The Truth About Intuitive Eating


I’m going to cut straight to the point here…intuitive eating is a wonderful TOOL but not the answer for healing from binge eating.

By definition intuitive eating is the practice of eating through listening to your body, eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re full. All great things, but it can leave you frustrated and feeling like a failure if you don’t use it at the right time with some other support systems in place.

If you’ve ever tried “listening to your body” and felt confused, craving filled, or frustrated then this blog post is for you so you can use this TOOL to help you find freedom!

Reasons Why Intuitive Eating Can Support You:

1) After years of dieting or restricting, you’ve probably relied on answers outside of yourself to help you decide to eat like google, nutritionists, friends, family, what Sally is doing at the gym and more. The truth is…you always know. You know how to eat, what to eat, and what’s going to make you feel the best. Your body will tell you when you learn how to listen but don’t be fooled it’s VERY difficult to listen straight out of the cycle of binge and emotional eating, I’ll talk more about that in the section below.


2) Learning to rely on yourself and your body can be very empowering. Trusting yourself is a huge gift in this beautiful journey called life and intuitive eating can help bring your body back into the discussion. Your body holds so much wisdom that’s waiting to be tapped into.


3) Your body has a natural set point or healthy place it will go to when you’re eating foods that make you feel good and come alive a majority of the time. If you really learn how to tap into your body and treat it from a place of love you’ll be able to choose those foods (most of the time) and your body will release any excess weight in a way that’s sustainable without force or restriction.

Intuitive eating is about working with your body instead of against it.


Reasons Why Intuitive Eating Isn’t the End All Be All Answer for Binge Eating Recovery:


1) After a period of dieting, restricting, and or binging your body’s signals may very well sound like: “eat all the cake now”. To practice intuitive eating and healing your relationship with your body, it’s important to start with phase one of beating binge eating to make sure you’re not fighting your brain and body. Once your brain and body are fueled and out of survival mode, our body will begin to speak to you from a more balanced place and intuitive eating will be easier.


2) Intuitive eating can be scary if you don’t understand where your urges to binge are coming from and how to separate from them. Therefore you could jump into intuitive eating, but still have urges to binge, then determine “this intuitive eating stuff doesn’t work for me”.

That’s not the case, you just may have not been equipped with the knowledge and tools to work through an urge to binge. I teach my clients how to do this in a very systematic fashion in our Beating Binge Eating Blueprint program.

You can also learn more about where your urges to binge are coming from and how to separate from them so you can condition them to become non-existent in this youtube video.

3) Intuitive eating can become as restrictive as a diet in itself. I see people follow it so strictly that they feel wrong, guilty, or shameful when they eat when they aren’t hungry. Here’s the thing, normal eaters eat too much sometimes or grab something that sounds good that they aren’t hungry for. Treating intuitive eating like a diet that you have to get right will do nothing but set you up for the on vs off again, all-or-nothing diet mentality and from the phase one of beating binge eating you learned that that does nothing but set you up to fail.

Stay Tuned for the video I’ll be releasing on Thursday! I’ll give you some step-by-step tips for practicing intuitive eating so you can use it to support you on your journey to food freedom forever! If you’re not on the list yet, subscribe here so you don’t miss a thing!


Health & Love,


Brittany Brown


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