Let Go of These 3 Things for Lasting Weight Loss (A Guide To Ending The War With Your Body)


Over the last several years, I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight. But their success has gone well beyond shedding a few pounds.

Our clients at Beating Binge Eating transcend their struggles with their bodies. They leave behind binge and emotional eating for good. And they create loving partnerships with their bodies that lead to effortless weight loss.

Not only have I helped my clients heal themselves, but I’ve freed myself from a long-standing body war as well.

But even though we’ve had wild success with our clients, what I’m about to share might still sound a bit “contrary to popular belief.”

Still, if you’re up for some outside-the-box advice from someone who has been at the frontline, stay with me!

Today, I’m sharing what NOT to do. That is, the top three attitudes to drop if you ever want sustainable weight loss.

I’ve had a lot of first-hand experience in this area. And I’ve transcended a 12-year struggle gaining and losing the same 40 pounds using the unorthodox strategies I’m about to share.

I did it without fighting my body, restricting my food, or pushing myself to stick to a torturous diet plan. I’ve shared this knowledge with thousands of other women, who created the same results for themselves.

And they were successful mainly because they were willing to do what I did…

Let go of what WASN’T working.

Today I’m sharing the three things I STOPPED doing. The three ideas I left behind, which led me to freedom, flow, and ease.

So what are these three steps to body bliss?

Watch the Video Below Where I Reveal Everything You MUST Let Go of For Your Body to Let Go of Weight

Number One: Put Your Desire to Lose Weight on the Shelf (aka shift your focus elsewhere) I know how this sounds. If you want to lose weight, stop trying to lose weight? But it turns out that if you see it from the right perspective, it’s quite logical. And effective.

Here’s what I mean by that…

I say put weight loss on the shelf because you don’t have to release the desire to release weight completely…it’s ok to want to shift your body…but we don’t want it being your main focus or your decisions being driven from that place of lack, force, fear etc

When you cling to the idea that you need to make something happen (or else!), it takes a toll on your mental state. It riles up your emotions. You get tunnel-vision and focus on what is wrong in your life.

And before you know it, you’re in a full-scale battle to fix what’s wrong. Immediately if not sooner.

So how does that show up when you’re convinced that you have to drop 20 pounds or face some imagined catastrophe?

You obsess over what you can and can’t eat. Those forbidden foods take over your brain. And you’re stuck in a shame spiral that keeps going and going…

If you’re susceptible to binge or emotional eating, the triggers can throw you into eating overdrive, too. It’s a side effect of what happens when you attempt to lose weight without healing the underlying issues.

But if you drop the ironclad focus on weight loss, you also drop the pressure. And contrary to what you might think, stopping the fight doesn’t mean that you won’t release the weight.

In fact, when you take the pressure off, you actually set yourself up for weight loss success!

Think of it. When there’s no pressure, you have fewer food-obsessed thoughts. Your cravings disappear. You find peace and connection with your body.

And best of all, this is often the time when your body naturally releases the weight that it no longer needs. Magical, right?

Number Two: Let go of where you think you “should” be. I’m a fan of goals, especially when they’re motivating and inspiring ones. But if you’re caught up in the stress of not being where you want to be yet, a motivating vision can morph into a painful trap.

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you’ve heard the saying, “what what you focus on expands.” So if you focus only on the gap between your current reality and your future vision, the Universe can’t help but respond with more of what you’ve already got.

But if you shift your energy to the vision that you DO want (instead of maligning what you don’t have yet), it’s a brand new ballgame.

Try this reframe: if you were at your ideal weight right now, how would you walk, how would you talk, and how would you feel?

Decide how you want to feel in your ideal body. Keep that vision of your future self. And focus on how it would feel to be there already.

Then, bring your future reality (instead of your current frustration) into your life NOW. It’s a lot more inspiring (and effective) than bemoaning the fact that you’re not there yet.

Number Three: Let go of the fight. Just as in the last example, it can be a big-time challenge to embrace the joy of something you have yet to receive. (Believe me, that’s a tough one, and it takes practice!)

But if you’re denying yourself any joy until you meet your goal, it’s a safe bet that the happiness you seek will elude you. Why?

Here’s the thing–if you perpetually seek joy outside of yourself, you’ll always be looking. You’ll never be totally satisfied. And it will become an ongoing quest with no foreseeable end.

And more than likely, you’ll continue pushing, striving, and stressing to fill your cup. Over time, it becomes a fight that you’ll never really win.

Just fighting to lose weight and obsessing over how far away your dreams are, the more you push against your current reality, the more you get stuck there.

And the longer you keep the battle alive, the more you create stress-based patterns in your brain.

We’re talking about the self-destructive, repetitive behaviors that get stuck on “repeat” and fuel your fire. And when a battle cry accidentally becomes your mantra, I bet you can guess what that does to your body and your brain.

You inadvertently create self-sabotage and resistance. And keeping those self-destructive patterns alive eventually overshadows your dreams.

Weight loss is not about holding on. It’s about letting go. So if you want to encourage your body to let go of what no longer serves it, shift from war to peace. Stop battling with your body, and build a partnership with it instead.

The path to bona fide freedom and sustainable weight loss is letting go. It’s freeing yourself from the need to lose weight. It’s about not beating yourself for being miles away from your goal. It’s about honoring your vision, appreciating where you are now, and taking the journey one step at a time.

Most of all, it’s about ending the battle with your body. And replacing control with connection.

Now, if this sounds out of left field to you, I get it. I was caught up in a war with my body for years. And I know that if someone would’ve suggested waving a white flag to me back then, I would’ve shut them down in a heartbeat.

Letting go is often a lot scarier than keeping the fight alive. But in the long run, it is the only strategy that works.

The truth is that 95% of traditional, control-based diets fail. The only ones that offer long-term change are based on empowerment instead of force.

The most beneficial plans are lifestyles more than strategies. They encourage deep personal growth and self-development instead of merely relying on a list of diet rules. (Rules that quite frankly do a lot more harm than good!)

Here’s the bottom line: there is something wrong with the traditional weight-loss system, and it’s NOT you. And today, you have an opportunity to flip the system on its head and free yourself from the chaos!

If you’re ready to make big things happen by letting go, I created something special just for you!

I’ve been where you are, and I get it. Ending a long-term feud with your body in favor of a peaceful new plan can be unnerving. Especially if you’re navigating new territory on your own.

But you’re not alone. I’m here to help you stop the fight, reconcile with your body, and take the first step toward Food Freedom Forever. It’s waiting for you at the training below! Grab it right HERE!

We’ve covered some pretty radical territory today, and I want to hear what you think! Do these ideas seem  “out there” to you, or is the idea of ending your body conflict like music to your ears?

Leave me a comment with any insights, a-has, or questions that came up for you! Can’t wait to hear what you think, and how we at Beating Binge Eating can help you find Food Freedom Forever!

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