Is Food Freedom Forever Too Good To Be True? How To Stop Doubting, Stop Dieting, and Start LIVING.


Last week, I shared a concept that has completely changed my life. It’s a philosophy and a practice that took me from serial dieting to lasting weight loss. And peace with my body and my food.

For real.

It’s called Food Freedom Forever. And since we talked about it, I’ve gotten tons of feedback, questions, and curiosities.

People have been asking what “Food Freedom Forever” means. What does it look like in the real world? Is it just another diet and fitness plan?

And most of all, I’ve been asked the ultimate question…

Is it even possible to free yourself from food-based madness for good?

Believe me, I hear you.

When I was trying to fight my way to peace with food, I heard a lot of this “food freedom” talk. And honestly, I thought that people who claimed to be “free” from food struggles were, quite frankly, lying.

Seriously, who eats what they want and doesn’t gain weight? Who goes through life without fear of weight gain or food hangovers? Who doesn’t dwell on food from the moment they wake up to the moment their head hits the pillow at night?

At the time, I knew that person was definitely NOT me.

So if you’re shaking your head and saying, “Yeah, right” to this idea right now, I hear you.

But believe me, you CAN find that kind of peace and ease with food. And I’m going to show you all the possibilities that this kind of freedom can create for you!

What would it feel like if you were free to experience life without fear of overeating or gaining weight? If you felt alive and energized, and food wasn’t holding your hostage, what would you do with that time and energy?

This week I invite you to entertain the possibilities. And I’ll show you how to make them real, too!

Is Food Freedom Forever possible for YOU? Let’s find out why the answer is YES…

Let me start by sharing something about Food Freedom Forever that might surprise you. Ready?

Food Freedom Forever isn’t actually about food. It’s not even about weight loss.

It’s about liberating you from the fight with food, and the struggle with your body.

It’s about being fully present in your life and living it to the fullest, every day. It means eliminating the struggle with food, and freeing up the space for something a LOT better.

There was a time, though, where this felt absolutely impossible for me.

At one point, I couldn’t make it through the day without binging. And I mean full-blown, over-the-top binging. Hitting multiple drive-thrus, ending up on the bathroom floor crying–binging to the extreme.

That went on for years, despite all of the conventional solutions I tried. And trust me, I tried them ALL.

Hypnosis. Therapists. Doctors. Coaches. Healers. Seminars. This diet book and that diet book.

I even got certifications in health and nutrition in hopes of healing myself.

NOTHING worked.  And needless to say, I felt broken, stuck, and hopeless.

But I found the way out, and how I’m going to show you how you can find Food Freedom Forever for yourself, starting today!

But instead of jumping right to strategy, we’re going to begin with a little bit of imagination.

I invite you to picture this…

Imagine waking up, feeling energized for the day ahead. You head for your kitchen and make a nourishing and satisfying breakfast from foods that you enjoy. No restrictions, no fear.

You then leave the house feeling free and peaceful, ready for a beautiful day.

Lunchtime rolls around. You have the option of going for all the sweet treats and snacks at your office, but instead, you eat what you brought from home. Not because you feel like you have to, but because you want to. You know it’s going to make you feel nourished and supported. And you enjoy every bite!

As you focus on your work, you feel clear-headed, energized, and productive.

At one point in the afternoon, you even decide to have one of those sweet treats in the break room. You savor it, too.

But when you’re done with it, you’re done. And you go on with your day.

In the evening, you return home. You greet your loved ones with a smile. You share stories about your day, and without worries about what you’re going to eat that night.

Then you prepare for an evening party. You open your closet, and you feel free to grab any outfit that calls to you. No fear of how it might look. You easily choose an outfit that makes you feel positive, confident, and happy.

You walk into the party and immediately connect with others. You talk, laugh, and have fun. And you’re not at all concerned with what awaits you on the appetizer tray.

When you’re ready, you help yourself to a few hors-d’oeuvres that look tasty. No worries about what you “can” or “can’t” eat.

You’re not worried about losing control. You don’t care what others might think of what is on your plate. You simply savor your food, the company you’re in, and the evening itself.

On the way home, you don’t feel the pull to every 24-hour drive-thru you pass. You don’t stop at a gas station for candy because you already “blew your diet” anyway. You go just go home.

At home, instead of raiding the cabinets, you choose another option. You lay in bed, relax, journal, read–something that helps you wind down.

Then you kiss the ones you love goodnight. And end your day feeling peaceful, empowered, and settled.

The morning comes, and you’re feeling clear-headed and energized. No food coma. No post-binge brain fog. You’re free to go through your day without feeling guilty about what you ate yesterday, or afraid of what you might eat today.

THAT is Food Freedom Forever.

But that’s just the beginning of what Food Freedom Forever could bring!

Believe it or not, food anxiety can stand between you and a lot of beautiful experiences. Let’s talk about some of the less obvious benefits of Food Freedom Forever…

For example, how about viewing vacations through the Food Freedom Forever lens?

I used to go on crash diets right before vacations and lose as much weight as possible, only to binge like crazy when I got there. I packed set of “bloated” clothes, knowing I’d need the expanding pants at least once during the trip.

Even worse, throughout my time off, I was either panicked about what I was going to eat, or managing a post-binge brain-fog due to how much I ate.

And through it all, I missed every moment of my own vacation.

Now, when I go on vacation, I pack one set of clothes. I eat when I’m hungry. I stop when I’m full. And I never let food fear distract me from my vacation time!  

Then there are holidays. Nothing quite like enjoying holiday meals without fearing a food hangover. Or eating Christmas cookies with my family without worrying that I’ll sneak back into the kitchen and eat the remaining cookie dough in one sitting.

Then, there’s another area that’s not quite so obvious. Relationships.

I remember the days when I was afraid to get out there, meet people, and go on dates. My biggest fears?

I worried that because I binged the night before, my face would be swollen and I’d look terrible. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to button my jeans, and I’d look as bloated as I felt. I worried about the reaction I’d get if a guy saw me without a shirt and judged how big my stomach was.

In other words, I worried that I wouldn’t be good enough to impress anyone. So why even try?

For so many years, I avoided dates. I canceled vacations. I hid at family functions. I missed out on what could’ve been a lot of joy in my life.

That’s what could happen if you let food rule your life. But then again, think of what could be possible if you decided to take your power back!

What would you have more time to pursue? With whom could you deepen a relationship? What opportunities that you used to say NO to could you finally say YES to?

Think of what you could do if you stopped stressing about what’s on your plate, and started to LIVE again!

Now, here’s the thing. No matter where you are right now, you can have this kind of freedom. No matter how long you’ve struggled, it’s never too late to set yourself free.

We’ve worked with women of all ages–we even had a recent client in her 70s who ended her struggle with food! So age, experience, or the number of years you’ve felt stuck doesn’t matter.

And you don’t have to be a full-blown binge eater to benefit from Food Freedom Forever, either!

Even if your struggle is with simply with weight or body image, this will change your life. If all you want is a happier relationship with food, this is also for you!

The bottom line is this.No matter how big or small your battle is, you deserve to be free.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and losing any precious time to an unnecessary struggle is too much to ask.

Take it from someone who has been through it all.

I’ve found myself sobbing on bathroom floors after binges. Being told by professionals that I was beyond help. Believing that my self-worth was tied directly to my weight, and creating a prison of self-rejection.

I had health conditions. Metabolic disturbances. Anxiety. Depression. All kinds of odds stacked against me.

But through it all, I found the way to Food Freedom Forever. And I KNOW that you can, too!

Freeing women from food struggles is my life’s passion. In fact, I’ve already helped thousands of women find their way to freedom!

And all of that experience has now culminated into a system that I know, from the bottom of my heart, will help you find the freedom you deserve, too.

And if you’re ready, I’ll help you take the first step on your journey today!

Click the link below and get instant access to a free training led by me, in which I walk you through the pillars of Food Freedom Forever.

I show you, step-by-step, what Food Freedom Forever is all about, and how you can start putting the principles to work for you right NOW.

Grab this special gift and take your first step toward a new life TODAY! Click the link below and start your journey instantly!

You deserve to feel free in your body. You deserve to go through life being fueled by food, not ruled by food. Let me show you what an amazing life you could have when you embrace Food Freedom Forever!

So what do you think? Does Food Freedom Forever sound too good to be true, or the miracle you’ve been waiting for? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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