Before You Choose Weight Loss for Your New Years Resolution, Read This…



Wooohooo we made it! Through one of the most change-filled years in my years on this planet, and I’m sure you can feel it too over there in your world!

As the holidays come to end, and we start to enter ourselves back into reality and the normal routine of life, it can be quite the transition, specifically if you’re struggling in the area of your body and food. 

I know for me the holidays were always taxing.

Triggers, food around that normally wouldn’t be, family members saying comments that might rub me the wrong way, my weight fluctuation and fearing what others who I hadn’t seen in a while thought about it, worrying about what others thought, attempts at controlling completely out of control situations, attempts at controlling myself around food which always lead to more bingeing, and so much more…

Then this day would come around, the day where I felt like I needed to start over or “get back on track” after the time off.

I’d plot and plan. I’d search for a solution outside of myself. I’d attempt to go back to something that worked in the past (or at least I thought it did).

I’d make commitments. I’d gather the motivation and will power.

I’d grocery shop, food prep, make promises to friends I dieted with about my plan and what I was going to stick to…

I’d tell myself this was going to be it.

Day 1 back would sometimes go ok, but then I’d get home.

If the cabinets weren’t completely empty (sometimes I’d throw or give everything away in fear of losing control), I’d search for anything I could eat. 

My body was screaming at me so loudly for fuel and the automatic patterns to binge were so engrained that I’d eat things I didn’t even like to satisfy the urge.

It was like something took over me…

Another person so to speak, and it’d almost make me do things that were addict like in order to quiet the urge that was there.

Once this urge happened there was no stopping it unless I ate.

The anxiety around it was so strong when I tried to fight it that oftentimes I’d eat just to shut it up and so the feeling would go away.

The rush lasted for minutes at most, and then the shame crept in…

The negative self talk, the disgust in myself, the disappointment in my lack of will-power.

And then the plotting on how to make up for it the next day.




Learn how to break this cycle here…

For 7+ years I refused to be easy on myself.

I refused to not punish myself.

I refused to let go of control.

I held onto trying eat and be “perfect”.

I muted myself and my power in so many ways through my rigid attempts of staying within the lines.

I thought it was all about the diet and the workout…

That if I could just get that right and muster up enough motivation and will power to stick to eat that this madness would stop…

Then for the next 4 – 5 years I thought it was because something was wrong with me, and tried nearly every method of personal development possible to break free…

Hypnosis, therapy, books, school, coaching, more school, studies….

Thinking that if I could just fix myself that it would stop…

and it didn’t.

Until I stopped.

Until I stopped beating myself and my body up…

stopped making resolutions, commitments, and promises to myself that came from a place of self rejection and trying to “fix” myself…

until I stopped with the insane control, that was doing NOTHING but controlling me and keeping me stuck.

Then I started…

I started to treat myself with love, honor, and respect,

started nourishing myself,

started seeking growth in the name of wholeness, balance, and self love instead of fixing…

started dissolving the link in my brain that was driving me to binge every night and conditioning me to live in fear,

and started to form new brain patterns and behavior that supported my new way of being.

This new way of being began to take on a life of it’s own.

One that was fueled with freedom, grace, and ease.

One that was free of shame, guilt, and control…

One that was filled with self love and acceptance and standing for what I deserve…

One that lead to my body going to it’s happy, healthy, and balanced place physically,

One that lead to my mental and emotional state being free from the bondage of the diet-binge cycle…

and one that lead to me being here, showing you and others how to step off the diet-binge roller coaster, and step into freedom.

My struggle is the one thing in my life that I’m most grateful for.

I know now that I wasn’t broken, and I know in my heart that you aren’t either.

I know that it wasn’t a will-power problem, and it never is.

I know that the constant search for answers outside of myself, and the control were exactly what were keeping me stuck for so long.

I know that no matter where you’re at, that you can experience this freedom too.

I’m not an anomaly.

I’ve helped 100’s of women successfully leave their struggle with binge and emotional eating behind, and transform their relationship with their body and food, for good.

I’ve seen these women leave binge eating behind completely, and I know that you can too.

I’m sharing this little personal story with you today for a few reasons:

1) To remind you to have some compassion on yourself post holidays. It’s a tough time for even the most normal of eaters, and it’s filled with triggers. It’s a common time to be pulled back towards old patterns and it’s ok if you were. Remember self care during these times. Maybe it was exactly what you needed to inspire you to try another way.

2)  Speaking of another way, I beg you, when evaluating the type of year you want 2017 to be, reconsider the focus on dieting, control, or restriction to lose weight.

The control only works short term at best, and will keep you stuck in the diet-binge cycle. Please do something different.

3) I wanted to inspire you and let you know that I know what’s it like. I know how scary it is to step away from the dieting and control.

I know what it’s like to say:

“I will nourish myself once the weight is off” or “I will love myself when I get to X weight or size” or “I’ll go on a date, go on the trip, __fill in desirable activity here___ once I I’m a different size.”

I know what it’s like to wait to live fully.

Please don’t do this.

Don’t sell the world short of your gifts.

You don’t have to be a certain weight or in certain shape physically to try a different way.

Even if it’s not my way that you decide to embark on, know that any resolution or commitment filled from self rejection, shame, guilt, criticism, control, dieting, or restriction is NOT sustainable, no matter who you are.

Know there’s another way, a proven way that works.

Know that you are worthy of food freedom forever no matter where you’re at.

Know that it’s possible no matter how lost you feel

4) And lastly, to share with you that DIETING IS DEAD. You’ll be hearing this theme a lot in the coming month here, because I’m committed to breaking you and others free of the diet-binge roller coaster that consumed my life for so many years.

In fact, we’re launching a free webinar training soon, and Dieting is Dead Challenge that I can’t wait to share with you soon, but in the meantime…

If you’re open to learning about why dieting is dead, and what you can do instead, then watch my free video training by clicking here.

Cheers to a year filled with freedom, grace, and ease not only with your body and food, but in all areas of life!

Sending you love, support, and a massive virtual hug for a kick ass 2017!

Health & Love,

Brittany Brown

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