You Know How To Lose Weight–Why Isn’t It Happening? The REAL Reason You Can’t Change (And How To Change That!)


You have all the tips, tricks, and tools from all the weight loss gurus. You’re inspired, you’re motivated, and you’re raring to go. THIS time, you’re going to lose weight. For real.

But then the rubber meets the road. And just like that, all of your good intentions go right out the window. And you’re back to raiding the refrigerator at the end of the day.

You know what to do intellectually. But for whatever reason, you can’t follow through. Maybe you can keep it going for a day, a week, maybe even a month or two.

But sooner or later, you’re back where you started. No better off than you were a year ago…and maybe even worse off.

Pretty discouraging, to say the least!

Back in the day, I would wake up every morning feeling motivated, dedicated, and ready to take charge. I was going to stick to the diet, lose weight, and feel amazing.

Well, honestly, let me rephrase that…

Most days I woke up feeling bloated, exhausted, and ashamed after what I ate the night before. But then a switch would click, and I’d spring out of bed, ready to give that diet thing another try. And I would make it work this time!

But at the end of every day, I was elbow deep in a bag of chips. Again.

If this sounds at all familiar to you, read on!

It didn’t matter how many times I tried to change. It didn’t matter how much cutting edge diet and fitness information I had. Despite all of my knowledge and all my good intentions, I couldn’t change. At all.

It wasn’t until I learned what I’m about to share with you that the weight came off, and has stayed off for over five years.

(And spoiler alert: it wasn’t because I found a better diet!)

Just because you’ve never succeeded before doesn’t mean that you can’t change NOW. Let’s talk about why you keep hitting the diet wall, and how you can knock that wall down for good!

If you’re new to my community, let me share a little background!

For years, I’ve helped women who’ve struggled for years with binge and emotional eating. Women who have tried to change, but could never make it stick.

I know this pathway because I’ve walked it myself.

I know how frustrating and hopeless it feels to know what you need to do, but feel powerless to make it happen.

It makes you feel defeated, broken, and beyond help.

But what if I told you that repeated diet failures doesn’t mean any of those things? All they mean is that you’re subject to the same fears as every other human being on the planet.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Let’s say that right now you’re considering a big change. Something like making peace with your body and your food.

Maybe you’ve been here on the blog (or our YouTube channel) and you’ve heard about our Food Freedom Forever program. And you’ve got an inkling inside that it might be the answer for you.

But then your mind kicks in, and the fear follows. Your inner self-talk starts telling you that it won’t work for you. That you’ve tried things like this before, and they’ve always failed.

You were considering a possible solution, but then you don’t take action. Fear and inner self-talk stops you from taking the leap. And your life stays the same.

What stops genuine and lasting change faster than anything else?

It’s this little thing called the upper limit. (Aka the “comfort zone.”)

It’s a familiar space that puts a cap on everything we allow ourselves to have–happiness, success, love, money–all of it.

It’s a safety zone. And everything that falls outside of this familiar space represents change.

And to your body and your brain, change is the enemy, even the good kind!

Your body and your brain take everything unfamiliar as a threat to your survival. And they vow do what it takes to keep you safe.

That means pulling you back into that comfort zone at all costs.

But does this mean that you’re stuck where you are because your body and brain will never allow you to change? Of course not! That’s the good news.

The answer is shifting your set point. It’s raising that upper limit to allow in the change that you desire.

So what does this mean, and what do you have to do to create a new normal for yourself?

First, let’s touch on why not too many people decide to challenge their comfort zone in the first place…

Sometimes, change is motivating and inspiring. But other times, it’s flat-out terrifying. And often even painful. And it’s a myth that it’s always going to be exciting and fun.

Fundamental change means letting go. It’s letting an old way of being die. And it means that everything shifts, from your emotions to your physiology.

Suppose that you’ve been living with perpetual stress and anxiety. But then someone shows up, waves a magic wand, and presto! You’re suddenly at peace.

How would your body and brain respond?

More than likely, it won’t be with a “thank you.” They’ll respond with shock, and scramble to get back to what they know. That means returning to a place of fear, even though that fear is painful.

Why? Because at least it’s familiar.

As humans, we tend to stay with what we know, even if what we know is as painful as binge and emotional eating. Your brain and body stick to what is familiar–unless you actively choose to change it.

And if you’re dealing with a stubborn upper limit set point, the most dangerous place to be is on the fence about change.

In other words, if you know better and you want to do better, but you remain indecisive about taking real action, lasting change will elude you.

And you’ll end up living the same day over and over again, just like I did for nearly 15 years. (Groundhog Day, anyone?)

But here’s the best news: you don’t have to change your whole life in one day to make a lasting impact! All you need to do is take one step.

It just takes one step past fear, resistance, and negative self-talk. And then another, and another. Before you know it, you’ll break past that upper limit and find a life beyond your comfort zone. That’s when it gets really exciting!

So what does life look like beyond your safety zone?

Now, I’m not going to lie. Change can be scary at any point along the way. You might encounter more resistance as you go further down the path. But that’s a normal part of life.

The important part is that you’re on the pathway. You’re out of survival mode, and back in your power. And the longer you stay in this place, the more that you’ll reach new heights of freedom, joy, and peace–and it gets easier with every step!

What might that look like from a Food Freedom Forever perspective?

Imagine moving through your life with excitement, doing the things that matter to you.

Imagine being free of food-focused thoughts and post-binge brain fog. No more anxiety over how you look or how you feel.

Imagine being free to embrace all of your life without worrying about what’s on your plate or what the bathroom scale tells you.

You CAN do it. All you need to do right now is take the first step to raise that upper limit!

So here is my plea to you…

When you’re contemplating that first step on the pathway to big change, don’t mistake resistance for intuition. Don’t listen to your brain’s response to a new idea. It’ll keep you paralyzed with thoughts of fear and indecision.

Instead, trust that little inkling of inspiration. The one that sees an opportunity for real change, and knows that this is the change that you need.

The ones who succeed in life are the ones who feel the fear, recognize the resistance, and take action anyway. They are the ones who end up living in freedom, happiness, and joy.

And there is no reason why you can’t be one of those people!

So let me ask you this–how much happiness can you handle? Can you allow yourself to thrive without resorting to self-sabotage? Can you move past the negative thoughts that keep you in familiar but miserable places?

I know that you can. And it’s time to raise the bar on your well being. That’s what my free training will help you do!

Are you ready to start your journey to Food Freedom Forever? Take the first step to raising your upper limit with a one-on-one Food Freedom Forever Breakthrough call with myself or Stella (our Director of Coaching and Client Success) on my team.

You’ll get our pillars of Food Freedom Forever customized to you – it’s the system that helped me and thousands of others break free of the “safety” of binge and emotional eating or weight struggles.

You’ll also learn how to let go of any unwanted eating habit, including overeating, negative body image, and yo-yo dieting.

This system is unlike anything else out there–and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Do yourself a favor. Get off the fence, take action, and take the first step toward Food Freedom Forever!

Remember, you don’t have to get there in one day. You just have to get started. So click the link above, and I’ll see you on the other side!

P.S. If you happen to catch this post during the Food Freedom Forever relaunch you’ll also learn how to keep your freedom journey going with our signature program! So get the free training plus all the additional program details at the link above!

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