Ask Yourself This Before Setting a Goal or Resolution


10 days into 2017! It’s about that time where we either finally getting back in the swing of things, or feeling disappointed because we had big plans to be “back on track” and have fallen short!

If you’re here, most likely your track has something to do with eating, moving, or our body at some level.

Our reasoning for changing or improving in these areas can often seem good at first glance, but when we boil down the WHY what’s really there?

Are your goals coming from a place of self-love and truly wanting what’s best for yourself and those in your life?

Or are they rooted in self-rejection and seeking perfection?

Are the methods you’re choosing to reach these goals fueled by freedom, grace, and ease…

or are they laden with fear, control, anxiety, and restriction?

Stepping back from the goal at hand and the methods you’re attached to in order to make it happen, if I asked you this:

How do you want to spend your precious days on earth?

and what’s more sustainable for your joy, bliss, health, and happiness?

Is it living your life in a state of hyper and control and fear…

or living your life in a state of ease and faith? Trusting yourself, your body, and the bigger plan…

I’m sure you’re mental alarms are going off now! Common objections to this are:

  • But once I’m a certain weight I will be happy…
  • But if I release control I will lose it completely…
  • I’ve tried having “faith” before and I’ve failed…

What if it’s not you that needs to be fixed?

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment, not the flower.”

What if it’s not the true you that has failed?

What if what you’re trying to do to “stick to” your diet, meal plan, work out plan, nutritional change is actually setting you up to fail?

What if it’s causing you to work against your body instead of with it?

What if it’s activating certain mechanisms  in your brain in your body that are causing you to overeat and think about food all the time?

What if more control isn’t the answer?

What if looking outside of yourself for your answers (diets, plans, a number on the scale…) isn’t the answer at all.

It’s not.

I’ve been fitness competition and photo shoot ready and refused to take pictures because I didn’t like the way I looked.

I’ve rejected myself when I’ve weighed 15 pounds less than I do today.

Peace doesn’t come when you’re “there”. It comes in appreciating every aspect of the journey, and finding internal peace with or without the squishy thighs.

It comes in dismantling the wall that’s standing between you and your power, and stepping into all that you are meant to be.

If you’re attempting to control or manipulate what you eat or your body in any way…

That is the wall!

The wall that’s standing between you and all you are meant to be!

Just like Kourtney, who’s 7 weeks into our program and all of a sudden tapping into her intuition to navigate life circumstances that used to knock her off her feet before.

You see, she always knew the answers, but when the struggle was at the forefront she was up in her head instead of following her heart.

Her body and the true her held the answers the whole time (just like yours do too), but all the societal BS, conditioning, and beliefs kept standing in her way.

If something is not working, the answer is NOT more will power, being harder on yourself, or not accepting yourself until you get to a certain goal.

That leaves us operating from a place of lack, activates the stress response in the body, leads to resistance, and quite frankly: doesn’t work.

It’s also no fun, and who the hell wants to live that way?

Over the next coming weeks I’m going to be giving you some tools to shift out of this old paradigm and into freedom.

The old paradigm is what’s standing in your way, it’s not you.

You just need to get out of your own way enough to try something new!

That does take faith and surrender, but it’s so so worth it.

After all, what’s the option? Living in the diet-binge cycle on repeat until the end of time? I did it for 12+ years: NO THANKS!

I made this free video training for you to step off the diet-binge roller coaster, and step into freedom:

Watch It Here

and stay tuned for the weeks to come, we have a lot more goodness, tools, and actionable steps in store for you!

Health & Love,

Brittany Brown

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