How To Listen To Your Body’s Hunger and Fullness Cues Without Losing Control With Food


Wouldn’t it be great if your body just told you when it was hungry, when it was full, and exactly how much food it needed to be happy?

Think of it. If you could depend on your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues, there’d be no more binge eating, no more intense cravings, no more weight gain.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ve heard me bring up something called intuitive eating. It’s a simple idea in theory–listen to your body, hear the hunger and fullness cues, and give yourself what you need. Easy, right?

But sometimes the idea of intuitive eating triggers the very thing it is supposed to prevent–unintended binge-a-thons.

The big fear…

Can I trust my body to tell me when it needs to eat and stop when it’s had enough, or will relying on my intuition lead me off the cliff toward a food free-for-all?

Allow me to clear up any confusion…

Intuitive eating is an exceptionally effective tool. But it can’t free you from binge and emotional eating all on its own.

Listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues takes practice. And if you’ve been punishing your body with a traditional diet for years on end, your natural cues have probably been muted for so long that they’re virtually non-existent.

Right now, your body may literally be screaming -> EAT ALL THE CAKE!

But the good news is that those cues WILL come back, and they will eventually stop yelling at you to eat all the things you’ve labeled as “forbidden” with the right steps.

This is no matter how long you’ve been in diet survival mode. You just need to know how to wake them up again (and also how to drop the fear, trust, and honor them)

Watch the video below to learn how to listen to customized messages from your body instead of forcing yourself to follow someone else’s idea of a diet plan (and torturing your mind, body, and spirit in the process)!

Your body has a vast amount of innate wisdom, it’s true. But even the most intelligent of all machines can’t function when it’s in full-on war mode 24/7.

So the first step is to recognize where you are right NOW.

If you’ve been counting calories and obsessing over food for a while, you’re likely stuck in stressed-out survival mode. And if you’ve been in “fight or flight” for a while, your natural cues have been muted for so long that they’re not likely being heard at all.

That makes the old advice, “eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full” pretty impossible to follow.

So what DO you do to reboot your body and get the signals going again? Let’s start by debunking a few diet clichés…


Most of the pop-culture diet advice tells you to wait until you’re hungry before you eat. And usually “hungry” implies that either your stomach is in knots, or you’re so light headed that you’re about to pass out.

Not only is that painful, but it’s also counterproductive.

Think of how it feels when you’re running on empty. The harder you try to push past those pains in your stomach, the more your body starts craving everything it sees.

But there’s more going on than just the physical effects. The more you push past hunger, the more your body resents its pleas for nourishment being ignored.

Before you know it, you’ve got the one-two punch of physiological and emotional triggers. Triggers that end with raiding the refrigerator or being elbow-deep in a bag of chips.

In other words, you trigger the binge that you desperately tried to avoid.

How do you sidestep the unintended consequences of this miscommunication with your body?

Don’t wait until you’re starving. Eat something at the first sign of hunger, and make sure that it’s enough to make your body notice.

Now, you might be thinking that I’m talking about mini-meals every two hours (another pop-culture diet cliché!). Trust me, that isn’t the answer either….


Letting the clock dictate when and what you eat isn’t much better than pushing yourself to starvation. Either way, you’re going by guidance outside yourself.

So what’s the alternative? Let go of the rules. Even if only one rule at a time!

The less force and restriction you put on what and when you eat, the more your body’s innate wisdom will return. Stop depending on outside rules and the time of day to tell you what to do, even if you only let go a bit at a time.

As you go along, let yourself begin to recognize how your body asks for fuel. And know that your way might not be in the same way that other people are prompted to eat!  

For example, in my world, I can tell I’m running low on fuel when my brain gets a little foggy. Another way is that I feel a little lull in energy. And for me, those feelings show up roughly every 4 hours.

So if I feel like I need fuel, and the signs are lining up the right way, I eat.

And when I say “eat,” I don’t mean calling an apple slice and five almonds a “meal” (regardless of what Cosmopolitan magazine might say!) I’m not talking about eating until you’re barely satisfied and then pulling the plug.

I mean eating an amount of food that leaves you feeling warm-bellied, satisfied, and grounded.

That might sound a little bit counterintuitive. But here’s why I suggest this…

If you force yourself to stop eating when you’re still hungry, you’ll still feel that nag of hunger. That usually triggers more cravings. And if left unchecked, it can lead to unintended binging.

That’s the exact opposite that you hoped for when you ate less for the sake of losing weight, isn’t it?

The idea is to feel grounded and in your power. That means getting to know your body’s signals and responding in kind.

Because the truth is that desperate pangs and growling stomachs are signals of distress, not hunger. And your body deserves better than that.  

So take the steps to reconnect with those loving nudges to refuel.

Don’t let those ravenous feelings take charge. When you feel that nudge of hunger, eat. Eat until you’re pleasantly satisfied, not just a crumb or two in hopes of warding off the growls of your stomach.

It’s the difference between responding with love and responding with fear. Which strategy would you prefer over the long haul?


Now, do remember this: if you’ve been following the conventional diet advice for a while, survival mode is in charge. Survival mode numbs your body’s natural responses, and sometimes those cues take some time to return (even after you stop dieting).  

But you can drop the diet rules and start following your own internal guidance. And you can get through the transition time without ending up raiding the cabinets!

Making that shift can be scary. That’s why I created a special gift to help you move from complete control to total freedom!

My FREE training will help you drop that fear, let go of strict diet regimens, and reconnect with your body.

Imagine actually knowing when you’re hungry, responding to those cues with love, and feeling nourished and empowered. No more stress, guilt, or conflicted feelings about your body and your food.

You CAN do it. And I’m here to help! Grab my FREE training at the link below and start stepping into freedom and ease with your food and your body.

Have you ever tried “listening to your body” but wound up stressed, overwhelmed, and triggered into binging? Does the idea of dropping the diet rules in favor of your natural hunger/fullness cues sound terrifying, or exciting and liberating?

I’m here to guide you to freedom and ease with food, and to live a life that you love in a body you adore, so I want to hear from you!

Leave me a comment below and tell me where you stand on this topic, and let me know where you need support the most!

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