Do These 3 Things for Summer Weight Loss (and Body Confidence year round!)


It’s summertime, and the living is supposed to be easy. But the season for sun, fun, and friends often brings stress, pressure, and disappointment instead.

It’s especially hard if you hear “summer” and automatically think bikinis, tank tops, and shorts.

If you hate the way your body looks, summer can give you an unfortunate ultimatum: either lose weight or endure a ton of summertime sadness.

Are you stressing about getting through the dress-down season in your current body? Believe me, you’re not the only one!

Back when I struggled with body confidence, I was living in Florida. Let me tell you, enduring the sunshine state culture and hating how my body looked did NOT mix.

I strived to have the Florida beach girl body, but the mirror never seemed to agree with my vision.

So every summer, I went off on a quest for the ideal rapid weight loss plan so I could look the way I thought I should in time for the summer.

Needless to say, the diet-binge-repeat cycle went to a whole new level from June through August.

I followed crazy restrictive diet plans all week, then turned around and binged at parties and barbecues (or home alone by myself) all weekend. That meant the Monday morning food hangovers were especially miserable.

Not exactly summer fun in the sun, right?

Please don’t do what I did…You deserve better than this summer!

Don’t sacrifice your summer stressing over how you look in a bikini or panicking to find the fastest 24-hour “miracle” weight loss cleanse.

First off, it won’t work in a way that actually lasts.

Secondly, it steals your joy and consumes your focus AND who wants that?!

Watch the video below where I show you 3 supportive ways to release weight, ditch the body stress, and actually enjoy your summer!

Step #1: Take care of yourself first (yes, that means EAT). Let’s face it. Diets are negative by nature. They focus on what you CAN’T have. It’s all about eliminating sugar, carbs, dairy–you name it, some diet out there cuts it out!

What happens when all you tell yourself is NO?

Eventually, your body and brain start believing that food must be scarce, so you better grab it while you can.

For example, what happens when you tell yourself, “I’m not allowed to eat bread because I’m trying to lose weight”?

Sooner or later, all you can think about is bread. All your body wants is bread. And when you finally give in, it turns into a bread free-for-all, right?

This is what I call “survival mode,” and the more you restrict your food, the more powerful it becomes.

Don’t cut calories to “save up” for summer parties, and don’t restrict your food just to look cute in a sundress. It’ll seriously backfire on all your weight loss plans.

Support your body with nourishing foods all summer long, and take survival mode out of the picture.

Step 2: Take a summer vacation from weight loss. I know, it sounds weird considering how I labeled this post…but I had to get you to read, didn’t I?! 😉

Why would I suggest taking a “vacation” from something you want?

Well, because too much weight loss focus will ultimately make your weight loss plan fall flat.

Think of it this way…

Consider what happens when you start a new diet. You’re bound and determined to succeed. You push yourself to follow the plan to the letter, no excuses.

But most of the time, the harder you push, the more your brain and body push back.

The more rules you force yourself to follow, the harder your brain and body will eventually rebound. It’s like pushing your body into a food rebellion–the more you restrict yourself, the worse the fallout when you do give up.

Like many endeavors in life, the harder you fight to get ahead, the further behind you get.

Your focus determines everything. So this summer, instead of focusing on forcing your body to fit that bikini, focus on something else:

Focus on feeling GOOD.

Eat supportive and refreshing foods that make you come alive.

Have fun with movement and exercise.

Enjoy being outdoors and take advantage of the sunshine. In short, make your summer fun again!

Why is this strategy so crazy effective?

The more you honor your body, the stronger your body connection becomes, AND the more you create a loving relationship with your food, the more weight you eventually release. (And without trying!)


So this summer, go on a quest to connect with your body instead of a quest to drop 20 pounds.

Step 3: Be real about why you want to lose weight. Everyone talks about wanting to lose weight. But think about it for a second. When it comes to slimming down, what’s your deepest motivation?

Sure, you might think that you just want to cute in a summertime outfit. But in my experience, the mirror or the scale alone is never the whole story.

So ask yourself this, and be totally real with your answer…

How do you really think your life will change when you lose weight? What deeper rewards do you believe will come from dropping a certain number of pounds?

Some people want to lose weight to feel more confident in their body, whether they’re wearing a bathing suit or a business suit.

Others believe that weight loss will bring inner peace to their mind, body, and spirit.

Still others think that dropping a dress size or two will simply make them happier.

Now, here’s my next question…

Do you have to wait to lose weight before you can feel confident, peaceful, or happy?

Sit with that question for a minute, and see what comes up for you!

This question was an eye-opener for me.

Back in the day, I made yo-yo dieting an Olympic level sport. I was all over the map with my weight, to say the least.

I’ve been 40 pounds heavier than I am now. I’ve also been 20 pounds lighter than I am today.
At the time I believed that the latter was my ticket to peace, confidence, and happiness.

But here’s where it gets interesting…

Whether the scale was up or down, I was never happy for very long.

When I was overweight, I fought to take that weight off. When I was at my thinnest, I panicked that the weight would come back.

It wasn’t until I decided to embody peace, confidence and happiness that I began to love my life.

And I decided to embody those feelings without waiting for the scale to hit a certain number.

How did I do it? I decided to feel all the positive feelings that I thought I’d get from weight loss. That meant doing things to make me feel peaceful, confident, and happy–none of which had anything to do with how I looked.

I stopped waiting for weight loss, and started feeling the way I wanted to feel.

Wouldn’t you know it–not only did I feel a million times better right away, but I also started to release weight effortlessly!

Coincidence? Definitely not.

If your happiness comes from outside of yourself, you’ll always be chasing a new external fix. The game will never end, and your joy will never last.

But if you can find confidence, joy, and happiness from within, outside circumstances (like the scale or the mirror) won’t control your life anymore!

So do me a quick favor and try this right now:

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and ask yourself what you believe losing weight will get you.

Identify the desired feelings that you think will come losing weight.

Then start taking action to embody them NOW, weight loss or not!

For example:

If you want more confidence, do something to boost your confidence that has nothing to do with weight loss.

Maybe that’s wearing your favorite power outfit or jamming out to a song that pumps you up. Whatever it is, use it to lift your confidence without waiting for weight loss!

Cultivate those positive feelings NOW, whether you lose weight or not. Don’t delay your happiness because you haven’t lost weight (yet)!

That’s my summertime challenge to you!

Please don’t let shorts, bikinis, and tank tops trigger you into crazy diets and fitness freakouts.

Instead, eat nourishing foods, honor your body, and focus on feeling good.

Take back your summer this year, and put these three steps to work for you!

I know this might sound challenging. But you deserve to have an amazing summer without any mirror or scale-based stress.

And the first step to summertime freedom is in the link below!

Be sure to click that link and get my free training! It’ll help you break free from cravings, overeating, and self-sabotage–and create a loving relationship with your body and your food!

Stop letting the scale determine your self-worth and happiness. My free training will show you how.

Once you’ve gotten your free training, join me in the comments below!

Leave me a comment and tell me two things…

  1. First, share what feelings do you believe you’ll get from weight loss success.
  2. Then, tell me one thing you’re going to do today to embody those feelings, weight loss or not!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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