Trusting the Process


I went skydiving for my very first time. I thought I was going to be very afraid when I woke up on that morning but I wasn’t. Then I told myself I would get nervous on the two hour car ride to the facility; two hours later and no nerves at all.

I started filling out the release forms once I arrived, and upon signing off on my life and watching a 20 minute presentation of all the possibilities of malfunction and dying, a few fears crept in, but I quickly flipped them and remained bizarrely calm.

I figured that I’d start feeling nervous as I was getting geared up…nope, perfectly calm. Then I was like, “ok as I’m boarding the plane that flies up with no door what I’m about to do will really hit me”… excitement did start to set in, but no nerves. I knew though, when I looked down from the open door, feet hanging out and starring at the ground 14,000 feet below, in no control of what was about to happen, that I’d freak out…turns out that I didn’t.

When I got to the open door and looked down the guide grabbed the edge of the plane and threw us out all while doing a flip. My stomach dropped and my immediate internal dialogue was “God has my back, let’s do this!” Not one bit of fear crept in, but a huge rush of excitement and gratitude swept over me almost immediately. I was flying.

The only thing I can attribute to this calm sense of knowing everything was going to be just fine is trust.

Trust that everything will work out exactly as should. Trust in the greater plan. Trust in my purpose on this earth. Trust that my purpose was too big for anything to happen to me. Trust that if something did happen to me, that whatever was waiting for me was filled with so much peace and beauty that I wasn’t scared of it.

There was a time when I didn’t live this way. I lived in fear. I was constantly overthinking and always seeking outside comfort in food, dating, partying, attention seeking, overworking and more. I was also stuck and searching outside of myself for answers in personal development books and courses, as well as diet and fitness programs.

I’d stick to a plan for a little then I’d revert right back to my defeating behavior. I always felt broken like I needed to change. Fear and control ran the show because I didn’t look underneath at my limiting beliefs and was always going for the superficial fix.

When you are living in fear and control there is no trust and also no freedom. I am fueled by freedom, so as you can imagine this was a moral problem for me. So much so that I set out on a journey that has guided me to freedom, and brought me here to you.

I want this freedom for you too.

When someone who is struggling with their body and food originally reach out to me, they usually come to me absolutely terrified…

Scared of not healing…

Scared of always struggling

Scared of what may happen if they beat the struggle…

Scared of who they may lose in the transformational process…

Scared of the parts of themselves they may discover along the way…

Scared of being unworthy and unlovable until they’re “fixed”…

Scared of who they are….

Scared of losing who they are…

Scared of what will happen if they let go of their old ways of restriction and dieting and step into new ways of freedom…

Scared of never losing weight…

Scared of their bodies and what people think about them…

Scared of freedom…

Oftentimes, fear like this will paralyze you from taking action and keeps you in the same defeating struggle of binge and emotional eating. That’s where I step in.

Society and cultural influence are like the release forms they made me fill out before jumping. Those forms are written to protect the organization, and have their best interest at heart. Beauty standards, marketing monsters and the diet industry have their own best interest weaved throughout their agenda too.

Their interest keep you stuck in fear, feeling like you’re broken and need to be fixed, and always searching for an answer outside of yourself when the answers have been inside of you all along.

The statistic that 95% of people that go on a diet will gain the weight back that they lost, plus gain back more, is a very real statistic that keeps people constantly going back to the diet industry for more, and leaves you constantly feeling defeated and failing.

Are you ready to break the cycle? Are you ready to end the struggle with food and your body for good?

It is time you learn to trust. To trust yourself, to trust your body to heal and support you, and to have faith in a process that is completely different than what you’re used to.

This process is one filled with love and nourishing your body, versus hate and beating it into submission.

This process is one that gets lasting results and ends in total life transformation and possibility.

This process is filled with patience (trust me, I know…it’s not my strong suit either), vulnerability and compassion.

In this space of trust, love, and compassion you can find true freedom because you know that in your heart everything is coming together exactly as it should regardless of the detours along the way.

You don’t need more tactics or another diet. You need love and trust.

As you give yourself and your body more love and trust she will meet you, and you’ll get the results you’ve been impatiently going after for so long.

If you’ve been operating from fear, control and hate for quite some time then I know this can be difficult.

I remember feeling so lost that my body and myself around food felt like the LAST thing I could ever trust.

So if you can’t trust yourself just yet, then trust me when I say…

You were NOT put on this earth to struggle.

You are totally worthy of food freedom forever!

Sometimes it takes an outside party to see your blind spots and cut through the confusion. Someone to guide you to reconnecting with the all knowing power within you, and to recondition and reprogram all of the BS that you’ve been fed by industries that don’t have your best interest at heart, or by people who might have not known better over the years.

If you are committed, and I mean truly committed to transformation, it’d be my honor to partner up with you and show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re ready to beat binge and emotional eating and radically transform your relationship with yourself, your body, and food then I invited to you Schedule a complimentary Strategy Call with me or someone on my team by clicking here.

We’ve been in the ins and out of the struggle, and can show you a step-by-step blueprint to break free!

Health & Love,





Brittany Brown

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