3 Reasons Why Change Is Hard, And How To Blast Through Resistance To Create The Life You Desire


Getting motivated at the beginning of a journey is easy. The hard part is staying with it when the middle gets messy, and typically…shit hits the fan right before the big breakthrough.

That goes for all kinds of change, including your body-food relationship.

The truth is that at some level, we all technically know at least a few steps of what it might take to change our lives.

The question is…if we know some of the how, why don’t we just DO it?

After years of helping women make lasting changes in their body-food relationships (and doing the same for myself), here’s what I’ve learned…

Even if a change is for the better, it’s still a change. It’s stepping into the unknown instead of sticking with what you know.

When you challenge the status quo–even if it’s for your benefit–the internal pushback is inevitable. Sometimes it’s enough to make you stop, turn back, and go back to what you know.

Even if it’s something as painful as binge eating.

Does this mean that resistance and roadblocks will keep you stuck forever? Not if you know what to do when fear and doubt try to stop you!

Lasting change isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Find out how to get past resistance, move beyond your comfort zone, and step into the ultimate version of you in the video below!

So why does lasting change feel so difficult, even though it’s what we say we want? There’s a lot of reasons for self-sabotage, but I’ve narrowed down the top three roadblocks.

I break them all down here, and show you how to stop them from stopping you!

Roadblock #1: Getting lost in overwhelm. Sometimes you feel ready for change. You’re determined to become the “new you,” and you’re convinced you can do it overnight.

That’s when things usually go a little haywire…

You get the idea that change is all-or-nothing, so you better get it all in TODAY, or it won’t count.

When it comes to changing your body-food relationship, gurus and celebrity coaches sell this idea big-time.

They tell you that you need to overhaul your life for real change to happen, and do it immediately if not sooner.

Then they sell programs that make you implement a million changes quickly. Why? So you can get the fastest results possible.

Sure, you might keep up for a while. But eventually, it feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest every day.

Then reality hits, and overwhelm is right behind it. Eventually you quit, and you’re back where you started. No progress, no change.

Programs like these demand so much change in so little time. They might give you fast results, but eventually, too much too soon catches up with you. So not only are you back where you started, but you’re also disappointed by another failure.

But here’s the truth…

Lasting change happens one step at a time. We’re talking about baby steps, not leaps and bounds.

Here’s an example of what that might look like…

Maybe you want to support your body with nourishing food. But instead of forcing yourself to go from processed foods to a diet of broccoli and sprouts overnight, do this…

Grab a pen and paper. Write down every step and part of implementing more nourishing food into your life.

Your list might include things like: eating more vegetables, having more nourishing breakfasts, or drinking more water. Whatever comes up, write it all down.

Then choose one step, and add it to your daily routine.

Stick with that step for a week or more, until you get some momentum. Then when it starts feeling like second nature, add another action step from your list.

Do this once a week, and watch the change unfold slowly but surely!

Imagine if every week you added in just one new step. That’s 52 new supportive habits you’d create in a year!

Even if you implement steps every other week, that’s still 26 new life-changing actions. How incredible would that be?

You don’t need to climb a mountain on the first day. Just take one step at a time, and make every step count. THAT is the way to lasting change.

Roadblock #2: Real change is going to come with some resistance. Embrace it. Let’s take a moment for an undeniable truth when it comes to change.

Lasting change is NOT easy.

It means shifting the physical, neurological, chemical and emotional patterns that you’ve had all your life. It’s pretty much a radical rewiring of your system.

No big thing, right?

But here’s the cool part. It can be done.

It just takes time, patience, and dedication! So give yourself a break. You’re human.

You don’t plant a seed and then see a flower the next day. A caterpillar doesn’t move from a cocoon to a butterfly in a moment. Change in your life works the same way!

Conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to build a new habit. Honestly, I believe that’s about the time it takes for a new habit to even start feeling normal.

If you’re integrating major changes, it’s more like 4-5 months for things to feel truly second nature.

That may seem like a long time – But you know what? You’re worth that time investment. This is the rest of your life we are talking about here.

Change most effective when it’s step-by-step and incremental. There’s a dying off of the habits that don’t support you while leaving space to cultivate the things that move you forward.

So just know that you’re bound to run into resistance through those four months while your brain, body, and emotions upgrade. Give yourself a break, and keep going.

Roadblock #3: Don’t mistake setbacks for failures and quit. Change is about embracing the unknown. But that doesn’t mean that your brain is quick to get on board.

Your brain’s job is to keep you from danger, and as far as it’s concerned, change just might equal death.

That means that with change comes resistance. And with resistance comes setbacks.

Sometimes those setbacks feel like failures.

When that happens, it’s like a one-two punch. You believe not only that can you can’t change, but also that change is scary, so you better not risk it.

Of course, none of this is true!

Fears, doubts, and setbacks are normal when you’re on a new path. Just remember that they don’t mean STOP. In fact, resistance is often an indication that you’re doing something right!

But what do you do when setbacks try to trick you into going back to your old ways?

Acknowledge your feelings, honor your experience, but keep going anyway. Even if you take smaller steps forward for awhile, it’s the “forward” part that counts!

Growing pains will happen. Slow down and rest along the way if you need to. Rest and recovery aren’t the same as resignation and giving up, so treat yourself with kindness as you go!

In the end, change is a process. It’s also an experiment, and it could be fun, if you allow it to be! Treat it as a curiosity rather than a threat, and keep taking the steps one day at a time.

I hope this gives you some insight about lasting change, and that it inspires you keep going through all the resistance. Remember–it takes time, patience, and dedication, but you’re worth it!

If you’ve been struggling with change, especially with your body-food relationship, I’m here to help. Click the link below and grab my free training!

You’ll learn even more about why you resist change, and how to move through it with grace, ease, and success.

How do you feel when you come up against resistance to changes, even when it’s a change you genuinely want?

Leave me a comment and share what hangs you up the most in making lasting changes–I’m here to support you and get you on the road to Food Freedom Forever!

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