But then, after you drop that initial five to 10 pounds of water, all it takes is a bit of salty food to bring it all right back.

Even worse, you just lost a little bit of water, not fat. So it’s not only unsustainable weight loss but also it’s not even the kind of weight that you want to lose!

The second part of the no-carb weight loss myth is all about insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. It also plays a part in energy storage. Which of course translates into fat storage. So naturally, insulin has been a player in the weight loss battle for some time.

The theory is that if you can keep your blood sugar stable, you won’t need the rush of insulin. And if your body isn’t kicking out insulin, you won’t store any fat. Easy peasy, right?

Now, I don’t claim to be a doctor. If you have a medical condition like diabetes, you know how significant insulin regulation is. And it’s important to follow the advice of your health care provider.

But if your body functions in a reasonably normal way, the goal should be a balance. That is, maintaining a healthy blood sugar and insulin levels rather than shutting them both down completely.

Now, after 48 hours on the Keto diet, you’re bound to have a burst of carbohydrate-free energy. You’ll probably feel energized, amazing, and totally sold on the low-carb life.

But honestly, I’ve never seen anyone sustain a hardcore low-carb plan long enough to call it a long-term success.

In fact, most people on the low-to-no-carb train have cheat days and off days. And with them come inevitable blood sugar and water weight hangovers.

You might feel good for a week or a month on a low-carb regimen. Maybe you’ll even get mind-boggling results for a while.

But over time, forbidding anything translates into nothing but food-based fear. And before you know it, the food crazies are back.

How great would it be to return to some common sense balance in your diet?

If you include a combination of nourishing carbs, proteins, and fats, you won’t have massive blood sugar fluctuations. Excessive insulin and fat storage won’t be a concern.

In fact, you’ll feel satiated, grounded, and empowered.

We’re talking fewer cravings and more balance. More peace and ease with your food. No more excessive restrictions all week just to turn around and gorge on the weekends.

And here’s even more science-based evidence in defense of dietary carbs…

Carb-based foods are a dietary staple in many cultures around the world. The Mediterranean diet, for example, is heavy on carbohydrates. Many people are successful with a vegan diet, another carbohydrate-rich regimen.

And the most striking example is the island of Okinawa in Japan.

The Okinawa diet consists of roughly 85 to 90% white rice and carbohydrates. And believe it or not, this area has some of the lowest obesity rates and diet-related health conditions in the world. (Not to mention one of the largest populations of centenarians–people who live to be 100+–on the planet.)

Am I saying that you need to bring back all the carbs and forget about proteins and fats? Not necessarily. What I am saying is that balance is key–and knowing yourself is the ultimate answer.

Just because a diet has been around for 40 years doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Just because your workout buddy dropped 20 pounds in two weeks on the Keto diet doesn’t mean you have to follow her lead.

And just because I’m telling you right now to eat more carbs doesn’t mean that you necessarily should, either! But if what you’ve been doing so far has ultimately triggered cravings and made you feel out of control, it’s not working for you. And you deserve better than that!

You can live your life without the food crazies. And you can choose a sensible plan based on what you need instead of following the whims of dietary fads.

It’s about connecting with your body and going your own way–even if that means welcoming carbs back to the table!

So trust me–you can incorporate everything that your body needs despite all of the diet myths out there.

I know that this might sound pretty reckless and radical, especially after years of the low-carb craze. I admit that bringing carbohydrates back into the picture was a bold and scary move for me! But when I did, it turned out to be a giant leap toward food freedom forever.

So if you’re tired of fearing potatoes, pasta, and rice and you seek an alternative to carbohydrate hysteria, I can help!

In my FREE training below, I show you how to incorporate all food groups into a balanced, supportive eating plan that is right for YOU.

Don’t worry about the diet fads–tap into what you need, and give your body what it really craves. My free training will show you how!

Where do you stand on the carb-free craze? Do you include nourishing carbs in your diet, or do you still fear that a bite of rice or bread will make you pack on the pounds?

Leave me a comment and share your low-carb experience, and let me know how I can help you make peace with this dubious food group once and for all!

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