The Thing That Gets in the Way of Lasting Weight Loss


You know the drill by now with most diets and exercise programs. They’re all about what to eat and how to move. And most of them stop right there with a little “mindset” work at best.

The conventional wisdom is that fixating over what’s on your plate and following a crazy gym schedule is what you need to succeed.

And there is no shortage of information out there to tell you what to eat, how to move, and how to do it “right.”

But tell me– have diet and exercise alone ever taken you all the way?

I struggled with what to eat and how to move for about 12 years. And the more I focused on my plate and my exercise schedule, the less in control I felt.

Turns out that obsessing over every bite and every workout wasn’t “working out.” In fact, it was stealing my power, triggering binge eating, and leaving me miserable.

But then I decided to look a little bit closer at my entire being–mind, body, and spirit. And I soon discovered that when it comes to lasting weight loss, how I was feeling was just as significant as what I was eating.

There was an emotional component to weight loss…something deeper “beneath the surface” that I’d been overlooking for years.

And when I learned how my inner being and physiology worked together, I was finally on my way to food freedom.

The way you relate to the world, yourself, and food from the inside out, and how you handle your emotions, your subconscious beliefs, and your internal state is actually a huge predictor of your relationship with food – and it’s the part of the story that most of us don’t talk about.

As all of these things come into balance – something like lasting weight loss can be a byproduct for most, if there’s weight to lose to get to where your body is comfortable and at it’s happiest!

Watch the video below where I share the deeper components of a normal easy relationship with food and lasting weight loss!

3 Deeper Components to A Normal and Easy Relationship with Food and Lasting Weight Loss Success

#1 – Hiding Behind Weight or Binge Eating for Protection: Maybe you want to lose weight at all costs. You’ll follow this advice or that plan–any means will justify the end result. Or so you think…

But what if you were secretly resisting what you say you want the most?

Maybe that sounds absurd. But sit with it for a moment. What would happen if your weight loss plans succeed?

Sometimes when people lose weight, they feel themselves more exposed. We’re talking about being more vulnerable to attention, being seen, and maybe even disappointment.

For example, one thing that used to trigger nasty bouts of binging in me was a breakup. When a relationship went south, I went straight for the food.

Back then I figured that it was just everyday emotional eating. I mean, doesn’t every girl turn to ice cream in the wake of a nasty breakup? (It almost seemed like an obligation or a rite of passage…)

But what I realized was that the post-breakup binging was not just about comfort food. It was helping me hide from the world.

The longer I stayed stuck in binge eating, the less I put myself out there on dating sites. The less I’d show up for social engagements. And the less I’d allow myself the opportunity for genuine connections with others.

We’re talking about hiding behind a wall of weight in an attempt to fix a broken heart. A wall that I thought would protect me from getting hurt again in the future.

Of course, you and I both know that extra weight doesn’t protect you from anything. But your subconscious mind can sometimes pull some serious trickery. It can make you take questionable steps in the name of staying “safe.”

And sometimes, it triggers you to put yourself through something as uncomfortable as binge eating in order to keep you “safe.”

So it’s entirely possible that you might say you want to lose weight, but be secretly sabotaging yourself for fear of how succeeding might change your life.

Emotional Factor #2: Where your feelings and your physiology collide. What do you do when you’re on a weight loss quest? You hit the gym. You cut your calories or control your food. You skimp on certain things and maybe obsess over every bite.

And no matter what you do, it’s not happening fast enough for you…

You still haven’t dropped those 20 pounds. You’re still not the size you think you should be. You still don’t like the reflection in the mirror.

Trust me, I know that feeling!

Where does all of that fighting, forcing, and insisting upon absurdly high standards take you? It turns your body into a big-time ball of stress.

And if there is anything that is the antithesis to weight loss, stress would be it. Let me explain what I mean by that…

The more you fight, the less you let go. Sounds obvious at first, right?

But the irony comes in when you understand that you’re putting up a fight in an attempt to let go of  weight. And you’re standing directly in your own way of success.

How does excess stress stunt healthy weight loss?

When your body is in a stressed-out state, your digestion becomes less efficient. Your metabolism gets sluggish. You build less muscle mass and store more fat, particularly around your stomach area.

Your body is in a tailspin of chaos. And it ends up clinging to the weight that you’re fighting so desperately to lose.

In other words, the more you push, control, and force your body into changing, the more it will fight to stay the same.

Fighting won’t help you lose weight and focusing intensely on weight loss creates chaos in the system.

Let go of the fight and work with your body instead of against it.

Reducing your stress, giving yourself compassion, and moving toward inner peace is what really will set you free.

Emotional Factor #3: Shifting your focus from weight loss to nurturing your body and working with it instead of against it.

I’m not saying that you have to release your desire to lose weight all together. If you want to lose weight, that’s ok.

But, remember all that stress we talked about in #2…that stress response that makes it impossible to release weight is increased by an intense and stressful focus on the outcome of watching the scale go down.

It’s ok to still want to lose weight, but one must put “weight loss” for its own sake back on the shelf so it doesn’t create more stress.

Along with stress, a focus on weight loss has you think about food more, have more cravings, and leads to all the the things that would make you gain more weight.

So – one must release the focus on weight to actually get to a place where your body can release it in a way that lasts.

Instead of doubling down and getting tunnel vision about a number on the scale, take the process one step further.

Start by healing your relationship with your body. Focus less on a set of numbers, and more on feeling fantastic and free in your own skin.

For example, instead of pushing your body to change, focus on nourishing your it with love and food that leaves you feeling great.

Instead of struggling to be a perfect size whatever, honor your body as it is now.

Instead of identifying as someone who “needs to lose weight,” reconnect with your true self and step into those feelings that you think weight loss will bring you RIGHT NOW.

When you reconnect with yourself, the deeper work becomes a lot more doable. You’ll have easier access to limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns, and have a better chance of letting them go.

That connection with your body is the key and you’ll be that much closer to the lasting success you’re dreaming about!

Weight loss is not a one-sided, linear game. It’s more than calories, macronutrients, and CrossFit.

The inner work is what will ultimately get you to lasting freedom and ease.  

You’ll feel more peaceful and calm throughout your day. And you’ll turn that relationship with your body into a lasting lifetime partnership.

What could be a more beautiful path to lasting weight loss AND freedom and ease with your body and your food?

Now, I know this is a lot to take in, especially if you’ve been on the traditional diet for years! Bringing in this deeper piece might be a big step for you, and I get that.

All you need to do is start returning to yourself. Take one step at a time to address your emotions and reconnect with your body. And along the way, you’ll find freedom with your body and your food.

If you need a little support in this area, I am here for you! I’ve led thousands of women through binge and emotional eating and on to freedom. I’ve turned around my struggle as well. And I’ve made you a video training to show you how I did it!

Click below to speak with someone on my team for a free breakthrough call! It’ll help support you in lasting weight loss, and living a life you love in a body that you adore.

Ready to feel at home in your body and free with your food? Click at the link below!

Once you have that training, leave me a comment below on this post and let me know what you think! Have you ever considered your emotional state in your weight loss endeavors, or is this a whole new idea for you? Do you believe that your feelings might be thwarting your success? Leave me a comment below!

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