Did You Overdo The Turkey Dinner? 4 Ways To Bounce Back From Overeating Without Food Shaming


If you’re reading this shortly after it was posted and you’re here in the USA, that Thanksgiving dinner is probably fresh in your mind (and quite possibly your stomach, too…)

And just like football and family, it seems that one of the grand traditions of Thanksgiving day is overeating which is unfortunately followed by a massive food hangover.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Whether you meant to or not, you fell into a big-time gorge session at the table.

And your next thought is to just keep the food train rolling. After all, you already blew your diet, right? Might as well just keep eating…

Then, there’s the post-feast aftermath.

Suddenly, you feel the need to atone for all those dietary sins. So it’s strict food crackdowns or ideas of “starting back over on Monday”, right!?

Of course, you probably know where shaming, restriction, and dieting get you. Right back to binging.

So you end up on this diet rollercoaster from Thanksgiving through January first. Then the New Year’s resolutions come around and. And you’re convinced that you’ll stick to the plan, get in shape, and lose that holiday weight. For reals.

Of course, those promises usually don’t even make it to Super Bowl Sunday…

Just like Pumpkin Spice lattes and Black Friday sales, so many of us repeat the same Thanksgiving “traditions” year after year.

How would you like to break that seasonal cycle once and for all? If that sounds good to you, read on!

Because let’s get real. What most of do to to manage our food at holiday time doesn’t work.

Depending on sheer “willpower” is NOT the answer. Forbidding yourself from having that piece of pie or that extra serving of mashed potatoes will only throw fuel on the food-bender fire.

But how do you get through overindulgences at holiday dinners without punishing yourself to get back on track?

Today I’m sharing how to handle overeating in a fresh, new way, no matter what time of year it is!

No more fighting overeating with more overeating. No more paying for what you ate yesterday by starving yourself today. And no more off-the-chain workouts to compensate for turkey overload!

We all know from years of experience that those things don’t work. And it’s time to take on an old problem with a new attitude.

Let me show you how to bounce back from a food hangover the healthy and loving way–no food shaming required!

Step 1: Fuel yourself right (even if you over fueled last night). I know how it sounds. Like fighting fire with fire, right? But the truth is that the way to stop binge eating really is to eat more.

Now, I’m not saying to go binge again after a binge!

What I do mean is that you need to give your body what it needs in every moment. Even in the aftermath of a binge.

It might sound strange, but when you come off of a food bender, it actually leaves you more susceptible another one. You’re in a vulnerable place, and doesn’t take much set yourself off again.

But the answer isn’t slapping yourself with starvation to keep yourself in line. That kind of restriction can just as easily lead you to a repeat binge session.

All you need to do is sit with your body. Listen to what she tells you. And give her what she needs to properly refuel, and to restore balance.

That might mean more food, hydration, rest–any number of things.

But don’t starve yourself. Don’t deny yourself any food at all because you had too much last night. Be gentle, listen carefully to your body, and refuel yourself lovingly.

Step 2: Add in things that bring you back to life. When you’ve gone overboard with food, it can make you feel like garbage. And your first instinct might be to clear said garbage out of your system with a full-on fasting session.

But like we said in Step 1, cutting your calories to crazy low levels will only stress your body out more, no matter how tempting that green-juice fast might sound.

So here’s the best-of-both-worlds solution: in addition to eating adequately, add in foods that make your body feel fresh and alive.

Maybe for you, that’s a green juice or an extra side of veggies or fruit. Or a maybe including a side salad with a balanced meal. Anything that makes you feel revived, alive, and balanced.

Adding in a few nutrient-rich, alkalizing foods will do some legitimate damage control in your body. They’ll help you get your vitality back a lot faster and more effectively. And you’ll start feeling more like yourself a lot more quickly!

Step 3: Love yourself (instead of punishing yourself). Sure, a rigorous workout is a way to show your body that you care for it. But a trip to the gym shouldn’t be a means of torture for bad food behavior.

Or to put it another way, you don’t need to go on a workout binge today because you fell into a food binge yesterday.

Just like with food, when it comes to movement, treat yourself with respect. Listen to your body, and give yourself the kind of movement that you need.

Maybe that’s a walk. It might be a trip to the gym. It could mean getting some extra rest. Sometimes just stepping outside for a breath of fresh air is all it takes!

Bottom line: do what your body calls you to do, not what the exercise fanatics or the Instagram fitness models are preaching. Honor your needs first, and you won’t go wrong.

And speaking of “wrong….”

Step 4: Don’t make yourself wrong for overeating. So you overate last night. But you know what? That doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t mean that you’re broken, flawed, or weak.

It just means that you overindulged. Everyone does it from time to time, and you don’t need to feel ashamed!

So when the morning after comes, treat the binge like an isolated incident rather than an indictment of your character.

The truth is that you are a strong, powerful, and amazing person. And overeating incidents don’t determine your worth. It happens. Acknowledge it, take care of yourself, and let it go.

So there you have it! Four ways to free yourself from the side effects of overeating and get yourself back to peace and balance.

The take-home message with all of these tips is to follow your own inner guidance system.

Because when it comes to it, your body knows what it needs. And the solutions are all within you.

All you need to do is listen, and work with your body instead of fighting it. Especially when it needs a little love after a rough night with food!

Don’t let the Thanksgiving table (or any other holiday gathering) make you feel the post-binge shame spiral. Take your power back, love yourself, and get back to balance when you need to!

Of course, this isn’t your usual “get back on track” post-holiday binge advice.

Back when I struggled with my body and my food, bouncing back from a binge was a full-scale battle. The worst part was that I was conflicted.

I knew what my body needed to recover, but I was hung up on what I thought I should do, according to everyone else. And I was stuck in that conflict for over 12 years.

(Worst of all, it wasn’t just at Thanksgiving–it was any time a big meal was in the picture!)

But I found my way to freedom, and went on to help thousands of other women do the same for themselves. And I can show you how to free yourself, too!

Click on the link below and get immediate access to my free training on ending the battle with your body and taking back your power with food!

It’s a step-by-step system that will help you let go of food stress once and for all–and finally feel alive, happy, and comfortable in your body.

Not only does it come in handy during those food-based holidays, but it works anytime you need to retrieve your power with food!

Get that training at the link below!

Can you relate? Have you ever overdone it at Thanksgiving (or on any day), only to overdo strict diet and exercise in hopes of getting back on track? How did that work out for you (because I could tell you a few stories how it worked out for me…)

Give these tips a try if you find yourself facing a food coma after that Thanksgiving food-fest!

And be sure to leave me a comment and share which one of these tips worked the most effectively for you. And if you need further support in this arena, let me know what I can do to help you navigate Thanksgiving meals with confidence and ease!

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