Weight Loss Without Dieting? 4 Ways To Ditch The Diet And Actually Lose Weight (For Real This Time!)


Let’s start with what we know: dieting can drive you absolutely insane.

It makes you obsess about food, crave everything on the “forbidden” list, and end up falling into eating overdrive (when you inevitably give in, that is!).

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know about the pitfalls of traditional diets. And I’m sure that you’ve experienced plenty of them firsthand.

And yet, so many of us who struggle with food are terrified to let go of the very thing that keeps them stuck in the trap–that ironclad regimen that tells you what you can and can’t eat.

Seriously–what happens when you drop the rules that you’ve clung to for so long? Will your life degenerate into a food free-for-all without the authority of a pre-approved eating plan?

Or is it the diet itself causing the problem it’s supposed to solve?

I’ve helped thousands of women break free from binge eating. And inevitably, when we get to the part about dropping the diet rules, we run into that deer-in-headlights kind of fear.

People think if they stop dieting, their lives will become a binge-fest. They think they’ll lose all control with food, gain more weight, and be stuck on the binge train for good.

But what if I told you that the way to win the weight loss battle is to stop seeing it as a battle?

That’s right–I’m saying that the way to lose weight is to stop dieting.

I know that sounds counter intuitive. It might even sound too good to be true. But the truth is that if you want lasting weight loss, letting go of the “diet” is the only way.

So why is that, and what really happens when you throw the rules out the window?

First, let’s talk about what happens when you get stuck in the diet trap.

Restricting your food–the cornerstone of most diets–tricks your brain into believing it’s in danger. That lower-level, survival-based part of your head takes charge. And before you know it, those urges to eat uncontrollably are running your life.

What’s more, your ability to live a balanced and healthy life is bypassed by those doomsday fears. The higher part of your brain where the real you resides has no say in the matter.

But happens when you stop sounding the diet alarm altogether?

It’s pretty magical, actually…

The less you stress about what’s on your plate, the more those food-focused thoughts go away. Your natural hunger and fullness cues return. You intuitively know what to eat and when, and you feel more satisfied and more connected.

And then it gets even better from there!

As you build this connection with your body, you naturally gravitate toward foods that support you. Foods that leave you standing in your power. And coincidentally enough, foods that set you up for sustainable weight loss, too.

All it takes is breaking free of the diet crazies!

Does that sound easier said than done? Let me show you a few empowering steps to help you let go of diet rules–and bring back peace, balance, and freedom your body and your food!

Ready to ditch the diet AND set yourself up for sustainable weight loss?

Let’s do this!

Step # 1: Add In Versus Subtracting This isn’t about force this is about shifting your focus.

That is, moving your sights from what you think you can’t have to what you know that you can have.

Think of it. When it comes to dieting, what’s the usual procedure? It’s all about eliminating bread. Taking out dairy. No carbs. No gluten. No this, no that. It’s about taking things away.

Pretty soon, all you’re thinking about is what you’re taking OFF the table.

But what if you chose to see all the fabulous food that you CAN have? What if you “crowded out” everything on the “no” list with the nourishing, supportive food that loves you back?

Make it about adding in rather than taking away, and watch how your perspective changes!  

Here’s a practical example…

Let’s say your diet could use a little healthy upgrade. Instead of deciding that you need to immediately cut out carbs, bread, and dairy, ask yourself this…

“What is one vegetable that I like, and how can I add that in?”

And once you introduce one new veggie, add in another. You’d gradually add in nourishing and supportive foods, and with the attitude of YES rather than the drudgery of NO.

It’s an immediate perception shift that opens the door to food possibilities instead of closing it! (And the more you shift your food thoughts to the positive side, the more of an overall positive vibe you’ll adopt, too!)

Step #2: Create steady and sustainable changes. I bet you know what happens when you try to radically change your life in one day.

Even if you roll with the changes for a while, eventually you fall off the wagon. And end up back where you started (or worse).

But if you layer in changes one by one, you build a solid foundation. And create a better chance for long-term results!

Here is how to put this into action right now. Grab a pen and paper and write down everything it would take to be free with your body and your food. Think about how you want to feel–what would it take to get there?

Is it being kinder to your body? Maybe drinking more water or making present moment food choices? Is it simply slowing down at mealtime and enjoying every bite?

Decide on the steps. Then start implementing those steps, one at a time.

Think of what you could accomplish over a few months of taking small, consistent baby steps. Wouldn’t that support you more than a crash diet that you quit after a week (and proceed to binge all weekend)?

Slow and steady wins the race in a lot of things. And sustainable weight loss is no exception.

Step #3: Choosing what you need right NOW. Who hasn’t been down that road where they ate too much at lunchtime, so they think have to skimp on dinner?

Or how about that moment when you realize that you’re going out tonight, so you skip lunch “just in case” you go on a feeding frenzy at dinner?

But what if you stop, listen to your body, and make a food choice based on what’s happening right now?

In other words, what does your body need to honor your well-being, regardless of what you ate yesterday (or what you might eat tomorrow)?

You don’t have to order the salad because you think it’s the right thing to do. It’s about honoring yourself by making present moment food choices based on how you want to feel.

I bring up knowing how you want to feel quite often, and there’s a reason for that. Knowing your desired feelings is the setup for the point of it all, which I’ll cover in Step 4!

Step #4: Choosing the foods that make you feel amazing. Here’s the thing: nobody eats “perfectly” all the time. What matters most is being consistent, not being flawless.

The more often you choose foods that make you feel alive, the more you’re going to feel the effects of a beautiful partnership with your body. Eventually, you’ll start to naturally crave the foods that light you up. And without even trying!

Believe it or not, there’s even one more bonus to supportive and nourishing food!

When you make food choices based on the feelings you desire the most, you feel more at peace. And your stress response plummets.

Here’s why that matters…

A stressed-out body clings to weight for dear life. But if you stress less, you set off a chain reaction of physiological magic.

Your digestion is optimized. Your metabolism resets. Your body comes into balance. That’s the beauty of eating not only to fuel your body, but also to feel amazing in your own skin!  

So slow down at mealtime, be present in your body, and listen to what it needs. Instead summarily demanding that you eat this and don’t eat that, ask your body what it needs right now to feel loved and alive. And roll with it in the moment.

Eating this way is the path to lasting health and well-being. And what’s more, it’s also the natural and loving way to release any weight that you don’t need.

If traditional diets have let you down and kept you stuck, these tips might change your life!

And these steps are just the beginning. I have many more ways to help you release weight with ease, get your sanity back, and feel amazing in your body again!

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into this radical approach to weight loss, I’ve got a special gift for you!

Click at the link below for my free training that’ll help you ditch the diet rules for a life of connection, peace, and freedom with food.

Stop beating yourself up with the diet, and set yourself free starting TODAY!

Grab that free training here!

So tell me, what do you think? Do you believe that it’s possible to find freedom and ease with food without a strict dietary regimen? Does the idea of flying without a diet plan freak you out, or does it sound like a dream come true?

Leave me a comment and share any insights or a-has you got from this post. And if there is any way I can support you in your journey to Food Freedom Forever, share that as well! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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