4 Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings Without Guilt, Fear, Or Restrictions


It’s that moment when you say to yourself, “I’ll just have one piece of candy,” only to find yourself at the bottom of the bag.

Or maybe it hits you at night…

You’ve had a balanced meal, and you’re feeling peaceful. And then you get that pang for something sweet to “finish it off.” Before you know it, you’re scouring the cabinets looking for more.

Of course, I’m talking about sugar cravings. Those triggers for sweets that hit you out of nowhere, and don’t let up until they’re satisfied.

Why is that granular white stuff so powerful?

Halloween is coming. And for some of us, the scariest part of this holiday is the allure of trick-or-treat candy. How do you get past this candy-crazy season without tearing through your kid’s candy bag or single-handedly finishing off the candy dish at work?

Well, rest assured–you don’t have to fear chocolate bars and candy corns anymore!

Today I’m going to show you how to break free from sugar cravings once and for all. I’ll help you set yourself up not only power through Halloween, but also to live every day without falling to the sugar blues.

You’ll learn what to do when a sugar attack hits–and how to stop cravings before they start!

And here’s a hint: it’s NOT about “cutting out sugar.” Because you know me–I’m not big on rules and restrictions.

But I do have a few secret weapons that’ll set you free from cravings and manage them when they do show up!

(And believe it or not, my methods even allow you to have an occasional treat!)

Ready to squash those sugar urges and make peace with sweets? Let’s curb those pangs once and for all–and without guilt, fear, or rules!

Step #1: Sleep and water FIRST. I know, seems basic…but are you truly getting enough sleep and hydration? Sure, maybe it sounds irrelevant, but there’s a reason I’m asking.

Here’s the deal. Sleep deprivation and dehydration leave you feeling depleted. And when you’re in a state of lack, you’re in a state of stress and your body is going to crave more.

Your body looks for whatever it can find not only to meet your needs, but also to quell the panic. And sugar is a quick fix when you’re feeling stressed out or depleted.

Fulfilling your body’s needs with sugar might give you momentary relief, but that buzz doesn’t last. After about 10 seconds, the sugar high is gone. And the sugar crash that follows is often worse than the original stress.

But if you get proactive about the basics like sleep and water, you’ll keep both hyper-stress and depletion at bay. And the pull toward a sugar fix will ultimately fade away!

Step #2: Step up your nutrition game. Everyone gets an occasional craving. Sometimes it doesn’t mean much. Other times, it’s a cue that you need a little more nutritional love than you’re getting!

Just like sleep and water, you need nutrients. And if you’re missing out on any particular vitamins, your body will seek a fast fix. Enter our old pal sugar once again!

How do you fill vitamin void so that your body doesn’t seek out energy in the form of something sweet?

Sure, vitamin supplements can help you fill the gaps in your diet. But the ideal way to get your nutrients is through good ol’ fashioned food.

And the best way to get the most out of your food is to actually be present at your meals.

That means eat slowly. Eat adequately. Eat a diversity of food. Give your food a chance to be assimilated so that you get all the good out of it that you can.

This accomplishes a couple of things…

First, you receive all the nutritional goodness that your food has to offer. Second, slow and deliberate eating gets your brain out of panic mode. Your body understands that it’s going to be fed, and those fear-based survival pangs come to a halt.

These two things alone can stop cravings of all kinds. Including the ones for sugar!

So eat adequate amounts of food. Eat slowly, and with presence and love. Let your food support you so that you don’t need a sugar hit to keep you going.

Step #3: Watch the salt (and how it makes you feel!). Sure, it might sound like another strange connection, but sometimes salt and sugar go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to sugar pangs.

Let me explain what I mean by that…

I see a lot of people go all-out with salty foods, then suddenly feel the need to “balance it out” with a big dose of sugar. Sounds crazy, I know. But strange as it sounds, it’s a common phenomenon.

So what does this tell you?

Think of it this way. If you eat a lot of one kind of food and then feel the need for sugar to “counteract” it, it’s a hint that you might be out of balance somewhere.

It’s not a cue to eat more sugar. It’s a hint to consider adding in different kinds of food to restore the balance.

But let’s be clear. I’m not telling you to cut out salt, eliminate sugar, or swear off carbs. That translates into restriction, which brings on all kinds of cravings.

But if one kind of food is triggering you to reach for sugar as a compensation, it’s a cue your diet might be lacking in something else altogether.

So check in with your body, ask it what it needs, and add in a few new foods to restore peace and balance to your life!

Step #4: Allow yourself a treat now and then! Now, here’s the ultimate trick to free you from sugar cravings. It’s counterintuitive, I admit. And some people out there might flat-out disagree with it. But here it is.

Allow yourself some indulgences without guilt or shame.

That means creating space for an occasional piece of candy. And without fear of caving and eating the whole bag!

It’s like this. If you deliberately starve yourself, cut your calories to crazy low levels, and forbid yourself from having certain foods, that’s a lot of restriction.

And after all that pressure to be perfect, when you finally cave and eat that piece of candy, you likely won’t stop until you see the bottom of the bag.

Because after being told NO for so long, your body and brain will rebound big-time. You’ll might even find yourself believing that the candy won’t be there tomorrow. So eat now or forever hold your peace (and eat ‘til it’s gone!).

But if you honor your needs in every moment and without restriction, those occasional pangs for something sweet won’t be nearly as dramatic.

That means that you can have something sugary on occasion, and without guilt or fear!

How do you make this work?

By letting go of strict diet rules. By getting out of your head and into your body, and honoring what your body needs. Moment to moment.

When you make connected choices in every moment, you give your body what it genuinely needs in each frame. Which ultimately satisfies both your needs and desires.

So the true secret to squelching sugar cravings is simply allowing yourself to live your life!

That means bringing presence to every moment. Enjoying life rather than hiding from it. And allow yourself a treat once in a while!

Does this sound easier said than done? Believe me, I hear you. I struggled with sugar cravings for over 12 years.

But now they’re virtually gone from my world!

Sure, I have occasional pangs for sugary treats. But they don’t rule my life. And I don’t lose control with sugar anymore.

You can have that kind of freedom, too!

In the free training, I show you how to get back into control with food and ditch those nasty cravings for good!

Want to put what you learned here into immediate action, and with all the additional tips and tricks to get you to freedom?

Click the link below and get ready to cruise through Halloween without raiding the candy bag (and keep that freedom from cravings all year long)!

So which one of the steps above are you going to implement today? Leave me a comment and tell me which tip resonates with you the most, and how you’re going to use it to kick cravings to the curb!

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