Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Graduate Interview: Jill’s Story


Confession: I teared up 5+ times in this interview! If you’re struggling with your body and food in ANY way and have lost hope, feel like a lost cause, or like you’ll be stuck forever…then this was made for you.

Jill’s story is a MUST LISTEN! It’s the one of the most vulnerable and raw personal stories that’s been shared, and I’m so grateful she shared it with us. Jill’s story is so remarkable because not only did she go from crying nearly every day stuck in the viscous cycle of binge eating to having complete food freedom, but she radically transformed SO MANY areas of her life and relationships…including most importantly, returning back to who she was on the inside.

She gives numerous actionable take aways and insight in this interview for you to do the same! Jill has truly stepped into her power as a wife, mother, and woman who stands for her own happiness and bliss…she’s an inspiration and I’m honored to have been a part of her journey!

One of My Favorite Excerpts By Jill:

“This program it helps with body image but it’s so much more. It’s connecting you to who you are, to your soul, to your heart, to your spirit…and I didn’t get that before. I have some of that now and I’m excited for my future because if you you don’t have that connection with who you are, with your heart, and soul and mind then you only have part of the picture. I only had part of the picture before, and now I have all of the picture. Yes I have food freedom but I also have emotional freedom that I didn’t have before with my body. I know I’m beautiful inside and out now. I wear clothes that I want to wear that make me feel good and I didn’t do that before. I have confidence now…in my smile, in my eyes…I can look at people…I can look at myself, and I couldn’t do that before.”


In this interview you’ll learn:

-How Jill went from crying daily, feeling hopeless, and having trouble playing with her children to happy, fulfilled, present, and falling in love with herself, her family, and her life (so you can too)-

-Her big “aha” that allowed her to see past the external and reconnect with her heart, mind, and soul-

-Her biggest struggle in letting go of control and how she was able to trust the process that lead her to food freedom AND her jeans fitting better than they have in a long time-

-Her tips and mindset shifts that helped her release binge eating, self criticism, and chronic dieting once and for all –

Listen To Jill’s Story By Playing The Video Below

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