3 Reasons Why “Speeding Up Your Metabolism” Doesn’t Work (And The Counterintuitive Trick That DOES)


Have you ever felt like you’ve been cursed with a “slow metabolism?”

Trust me, I know that feeling!

For years, I swore up and down that anything I ate made me gain weight. It didn’t matter if it was a whole cake or a piece of lettuce. And I was convinced that my “sluggish metabolism” of mine was to blame for ALL of it.  

I believed that I just needed to burn calories faster, and the weight would finally drop off. And at the time, I was up for anybody’s metabolism-boosting strategy.

So I tried them ALL.

We’re talking the thermogenic pills, the rockstar workouts, the crazy cyclical diets. You name it, I tried it.

But the harder I tried to rev things up, the more my weight-loss efforts stalled. In fact, I was gaining weight despite doing everything “right!”

I was confused as to why did all the expert advice fail? And how was I going to get the engine running again so that I could finally have lasting weight loss success?

For me, it came down to understanding how the body works–and how it DOESN’T work.

I found out the hard way that pushing your body to speed up ultimately brings your weight loss to a dead halt.

I learned that if you want to rev up your metabolism, get your energy flowing, and let go of unwanted weight for good, you need another plan.

And contrary to popular belief, getting your metabolism up and running is not about stimulating supplements or back-breaking workouts.

Today I’m sharing 3 reasons why the usual metabolism-boosting tricks don’t work–and I’m also going to share what genuinely will rev up your calorie and fat-burning mojo!

My counterintuitive approach might surprise you–but it will also help you rev up your weight loss a lot more effectively than the pop-culture advice will. So let’s jump right in!

Let’s start with what’s wrong with the current picture.

When you see something out there that claims it’ll “speed up your metabolism,” what it really does is speed up your BODY.

We’re talking about strategies like jacking yourself up on thermogenic pills. Or spending hours at the gym doing arduous workouts.

If your body was a car, that might work. But a living, breathing system is a lot more complex than a mere machine.

When you make immediate demands on your body to speed up, it responds the only way it knows how: by going into full-on stress mode.

And I bet you’ve heard me say it before–stress is one of the biggest blocks to weight loss.

So it’s a Catch-22. The harder you try to speed up your body, the more stressed your system becomes. And your body will fight back by bringing your metabolism to a screeching halt.

Why does stressing yourself out slow your metabolism down? Here are the top three things that go wrong when you push your body to speed up.

Reason #1: Stress slows EVERYTHING down. When you’re in stress-mode, all of your body systems take a hit, including your digestion. And when you can’t digest your food, your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs.

And if your nutritional needs aren’t met, your body searches elsewhere for what it needs. That can translate into cravings. And maybe even trigger binges.

Which ultimately leads to weight gain instead of the coveted weight loss.

Reason #2: Stress makes you cling to fat (instead of burning it). When your body is under duress, fat becomes it’s emergency fuel supply. So harder you push yourself, the more stressed your body becomes. And it fights back by holding onto fat tooth and nail.

And what’s more, stress makes it nearly impossible for your body to build muscle. It causes muscle mass to decrease while making your body cling for dear life to fat reserves.

That’s the exact opposite of what every bottle of thermogenic pills promises, right?

Reason #3: Stress disconnects you from your center–which leads to even more stress. Excessive stress causes knee-jerk responses in your body. And one of the most detrimental side effects of stress is that feeling of disconnection between your mind, body, and spirit.

Why does that matter for weight loss and metabolism?

Because when you feel disconnected, you’re less likely to make conscious and loving decisions. You feel more up in your head, being ruled more by your fear-based ego than your heart.

And when fear is in control, it can set off binge and emotional eating like dynamite. And I’m sure you know where that path takes you…

More out-of-control eating ensues. And more weight gain follows.

This is what happens when you try to jack up your metabolic rate by forcing your body to speed up. And unfortunately, your body responds by shutting down.

So what is the solution?

I’ve shown you how speeding up your body has a rebound effect. But what would happen if you tried the opposite approach? In other words, what if you decided to speed up your metabolism by slowing down?

I know that sounds a little bit out there. But stay with me and I’ll show you why slowing your body down is the fast track to a speedier metabolism!

When I say “slow down,” I mean in all the ways.

I’m talking about less stress and more presence not just in your body, but also in your LIFE.

Start by being present at your meals. Notice what you’re eating, and savor each bite. Eat in a way that doesn’t feel frantic or out-of-control.

And then, take the time to make slowing down a way of life.

By that, I mean using simple practices to be more present throughout your day. Things like taking time out of every hour for an affirmation, a nice deep breath, or just a moment to pause.

So many of us operate on autopilot. I’m inviting you to take a moment to pay attention to your life again.

I know that finding presence and peace is a tall order in this modern society. These days, stress seems to attack us from every corner, from our bosses to our phones. The fast-pace of life itself eventually takes its toll on your body.

And adding even more stress by using the usual tricks to speed up your metabolism will ultimately stall your weight loss.

And let’s be real–who wants MORE stress in their life in any way, shape, or form anyway?

So if you want to speed up your weight loss–and start living a more peaceful life, for that matter–start by making a conscious effort to slow down.

That doesn’t mean becoming lazy or dismissive. It doesn’t mean stop moving.

All it means is bringing a little bit of presence to your day.

It means taking the time to enjoy your meals.

It means giving your body a chance to receive all the nutritional goodness in your food.

It means pausing throughout your day for a few deep breaths and mini-breaks.

Your body knows how to function optimally. You don’t need to fight or force it to be its best.

All you need to do is give your body the support that it needs so that it can support you right back.

If you implement these ideas, you’ll see major shifts. And not just with your weight loss results, but also in your relationship with your body and your food. (Not to mention your overall peace and happiness!)

Of course, this isn’t the ordinary advice you get when you google “how to speed up your metabolism!” So if it sounds a little far-fetched or difficult to implement, I get that.

That’s why I created this special gift to help you turn these counterintuitive tips into weight-loss success!

Let me show you how to optimize your metabolism without crazy thermogenic pills or backbreaking workouts. You deserve to be free from the nasty side effects of the usual “boost your metabolism” strategies (like yo-yo dieting and binge eating).

My FREE training will show you the way to find peace with your body and your food–AND help your body function optimally while you’re at it!

Grab that free gift right HERE!

Have you ever tried to kick your metabolism into high gear by pushing body to go faster, only to end up gaining weight and feeling out of control? I’m pretty sure we all have at one point or another!

It might be time for you to give yourself the gift of slowing down…

What is one way that you can take your foot off the gas and enjoy the ride in YOUR life? Leave me a comment and share what you plan to do to slow down today!

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