All The Feels: How Emotions Make You Hold Onto Weight (The Weight Loss Struggle That NO Diet Can Touch)


Back in the day, I thought that beating weight and binge eating struggles meant straight-up diet and nutrition. So I followed every diet guru and bought everything they were selling.

But sooner or later, every diet just flat-out stopped working.

I figured that it had to be my fault. I couldn’t stick to anyone’s diet. Maybe my mindset was off. Or maybe I just wasn’t motivated enough to succeed.

So I started following mindset and motivation gurus in addition to all the diet and exercise advice I could consume.

But in the end, I always went back to binging.

I was gaining and losing the same 40 pounds over and over again. I was losing the body battle even though I was doing everything “right.”

But then I discovered that there was more to weight loss than diet, exercise, and motivation.

Something was making me cling to weight, and nobody in diet and fitness land was addressing it.

That underlying cause was my emotions.

Believe it or not, trapped emotions play a significant role in weight and food struggles. They’re the one thing that nobody really talks about it. But they’re often the last thing standing between you and the results you want.

Once you understand how emotions work, something amazing happens. You find the power to end the body battle in a way that just working out and eating right never could.

Everyone talks about diet and exercise. Today I’m giving you the missing piece that can heal your relationship with your body and your food forever!

Watch this video (and read on!) and I’ll show you how emotions affect your body-food relationship–and how to work with them to escape the diet-binge-repeat cycle once and for all!

Now, before we start, keep this in mind…

Like many things in life, emotional healing is a work in progress. That means you don’t have to heal everything before you see results.

I was a binger for over a decade. I bet you can imagine the emotional state I was in when I stopped. Binge recovery wasn’t even the only emotional stress I was experiencing at the time, either.

I was failing as an entrepreneur. I was in a toxic relationship. I was living on a friend’s couch.

Needless to say, my emotional world was far from perfect. But one step at a time, I acknowledged what was going on inside. And every step brought me closer to freedom from binging.

So if your emotional world is feeling a little insane, that’s OK. A perfectly balanced emotional life is not a prerequisite to freedom.

On the flip side, it IS imperative you take the time to acknowledge your emotions. Once you recognize the emotions that steal your joy and the subconscious beliefs that weigh you down, your healing begins.

The more emotionally aware you become, the more you recognize how unresolved feelings show up as weight gain (or lack of weight loss) in your life. From there, Food Freedom Forever is within your reach!

So how do you know that unresolved feelings might be sabotaging your weight loss and triggering binge eating?

Here are the top three signs that your emotions may be linked with your food-body battle:

Sign #1: (Unsupportive) Emotional Eating. Believe it or not, food and emotions sometimes work well together. Other times not so much.

I’m sure you’ve heard of emotional eating, but you might not know that it shows up in both supportive and unsupportive ways.

Sometimes, I choose certain meals and nutrients to make me feel more energized. Other times, a nourishing meal can make me feel grounded, calm, and supported.

That’s what we like to call supportive emotional eating.

Then there’s the other flip-side of emotional eating. The kind that makes you use food to suppress feelings that you don’t want to experience.

If you’re anything like I was, the following scenario will sound familiar.

You get triggered by something, and it leaves you with an emotion that you don’t want. You’re desperate to get rid of the daunting feeling at any cost. What do you do?

In your heightened emotional state, you decide to hit the “escape” button.

Your escape might be procrastination, social media scrolling, drinking–any number of things. But if you’re here, I bet your escape of choice is food. (I know mine was!)

That’s what we call unsupportive emotional eating. You’re numbing feelings with food instead of releasing them in a supportive way.

The most unfortunate part is that when you numb your emotions, they don’t go anywhere. They just keep popping up the harder you try to push them down.

Author Debbie Ford once said it’s like trying to shoving a beach ball underwater. Eventually, it pushes back up and explodes in your face.

It leaves you walking through the world with a ton of new, triggering emotions just waiting to pop.

On top of that, the more you numb your feelings, the more disconnected you become. Eventually, you lose the connection to your intuition, your internal guidance system, and yourself.

That’s what unsupportive emotional eating can do. It’s the most recognizable sign that feelings stand between you and sustainable weight loss.

Sign #2: Your Weight of Eating Behavior Is Keeping You “Safe.” Ever thought that you might be holding onto weight because you’re afraid to let it go?

I know that sounds crazy. But consider this–what if you subconsciously believed that extra weight is protecting you?

Believe it or not, sometimes weight acts as a protective barrier. It keeps you stuck in your comfort zone, free from the fear of change.

What kind of change would you fear so much that you cling for dear life to extra pounds?

Maybe you’ve gone through a traumatic experience, and you don’t feel safe in your body, so extra weight protects you from the world.

Maybe every time you lose weight, you go out into the dating world and end up getting hurt. So you sabotage your weight loss efforts to avoid disappointment.

Maybe you’re a creative or an aspiring entrepreneur who is afraid of sharing her work. So you hoard extra weight to keep from putting yourself out there.

In other words, you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. And something about losing weight makes you feel vulnerable, so you cling to the weight like a security blanket.

My fears centered around two things–putting myself out there as an entrepreneur, and looking for love in the dating world.

The more I contemplated making big moves in business or dating, the more I’d freak out, sit at home, and numb out with food.

Sure, I was trapped in a brain-based binge eating pattern. But I was also using food to self-sabotage. I was staying safe in my bubble instead of putting my work (and myself) into the world.

If you don’t feel safe your body and fear-based emotions keep control, food is a quick fix for comfort. And it makes you hold onto weight to protect you from too much vulnerability.

Sign #3: Fear of your own awesomeness. It’s one thing to fear stepping out of your comfort zone. But if you’re not careful, fear of change can morph into fear of success.

You might wonder why anyone would fear receiving their deepest desires. But as Marianne Williamson once said, our biggest fears aren’t about our inadequacy. They’re about our brilliance.

That’s right–fear of success.

Fear of who you might lose if you become your best self. Fear of how your relationships, your surroundings, and your life will change if you fully embrace your power. So to save yourself from your highest self, you hold onto that weight.

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

These are three of the main clues that emotions are keeping you in the body-food battle. And as you can see, they have nothing to do with what you eat or how you work out.

Emotional weight loss struggles are about feeling unsafe in your body. Those fearful emotions then prompt you to hold onto extra weight like a life preserver.

But the good news is that once you work through and transcend these emotional triggers, weight loss and body love will become second nature!

How do you start putting this powerful practice to work for you?

Star by taking a look at your life. Is there any area where you’re staying safe, playing small, and hiding? Now look at those areas, and notice if those emotional situations ever trigger binge eating.

If they do, it’s a sign that there are deeper reasons for out-of-control eating and weight loss fails.

Now, healing your emotions isn’t the absolute cure-all. Your body, brain, and physiology all affect weight loss and binge eating (as we talk about a lot here on the blog).

But for best results, take it one step further. Be aware of the behind-the-scenes role that unresolved emotions might be playing, and respond accordingly.

Now, once again, perfect emotional healing is not necessary for success! All you need is to become aware of your emotions. Then start working with them instead of fighting them.

That means taking the process one step at a time.

Now, this can be confusing if you haven’t gone deep into your emotional world yet. But I promise that you can do it–and I know that we can help!

If you need support uncovering the emotional blocks that keep you stuck, I’ve got your back with this free training I made you…

It’ll help you break out of the struggle, and set you up for a lifetime of freedom and ease with food.

We talk about ALL the factors behind binging and weight gain, including the power of elusive emotions. And we’ll get to the bottom of your weight loss struggles and help you break free for good!

Click the link below, get that training delivered directly to your inbox, and take your first big step toward Food Freedom Forever!

If you’ve tried every diet and workout plan on the planet without success, your emotions might be the last thing standing in your way.

So stop looking for the perfect eating and fitness plan, and start bringing awareness to “all the feels” in your life. Then one step at a time, watch what happens!

Grab that free training above and start letting go of the emotions that keep you stuck!

P.S. I’d love to support you even further on this journey! So once you’ve watched the training, leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you!

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