You Overate, Now What: What to Do After a Binge in 7 Steps


I know the feeling all too well. Waking up the day after a binge, foggy minded, food hangover, bloated, water retention, puffy eyes, clothes feeling tighter, not wanting to get out of bed…

And those are just the physical symptoms. How about the emotional and mental…sadness, guilt, shame, criticism, disappointment in yourself, fear if never beating this, fear of gaining weight….

Then the plotting…

“How will I make up for what I did last night?”

“What can I eat today to “get back on track”?”

“Another day of starting over, I’m going to eat ___ now, and ___ later and I can get this weight off in a day if I work out…”

Looking at the gym class schedule… “What cardio can I do to sweat the most? Will I have time for the sauna?”

Looking at diets online….“Ok if I stick to this diet, I can lose X pounds this week and next, which means I will be X weight by the holiday party…”


Every one of those methods (and many more) lead me right back to the diet binge cycle which kept me trapped for years. Control, restriction, and any manipulating of your body from a place of force and fear will not work, in fact the attempts at control are exactly what prompt the binges or overeating sessions in the first place.

Dieting is Dead, and I talk about why it doesn’t work in this blog post here

If you’re ready to officially step off the diet-binge roller coaster for good, and want to know exactly what to do after a binge, then here are 7 simple steps to kick start your journey to food freedom forever!

I will be going into these and more in detail in our Holiday Eating Survival Guide Q&A and Training Call Series! Reserve your spot by clicking here<<


What to Do After a Binge


1. Treat Your Binge as an Isolated Incident, Not Starting Over

You’ve been at this for a while, I get it. One step back feels like you’re standing at the bottom of a mountain and have the entire thing to climb but that’s simply not the case. You ate a lot, that’s it. It does NOT mean that every step you’ve moved forward until this point is invalidated. It doesn’t mean that you gained so much weight and you’ll never release it. It just means that there’s a little further to go, something to learn, something to shift, and you can use all of your momentum and progress before that’s worked before to serve you now. Focus on how far you’ve come, instead of how far you have to go.

What can you acknowledge yourself for? What have you learned so far? What can you use from your journey to support you in this moment?


2. Recognize the Binge Means NOTHING About You

When you truly understand where your urges to binge come from (these videos will help: Part One & Part Two) that you can see that they are coming from automatic patterns in a portion of your brain that’s not actually where your personality and higher consciousness is stored. That’s the true you, and unfortunately your programming in the levels of your brain that are responsible for automatic behavior is just a little off and has formed an automatic pattern called binge eating.

When you can separate yourself from the incident and be objective about it, instead of judging yourself and making yourself feel like a bad person, you’ll get freedom to learn and move forward. We go into detail in this process in our Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Program and this is one of the main reasons why our clients have such a huge success rate.

There is nothing wrong with you! You are not broken. There’s nothing to fix. You’re just disconnected from your power in this department, and with the right system you can restore it.


3. Foster Belief In Yourself

Beliefs are the blueprint and fabric of our reality. If you have underlying fears and limiting beliefs like:

  • I’m not good enough to do this
  • I’m not worthy of love, success, and happiness
  • I’ll never break free from binge eating this is my struggle
  • I never follow through with anything I won’t be able to follow through with this
  • I always fail I might as well not try

And more, you’re literally creating a self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself that will always pull you back to old self-sabotaging behavior. Aside from shifting brain patterns, working through limiting beliefs is one of the most instrumental parts in the process of freedom from binge and emotional eating, that’s why we focus an entire week in the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Program on shifting these!

In short, you and your results stem from what you believe about yourself at a subconscious level so it’s very important to be committed to working day in and out to fostering belief in yourself and nurturing empowering beliefs that set you up for a fun, fulfilled, and freedom fueled life!

You are worthy of food freedom forever, and you are capable of it no matter where you are on your journey.


4. Focus on Nourishment

Restricting, making up for what you ate, or intense control over what you’re eating is most likely the exact thing that got you to the binge in the first place. Even if you want to skip breakfast the next day, having a nourishing balanced breakfast and meals (and no this doesn’t mean super clean, low carb, or anything of the sort) is absolutely imperative for your success. If anything you’ll want to eat a little more than normal the next day, in a balanced way, to ensure your brain doesn’t think you’re restricting and kick on your survival mechanisms that will drive you to eat. This goes for not only releasing caloric restriction, but you want to be easy on yourself mentally and emotionally too which we will talk about in step 6!

For this step, focus on what you can have and what you can give yourself that will make you feel really good instead of what you’re cutting out. Cutting out anything will trigger another binge. Willpower is non-existent when survival mechanisms are activated because of restriction, and nourishment will help you stop fighting your body, and start working with it.


5. Self Care

How is punishment and self-criticism working out of you? Sit with that for a second.

Ok, you see? What’s the definition of insanity…Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

It’s time to break the cycle. We’ll talk about the mental and emotional side of this in step 6, but for this step know we are talking about action. Sometimes the mind will take a little longer to release things and process things emotionally, so you’ll want to nourish and care for yourself and your body as you are doing the internal work to release what happened and move on in an empowering way.

How can you take care of yourself? How can you nourish yourself? How can you recover? How can you relax?

Self-care is in the outward expression of love for yourself and this struggle will never be transformed with more fear, criticism, punishment, and blame…only with more love.


6. Compassion and Forgiveness

You’re human. You’re messy. We all are. Welcome to the club, there are about 7.5 billion of us crazies running around on this spinning rock that’s flying through space rotating around a ball of fire.

After the dust has settled, and you’re out of the emotional spiral, it’s time to forgive. You are doing the BEST that you can, with the information that you have right now. There are biological, physiological, mental, and emotional systems at play that contribute to the cycle of binge eating. It’s not as simple as having the will-power to stop, there’s more.

It’d be my absolute honor to fill you in on what that is in a personalized Strategy Call so you know the exact phases to move through for food freedom forever, in a personalized way. If you’d like your own step-by-step blueprint to break free from binge and emotional eating, you can reserve your spot for a call here

If you’re not ready for that, that’s ok. Know you are so capable, so so so capable. Know also that you can be in freedom zone, and have something come up that may pull you to a place that you thought you’d never go again and that’s ok, you’re human. Normal eaters overeat sometimes too. It doesn’t mean anything about you. You’re still beautiful, enough, complete, whole and worthy of food freedom forever. You were NOT put on this earth to struggle, you are meant for more!

A really great exercise for practicing forgiveness is writing a letter to yourself. Have it out with yourself first, and then really try to view yourself with compassion, tapping into the reasoning, seeing your own point of view for why this happened, and make amends. There is so much power in releasing anger and moving forward from a peaceful place of working with yourself instead of against yourself.

Bonus: As you practice compassion and release thoughts of guilt, fear, and shame, your body and brain move out of stress and survival mode and this entire process becomes easier!


7. Process and Learn

Finally, once the emotions have subsided, there may be a lesson to learn….

Are there some emotions coming up that haven’t been dealt with?

Is there something you’re avoiding by binge eating?

Is there something you’re hiding from that this cycle keeps you subconsciously safe from?

Have you been eating enough regularly?

Have you been taking an “all or nothing” approach that’s setting you up for this cycle?

Did you pause before and try to separate yourself from your urge?

How can you do this in the future?

How can you use what you learned to set yourself up for success?

and if you need any support, we are here for you!

Health & Love,





Brittany Brown

PS: We know the holidays can be tough however it doesn’t have to be! We are here for you!

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