Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Graduate Interview: Chiara’s Story


Ah, another great interview! Chiara’s transformation sticks out to me for so many reasons! For her this transformation was way beyond the physical with her body and food; she literally transformed from the inside out. Prior to the Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Chiara felt like she had tried it all. I still remember our first call and how fearful she was that this wouldn’t work for her.

She went ALL in even in the face of her fears and her results speak for themselves. Through the program she was able to uncover and break free from limiting beliefs and fears that have held her back in all areas of her life, plus learn to be with and process emotions without using food to cope or run away from them.

She shifted so much with us that she is now decided on leaving a career that no longer serves her and stepping into coaching…go Chiara!

If you’re struggling with emotional eating or fears holding you back in any areas then this is a wonderful interview for you. Chiara is raw, connected, and real and I know you will both learn and be inspired by what she shares here.


An Analogy Chiara Shares About Her Journey:

“”The journey is like you’re in this maze and you’re trying to find your way to the other side. You’ll find dead ends, and areas that are working but you’ll still feel unsure, but I feel like Brittany has the map, and she’s looking down like ‘ok take a left, take a right…’ and she knows how to get us out of the maze. Brittany knows what works and she’s going to show you the most direct way to get there and give you the cheat sheet to support you to overcome this. You have no idea how much this will change your life if you let it.” -Chiara


In this interview you’ll learn:

-How Chiara went from escaping her emotions with food to being able to process, release, and learn from them(so you can too)-

-Her big “aha” that allowed her be with herself and move beyond her limiting fears and beliefs-

-Her mindset/approach that was the main reason she was able to shift and breakthrough in so many areas (hint hint: she went ALL in, in the interview she shares how she did it)-

-Her tips and insight to do the same so you can break free from binge and emotional eating-

Listen To Chiara’s Story By Playing The Video Below

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