How to Stop Nighttime Cravings: 4 Steps to Stop Late-Night Snack Attacks


If you live in this modern-day world, you’re busy. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, you’re climbing the corporate ladder, or you’re building an empire of your own, you’re most likely in “GO” mode all the time.

You’ve got responsibilities and deadlines, and the clock always seems to be ticking.

No matter what your situation is, you’re probably going through your day in overdrive.

So in an effort to keep the day moving, most of us default to getting up in our heads.  And disconnected from our bodies.

Here’s why that overthinking turns into overstressing…and overeating.

When you disconnect your body and stay stuck in your head, you miss your body’s natural cues. And from there, you unconsciously push through hunger pangs because there are so many demands on your attention.

Then the night time hits. And one of two things happen…

One, since your body has been starving all day, it demands a fast fix. And it’s screaming at you to eat more (and the sooner, the better!).

Then there’s the alternative…

The stress catches up with you, and it multiplies from there. And what are you triggered to do when you’re in a state of internal chaos?

Eat, of course–and grab as many as those quick fix foods as you can!

So that’s the basic M.O. of the night time craving.  

But there is good news! You don’t have to let these end-of-day cravings and stress ruin your evening.  

If you’ve ever…

…started the day feeling in control, then found yourself scouring the cabinets when the sun went down, this is for you.

….stood in front of the fridge “after hours” looking for answers, (even though you know you won’t find them there), then you’re gonna love this.

…found yourself repeatedly feeling less than satiated at the end of the day and you don’t know why, then watch and read on.

Watch the video below proactive to learn how to stop cravings before they start as well as handle them when they show up so they no longer control your life!

How to Stop Nighttime Cravings in 4 Steps

Back when I struggled with my body and my food, it was a daily thing…

Nearly every morning, I would start with a “good” breakfast, convinced that today, I’d “stick to the plan.”

Then when lunch would roll around, I’d feel that slight twinge. But I kept pushing through, hoping it would go away.

Then when nighttime hit, all dietary hell broke loose. Just like that, I found myself eating everything in sight.

Night time cravings struck again. And as usual, they won.

Why do so many of us go through the day feeling empowered and on track, and then when the clock strikes “night time,” all bets are off?

I’ve got four steps to help you head off the evening munchies. They’ll not only help stop overeating before it starts, but will also make you feel supported throughout your entire day!

Step 1: Eat enough throughout the day. Here’s the thing. No strategy will work if you aren’t getting the nutritional support you need first.

I’ve worked with thousands of women over the years. And when we start working together, nearly all of them tell me that they believe they’re eating enough to get by.

But let’s be real–if you’re having nighttime urges to eat, it’s safe to say that you’re probably not even getting by. And you’re definitely not getting the nutritional support to leave you feeling truly satisfied.

Sometimes our clients balk at the idea of increasing their calories, and I get that.

But salads, sprouts, and smoothies alone will only take you so far. If you get by all day on just  “healthy” fare, you’re going to get blindsided by powerful cravings at night.

Now, I’m not knocking the salads! But it’s crucial that your meals are grounding and satisfying. And a salad alone is not likely to give you all the nutritional love that your body needs (trust me, I’ve tried…)

So opt for meals that are both healthy and leave you satiated throughout the day instead of stringing your body along on a bare minimum of calories.

Start with the basics, and make sure you’re properly fed. Because at the end of the day, if your body isn’t happy, your willpower won’t stand a chance against night time cravings.  

Step 2: Slow down (and even stop!) the stress throughout the day. I’ve talked a lot about how stress leads to cravings, weight gain–all the things you don’t want. That’s why breaking the stress cycle works wonders. And believe it or not, it’s easier than it sounds!

All it takes to shift out of stress is a simple change in activity. It’s interjecting a de-stressor that redirects your focus, even if only for a moment.

You might think that “de-stressing” means a hot bath, a massage, or a long walk on the beach. If you have time for those things, great!

But de-stressors don’t have to be time-consuming or elaborate to be effective.

In fact, all it takes is a deep breath. Or an affirmation. Maybe listening to a favorite song or one-minute clip from a meditation app.

It could be a sentence or two that you write in a journal. Or a reminder on your phone that tells you it’s time to take 60 seconds and just chill.

I like to call them “mini-rituals.” They’re simple, quick, and oh-so-effective. I find that when I’m in a bind and don’t have time for much of anything, one of these little tricks can truly work miracles.

What does this have to do with night time cravings? These mini-ritual moments help you refocus throughout the day.

They reduce your overall stress so that it doesn’t build up during the day, and hit you all at once at night. They also help you stay centered without sliding into autopilot eating.

Reducing your stress wards off overeating at any point in the day, and especially at night!

Step 3: Transition into your night-time game. Sometimes when you’ve been in high-power mode all day, it’s a shock to the system when you stop moving.

You begin to actually FEEL and this can be overwhelming and send you heading for the cabinets.

Instead, give yourself time to transition and give yourself another escape from the day besides food.

This is why I suggest is taking the time to transition from the race of the day to the reward of the evening. That’s where a night time ritual comes in.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or time-consuming. All that you need is to pause from the chaos of your day, and shift into “stop” mode for the evening.

Even if all you do is sit quietly for five minutes and decompress, that can make all the difference!  

So shift your vibe from “go” to “stop.” And do it before the allure of the snack cabinet hits you, if possible!

Step 4: Make decisions from a place of peace instead of chaos. Once you shift into night mode, this is the time to make a choice.

Because when you’ve found your center, instead of eating on autopilot, you’re making food choices based on what you truly need in the moment.

So slow down, reconnect with yourself, and decide what you really want. Eat slowly and intentionally. And let your body and your brain register the mealtime experience.

Because when your body and your brain know they’re being fed, they won’t send out the desperate hunger pangs that lead to cravings.  

You’ll also choose a nourishing and balanced meal that leaves you satisfied. And not just barely satisfied, but rather with that warm-bellied bliss that comes from a nourishing meal.

And if you find yourself wanting a little sweet treat after your meal, let yourself have one! Don’t make it taboo, and don’t avoid it for the sake of “sticking to a diet.”

Because the bottom line is this: honor how your body is feeling, and do it by choice. Don’t let unconscious eating take over. Bring presence to your meals, and let the rest flow from there.

Start integrating these steps into your life, and you’ll take the bite out of nighttime cravings!

It might take a little bit of time for the full effects to show up. But the more you practice, the better they will work for you.

And if you’d love a little more support in implementing these strategies to squelch nighttime cravings, I’ve got your back!

My free training will help you take the steps to break free from the struggle with cravings, your body, and your food. And all with no diet rules, no shaming, and no restrictions!

Click here and get that support delivered straight to your inbox!

Are nighttime cravings spoiling your weight-loss efforts? Leave me a comment and let me know which one of these tips resonate the most with you, and how you’re going to use it to squelch evening overeating!

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