This Missing Link to Break Free From Binge Eating


Sure you can try to do it on your own…

You can read the books, you can watch the youtube videos, you can do the deep personal work…

In fact, it’s necessary, but there’s one caveat…

You can’t see you. You can’t hold space for you.

There’s magic in someone who sees you for who you are, who sees your brilliance and calls you to the highest version of you, but who is also there with compassion and support when you’re in it and struggling.

There’s magic in someone who wants you to be your very best but also offers loving condolence when you’re feeling like you aren’t enough.

There’s magic in someone who can see your blindspots and calls you to move beyond them but also doesn’t pass judgement on you when you fall short.

There’s magic in having a place to go when you feel like no one else will understand.

Especially with body and food…

We have that in our Beating Binge Eating Blueprint Sisterhood.

I know when I was struggling with binge eating I had SO MUCH SHAME.

I hid in my car to binge…

I hid in my house after I binged…

I hid wrappers from people so they couldn’t see what I ate…

I blamed my weight fluctuations on my thyroid so no one had to know about the struggles…

None of this helped, if anything it made the spiral worse. Fear, guilt, and shame are fuel to the fire of binge eating.

I partied a lot too, for escape, and formed relationships through this for connection but it wasn’t the right type of connection that would lift me up.

Who you surround yourself matters. In fact, it can make or break your journey.

I used to think I had to do it ALL on my own, and I’m writing this to you today to let you know that you don’t have to anymore. 

I want you to know it’s ok to be human.

It’s ok to not be ok.

It’s ok to be in it for a day, week, month, or even a year.

It’s ok to feel on top of the world one moment and then like you don’t want to get out of bed the next.

We’re human.

We’re all messy.

Share you shame with those who are willing to love and listen…

Share your story with those who will meet you with compassion…

Share your struggles with those who won’t judge…

Share your victories with those who will celebrate with you…

Share your wins with those who will see the magnitude of your greatness!

If you don’t have that yet, we have that for you in our sisterhood of Food Freedom Fighters. In fact, along with the personal support from myself and my team, our community of love and support is what EVERY graduate of the BBEB program acknowledges and is grateful for.

You don’t have to do this alone.

We got you.

See what Chiara has to say about how guided your way out of binge eating and into freedom can truly be…

With every twist and turn in the maze there’s nothing but love, support, and understanding to literally walk you to the other side.

To the side that’s filled with freedom, grace, and ease.

To see if Food Freedom Forever and our tribe is right for you, I’d love to invite you to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Call with me or someone on my team by clicking this link here. 

Sending you so much love and support on your journey today and always!

Health & Love, Brittany


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