How To Let Go of The Fear of Weight Gain So Weight Loss Can Actually Happen (and last)


There was a time in which the food on my plate and the scale in my bathroom pretty much ruled my life by the way of fear.

I went through my day not focusing on the things that I loved, but immersed in the fear that no matter what I did, I’d gain weight. Or not be able to lose weight.

I yo-yo’ed up and down 40 pounds, and the longer that went on, the more fear-based and painful my world became.

That intense desire to lose weight and the paralyzing fear that I’d gain weight called all the shots for nearly 15 years. And those two emotions dictated so much of my life.

My food choices. Where I went and what I did. And didn’t do.

Everything came down to the fear of what I ate and how it made me look. My life was basically a 24/7 weight and food-based fear fest.

And in the process, I put myself through a lot of suffering. Binge and emotional eating. Health conditions like thyroid, kidney, adrenal, and hormonal imbalance challenges.

But now, I am thrilled to say that none of this rules my life anymore! I’ve released the weight and kept it off without dieting, have it easy with food, and feel good in my body no matter what my size is.

Best of all, stressing about food or my body size no longer keeps me from living my life, sharing my message, and loving myself!

But it wasn’t because my body suddenly became a fat-burning machine.

I didn’t do it with the ideal exercise and diet plan or a sudden burst of willpower, either.

If your weight is dominating your thoughts, beliefs, food choices, or self-image, then fear no more! I’m going to share with you how to break out of this weight-fear jail for good!

Ready to stop stressing over the bathroom scale and start living again?

Let’s do this!

How To Let Go of The Fear of Weight Gain So Weight Loss Can Actually Happen (and last)

Step #1: Get real about the nasty effects of constant fear.

Maybe you’ve been attempting to control your weight for so long that you don’t know another way. But pause and reflect for a moment. What are the repercussions of these constant fears?

For one thing, these fears affect how you see the world. That is, do you see your world through a frame of love, joy, and support, or is it through fear, force, and worst-case scenarios?

It all depends on the “glasses” that you’re wearing. Let me share what I mean by that…

Let’s say I gave you a pair of blue glasses and you put them on. Everything would look blue, right?

Now, what if I gave you a pair of “OMG, I’m terrified to gain weight” glasses, how would that change your world view?

Everything you’d see would look like a possible threat. Something that would somehow, some way, make you gain weight. Or make it impossible to lose weight.

Instead of seeing the world as a fun, exciting place, you’d be spending your time convinced that weight-gain was your biggest enemy. And the battle against the weight-gain demons would take up all the bandwidth in your life.

It might sound like a silly example, but let’s be real…

What you focus on expands. And if you’re in constant terror about what the scale says, you’ll see more evidence of what you don’t want. You’ll focus on what you perceive as “wrong,” rather than what you truly want in life.

Wouldn’t you rather spend that time and energy in another way? I’m guessing that’s a “yes.”

Step #2: Stop fearing food. If you’re in fear that any “unhealthy” food is going to make you gain weight, you’re bound to make a few desperate moves.

You start cutting carbs. Slashing calories. Pushing yourself to stick to the super-healthy eating plan of the moment that the author calls a “lifestyle” (but is really just a diet).

We’re talking restriction. And if you’ve been with me for a while, you know what that gets you.  

It makes you think about food, crave more food, eat more food–and gain more weight. The very thing that you feared in the first place!

So this fear of weight gain triggers restriction of food which triggers a survival part of the brain that makes you think about food more and eat more!

AKA: Your fear of food, makes you actually want it more, which leads to exactly what you don’t want.

Step #3: Stop choosing what you eat from a place of fear. Now, you might be saying, “I don’t diet anymore. I just like healthy foods,” and you don’t feel like restriction is an issue for you anymore.

But believe it or not, there are other more subtle ways that you might be subjecting yourself to restriction–and feeding those weight loss/weight gain fears.

Let me ask you this: have you traded the physical control of a diet for mental or emotional restrictions on your food?

Here’s what I mean by that…

Have you ever fallen into guilt, judgment, or criticism after eating something, maybe saying something like “OMG, I shouldn’t have eaten that” ?

That’s an example of an emotional rather than a physical restriction.

If you ever plot or plan with food, like convincing yourself to eat something so that you don’t binge on it later, that is more of a mental restriction.

Even if you’ve overcome binge eating and stopped dieting, you might still be experiencing this kind of restriction or choosing food from a place of fear.

And as a result, still struggling with weight gain fear.

Many women I’ve worked with tell me that they’ve stopped binging and dieting, yet they still feel out of control with food. And it’s easy to see why.

The outside control may be gone. But the inner shame, restriction, and plotting are still fueling the weight-gain fear.

So whether the restriction is on your plate or in your head, it still leads to the same place. Food-focused thoughts. Rebound overeating. And more weight gain. The very thing that you fear the most!

Now, I will say this as a little disclaimer–it is OK to want to lose weight! The desire to lose weight in itself isn’t the issue.

But let’s reframe that desire.

I invite you to shift your focus from losing weight to healing your relationship with your body and food, and at a deeper level the relationship with yourself.

When you partner with your body, heal that relationship, and strengthen the connection with yourself, something magical happens.

You make the shift to weight loss an act of love rather an act of than fear.

You stop worrying about gaining weight or losing weight. Your body will adjust to its natural set point, and you find a healthy balance with a lot more ease.

Best of all, you won’t live in that place of fear anymore, and you’re free to live a life full of possibilities!

Speaking of fear, I know that sometimes ideas like this can sound pretty out there, and even intimidating.

After all, if you’ve been trying to control food most of your life like I was, this might sound like a whole lotta wishful thinking. Maybe even too good to be true.

But no matter how long you’ve been ruled by your scale, and no matter how long food-focused thoughts have dominated your life, you can do this!

You can get to a place where weight gain or weight loss does not define you. And we are here to help you do just that!

Click the button below to talk to myself or someone on my team for a personalized path to Food Freedom Forever.

Food Freedom Forever is about more than just food and body…

It means that you’re free to focus what matters to you rather than sinking endless time and energy into food-focused fear.

It means that you don’t spend your time and energy worrying about how this food will make you gain weight. Or that food will ruin your diet.

You just LIVE your life, being fueled by food rather than ruled by food.

You deserve to live the life that you want, free of any unnecessary fears, and fully in your power!

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