Think the scale helps you “stay on track”? Think Again…(Aka How to Use The Scale If You Want to Lose Weight)


There’s one small step you can take today to take one giant leap with your weight loss efforts.


STOP weighing yourself.

That’s right, get rid of the scale. It’s a direct step you can take TODAY to help you free you from the stress of the weight loss battle.

Now, that might sound crazy. Or maybe even too easy. Does the scale really affect your life THAT much?

But you’re anything like I was, you’re probably nodding “YES” right now!

I know how it feels to stumble out of bed in the morning, walk across that cold bathroom floor, and see that little contraption.

It feels like it’s just waiting to tell you if you’re going to have a good day or a bad day, all based on where the blinking number lands.

The truth is that little contraption on the floor packs quite the emotional punch. The scale can either leave you feeling empowered or can completely steal your joy.

So why is that gadget such an emotional gut-punch, and what can you do to take your power back from the metal box with the blinking light?

Watch The Video Below to Learn How You Can Take Your Power Back From The Scale

In my own experience and in working with clients, I’ve found two possible outcomes for the daily weigh-in. Let’s break those down here.

Situation That Sets You Up for Failure #1: Suppose that you’ve started a new eating plan. You’re feeling alive in your body and empowered with your food. And you can’t wait to get on the scale and be rewarded by a “good” number.

And then you step on the scale, and the number hasn’t moved. It might’ve even gone up a by a pound or two.

Just like that, a pesky little number turns your emotions upside down. And it triggers a rebound reaction. You think you may need to up your diet game, cut out this, and stop eating that.

Of course, you can guess where that leads.

You fly straight into battle mode. It’s back to restrictive thoughts, food obsessions, and a skewed body image.

And if you’re at all susceptible to binge and emotional eating like I was, you’re right back in that trap, too.

All of which ultimately leads back to weight gain. And just because of a blinking little number from the gadget on the bathroom floor.

Then again, this scenario might be possible, too:

Situation That Sets You Up for Failure #2: So you’re rocking your current eating plan. You haven’t binged in weeks. No more cravings, you’re eating “right,” and you’re feeling fabulous.

Then you step on the scale and presto! You’ve dropped a few pounds. All your efforts are paying off, and now you have proof!

You’ve got a winning formula with the clean eating, so you roll with it. What could possibly go wrong?

But then things take an interesting turn.

That clean eating enthusiasm turns to clean eating fixation. And before you know it, it’s all about what you can and can’t eat all over again.

If that course continues, you eventually fall back into those old cravings for the forbidden food. It leads you right back into survival mode.

And the binge, emotional, or overeating you sought to get rid of is back. With a vengeance.

Pretty crazy, right? But I’m guessing that you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The scale can trigger a cascade of wild emotions. And if you’re not ready to experience those feelings without holding onto them, the scale can ruin your day.

Think The Scale Helps You Stay On Track? Think Again…

I’ve come across some arguments in favor of the scale. Some people say that regular weigh-ins help them stay in control and on track.

But in my experience, both personally and with clients, the scale triggers emotional stingers that quite frankly aren’t worth it.

Anything that alters your behavior with food or affects how you feel about your body puts you in a vulnerable place. Whether it brings on feelings of extreme success or dismal failure, the scale pushes all the emotional buttons.

Now, if you can honestly say that the number on the scale doesn’t faze you at all, fair enough.

But if you’re feeling at all vulnerable to the emotional stingers it can give, having it around does more harm than good. To your weight loss efforts, your happiness, and your sanity!

So what do you to to take back your power from that crazy contraption?

The simplest solution of all is to just get rid of it!

Grab something that you can break your scale with, and go to town. Take it out to the front yard and smash it, declaring your freedom all the way.

Or if you prefer to be a little less theatrical, just throw it away! Or ask someone you trust to get rid of it for you.

Here’s the deal. Anything that negatively affects how you feel about yourself doesn’t deserve any space in your life.  If it steals your joy, kick it out.

Because at the end of the day, the scale only tells you what your relationship to gravity is. It has nothing to do with the REAL you.

You are NOT the number on the scale. You’re so much more than that. There isn’t a bathroom scale in the world that can measure how amazing you are.

What matters is how you treat yourself. How you treat others. How you show up in the world. And what you do with this amazing life that you have!

So don’t let that cold, random piece of metal that blurts out your relationship to gravity have any real say in your life. Not. Ever.

I know that letting go of the thing that “keeps you on track” is a lot to ask. That’s why I’ve created a gift for you!

Click at the link below for instant access to my FREE training. It’s designed to help you break free from the struggle with your body and your food–including the battle with the bathroom scale!

You can work with your body to achieve sustainable weight loss. It’s a matter of stopping the fight and working with your body instead of judging, shaming, or fighting it.

And for most of us, the scale is a device that makes us feel unnecessarily stuck.

So give yourself the gift of NOT weighing yourself. See how it feels for you. And take one more step closer to lasting, loving weight loss, and Food Freedom Forever!

Tell me, does chucking out your scale sound exciting and liberating, or terrifying? Do you have any fears or reservations about ditching this judgment device?

I’m here to help you ditch anything that stands between you and your power, so let’s talk about it!

Leave me a comment and tell me how it would feel to smash your scale TODAY! Are you ready for it, or are you not quite there yet?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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